Use the map below to identify junkyards in your area. These are places where junk cars and trucks are dismantled and the parts that are still functional are sold at huge discounts. Below I’ll share how the junkyards near me operate and give tips and tricks for pulling parts efficiently.

Find Junkyards Near Me – Use the Salvage Yard Locator Below

If you are searching for “Junk Yards Near Me” or “Salvage Yards Near Me”, the Google Map below displays your local options…

Maybe you are in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Utah, Minnesota, or in any other US state you will get all the pertinent junkyard information here, keep reading!

Operations of Junk Yards Near Me

Many junk yards operate on a local level, even the largest junkyards in the USA. Their business model is sort of like a thrift shop, where they take in used items and resell them. In this case, these businesses purchase wrecked automobiles and sell off the functioning parts for reuse. The parts are sold at big discounts compared to buying new parts. These businesses serve the recycling industry and help break down more than 80% of an automobile into reusable materials.

They have a huge selection of junk cars and trucks to pull parts from. Each salvage yard operates slightly differently. Some charge entrance fees to walk around, while others are free to roam. Another difference is the style of the yard. There are self-service yards (you pull parts), full-service yards (they pull parts for you), and yards where you search and order parts online. Occasionally yards run a sale called “All You Can Carry”. You pay a cash entrance fee and leave with whatever used auto parts you can fit in a wheel barrow.

You can also Find salvages yards that specialize in certain makes and models.

So where do the vehicles come from?…

  • The general public, when someone wants to junk a car
  • Insurance companies after an accident and they want to offset paying out an accident claim
  • Auto auctions (particularly where they can buy salvage used cars)
  • Police impounds and other impounds
  • Businesses that get liquidated

Salvage Yards Near Me

Salvage Yard Arrangement

In most states like Maryland, Massachusetts, Texas, Arizona, Virginia, and Iowa cars are arranged either by manufacturer, type of vehicle (car, truck, van, or SUV), or no logical order.

Take Wild Cat Wrecking in Sandy, Oregon for example. Wild Cat has its inventory laid out over 800 acres in sections of Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, and DeSoto’s. On the other hand Avery Auto Salvage in Two Rivers Wisconsin, is a massive yard with no discernible structure.

Some junk yards will have a searchable online database. You typically find this at franchise yards like Pick-N-Pull and LKQ. They can tell you the location of the junk car in the yard and the useful parts that it has.

Most junkyard cars near me are arranged in rows. Not all yards are organized and some like Old Car City in White Georgia are full of old rusted out autos. The more organized it is, the easier it is to find other models that you need fast, which is critical to save time.

Pull Your Own Parts

Pulling Parts Yourself vs. Buying Parts in a Warehouse

When I’m looking for used auto parts near me that are more niche I go to a used parts warehouse. The parts are shelved and put into bins. It therefore becomes easy to find what you need. I tend to see higher-quality parts at these places. Because the parts are pre-puled though, you will pay a bit more than a pick and pull.

All of these places also sell their parts online. Most of the salvage yards near me are referred to as pick and pull or self-service. Here customers remove the spare auto parts themselves. These yards usually charge less but have lower-quality parts.

Other parts such as engines may be sold to third-party companies for rebuilding or remanufacturing and later sold with a warranty. A wrecked auto may have many reusable parts such as side mirrors, wheels, alternators, intakes, doors, panels, seats, and so on.

Once an automobile is totally stripped a well-managed salvage will sell what is left for scrap metal. That serves two purposes: It makes more room in the lot and they get the last bit of money out of their picked apart inventory. The best motorcycle salvage yards also do the same thing.

Find Used Parts: Junkyard Tips and Tricks From the Pros

It’s a good idea to have a plan before you go scrapping. In the video below you can get some great tips and tricks about how to bring a small battery with you for testing parts, how to handle your tools while your salvaging, and what to do if you can’t loosen up a bolt.

