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JunkYardsNearMe.Net is the best place online to find automobile, boat, and home recyclers in the United States. Our advanced search powered by Google Maps helps you locate all junk yards, salvage yards, and scrap yards within your local proximity. These locations can you identify the specialized type of parts you are looking for. We also cover how to get the most value out of your scrap metal sales as well as how those faculties operate.


Sure there are other sites, but they are put together, by marketers. We are junk experts with experience and over 10,000 hours scavenging through scrap yards and selling thousands of pounds of scrap metal. Which is why Junk Yards Near Me has become a well-respected “junk yard” blog for one simple reason:


Every article we post is about actionable tasks and designed to help you get the most out of your time in a salvage yard and turn the price negotiations in your favor no mater if you are buying or selling.


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