Used Parts Available at Car Scrap Yards Near Me

You can find spare car parts such as side mirrors, exhaust, body panels, dashes, manifolds, rockers, and more. You can also pick up tires, windows, wiring harnesses, and other accessory pieces. Certain parts like spark plugs, hoses, and- rubber trim, you should never take, always buy those new.

Advantages of Buying Spare Parts

To begin with, you’ll find a variety of spare parts at a cheap price. When I say cheap…I mean 65% or more off retail! For example, you can get an alternator for about $18 to $25 or a door for $40 – 80. I once bought a perfect condition engine for an ’07 Corolla for $250.

These salvos are the perfect place for common accident parts like fenders, headlights, mirrors, windows, and doors. For a few bucks extra you can even get a 30-day warranty at most yards on mechanical parts.

Another advantage is that the spare parts sold most likely were assembled by the manufacturer. This is an assurance that the parts are of high quality and OEM. In fact, some of those spare parts might be better than new ones and certainly better than aftermarket parts.

Tips for Removing Used Parts From Vehicles to Save Time and Money

Pulling Used Auto Parts at Go Pull-It in Jacksonville Florida

Here are the fundamental used part scavenging steps you will need to follow:

  • Figure out all the parts you need in advance. Remove them from your vehicle and set them aside including all nuts and bolts. Additionally, set aside the tools that you used…you will need to carry these to the salvage. By doing this you already know what tools you need and you now have experience removing the part.
  • Do your research ahead of time. Look for manufacturer models that have the same parts, For example, my 2007 Toyota Corolla has some of the same parts as the early 2000 Camry’s. Just cause the model and body are different many manufacturers use the same parts throughout the years. If you have a good handle on this you can find all the parts you need in one location. Also, consider calling ahead and asking if they have what you need.
  • Examine the parts first before you remove them. Look for green corrosion on parts and avoid them. If the engine doesn’t turn, leave it. Don’t pull parts that are no good…don’t waste your time. If you have the ability to test the part before removing it, even better.
  • Remove the part, just like you did at home. Should be easy to understand how to do it if you followed step one. Don’t be scared to use penetrating oil if the nuts and bolts are rusted. If you can’t get the part out, use a sawzall and cut it out.
  • After you pull your own parts out, inspect them again. You do not want to pay for parts you don’t need or that are no good. Even if you get a warranty, its it’s still a pain to make an extra trip back to return it.
  • If the part is expensive ask about a warranty. Not all yards do this, but some offer a 30-day return for credit or part exchange. They never give cash back. A warranty will likely run you between $8 to $15 per part. It’s typically only offered on mechanical parts.

For a detailed list of tips for pulling parts like a pro, go here.

Disadvantages of Buying Spare Parts

The first disadvantage is that some parts might not be durable. You have heard that cheap is expensive. Some spare parts may be rusted or not have any life left in them. You might install it and works for a while, but you can’t always predict it.

Used spare parts do not come with a warranty. Unlike new spare parts where you may get a warranty when you buy. The good news is some places let you buy a 30 day warranty which you can exchange the part or get store credit. There is no guarantee that you are going to find the right parts you need at the salvage.

Junkyards Near Me

Other Kinds of Junkyards Near Me

So besides car junkyards, you can find other specialty yards. Some are dedicated to specific brands like BMW or Volkswagen. Then there are some for specific vehicle types like trucks, RVsboats, and motorcycles. You can find specialty businesses for vintage motorcycle parts like Boise Cycles in Garden City Idaho. There are also places exclusive to specific models like Dino’s Corvette Salvage in Picayune Mississippi and Stephens Performance Salvage in Alabama which is only Mopar.

You can Find junkyards here by vehicle type.

Boise Motorcycle Salvage Yard in Garden City Idaho

You will also find home salvages that carry pieces of household architecture and decor, as well as ones for lumber, building, and construction. Some yards are for other machinery like farming equipment, lawn mowertractorATV, and snowmobiles each having their own dedicated salvos.

If there is a junk market you can find it, just look along a major highway. Most yards no matter what they specialize in pretty much operate the same. The difference between any junkyard is pricing, the organization of the inventory, and the quality of the inventory.

Salvage Yards That Buy Cars

The following applies to selling any junked vehicle including selling a bike to a motorcycle salvage. There are a few things that you need to check before you sell a junker. First, consider if it is repairable. Check if the level of damage is affordable to repair. If the repair is more than the autos value, you may need to consider selling.

If you decide to sell it, make sure that you remove all your personal belongings. You also need to return the license plates and cancel the insurance so that the salvage has full legal ownership. If it is manufactured after 2008, you should clear any personal data from the automobiles computer. There are other recommended steps to follow when you sell a junk vehicle.

Even if your automobile is rusted out, you should at least peak at the Kelly Blue Book value. You also want to find the curb weight to estimate the scrap steel price. The place that buys junk cars near me always starts with the scrap steel price. Look it up yourself before you get a quote.

From there you need to negotiate up. It’s helpful to know how to estimate the value of your junk car which will help you get an idea of a fair offer. Make sure that you hand in any used cars in the condition that you described. To find a local place that buys junk automobiles, go here The advantage of selling a scrap automobile to the junkyard is that you can have it removed and make money.

Junk Automobile on a Flat Bed Truck

Scams By Junkyards Near Me That Buy Cars

There are a few problems that you may encounter while selling a junk car or motorcycle. One is delayed payment. You should never agree to your auto being towed before you have been paid. If possible have an agreement written down with a bill of sale. This way you are legally guaranteed your payment. Once they have towed it they might pay you much less and you might end up going at a loss.

Be aware that some salvages will want to subtract the cost of towing from the total cost. You must not agree to this. Most automobiles that are sold to the junkyard cannot move by themselves so some salvage owners may want to take advantage.

They may also tell you that your junk automobile is worthless. This is a trick to see if you can let it go at a cheaper price. They are either going to pull parts and sell them or sell what’s left for scrap metal. It has value to them, remember that!

Junkyards Near Me Conclusion

There is just so much that we can talk about when it comes to junkyards. They can be found among popular highways and are critical businesses for home mechanics and auto shops.

Where else do you find spare parts you can pull yourself at a cheap price? Where would we take our wrecked automobiles? They are like a big mall where used parts are sold. The same goes for any motorcycle junkyard as well.

These businesses actually help us to clean the environment and in fact, are referred to as vehicle recyclers. Imagine how many automobiles are wrecked in a year and where do they go? We would be living in a world littered with scrap metal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Junkyards Work?

Junkyards purchase wrecked automobiles that are not worth the cost to repair and then sell any car parts that are still functional. They get their inventory from sources such as private owners, insurance companies, and auto auctions. Many junkyards offer free towing services to incentivize selling them your junked vehicle.

What Tools Should I Bring to the Junkyard?

Having the right tools on hand is critical when picking parts. Here are my top tool picks for pulling parts:

  • Wrenches
  • Ratchets
  • Sockets SAE and Metric
  • Extensions
  • Impact driver
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Breaker bar
  • Screw drivers
  • Penetrating Fluid
  • Sawsall

Why do Junkyards Charge Entrance Fees?

Some self-service junkyards charge an entrance fee (normally less than $10) to walk around. This is to help cover maintenance and administrative costs that the yard incurs.

Can you Negotiate with a Junkyard?

For standard parts like doors, alternators, fenders, engines, transmissions, mirrors, etc. junkyards have fixed listed prices that are non-negotiable. In my experience though if you are a regular and are buying multiple parts, you can often ask if they could give you a discount on a certain piece.

How Much Do Junkyards Pay for Cars?

There are many factors that determine the price, but most commonly you will get between $250 and $500. The prices fluctuate based on the scrap metal market prices and the weight of your vehicle determines how much scrap metal you have. Other factors to be considered are whether or not you need a tow, the mileage on the vehicle, and any damage. A running vehicle is worth more than one that is totally decommissioned.