Need cheap parts for your Audi? You may have an Audi junkyard near you! Below I will discuss how the Audi salvage yards near me do business. Even if you don’t have one of these exclusive Audi salvo lots, your local auto junkyard may be a great alternative option. These places also known as salvage yards, scrap yards, or graveyards have tons of parts you can pick off vehicles and purchase at a heavy discount. Lets start with finding a local Audi junkyard near you…

Map of Audi Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Audi Junk Yards Near Me” or “Audi Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…


Not seeing many Audi salvage yards in your area? You can broaden your search or look for other auto salvo’s that may have Audi’s. They may not have a lot of Audi’s on the lot, but they will likely have a few that may just meet your needs. You can also look for a junkyard that specializes in imports.

Audi Salvage Yard Operations

Most scrap yards are run locally and operate as such. I often describe them as vehicle thrift shops. They purchase inventory and they sell inventory…in this cars and parts. The Audi salvage yards near me work just like that.

How Does an Audi Junk Yard Get Vehicles

All automobile wreck yards get inventory from vehicle owners or from insurance companies. When a vehicle comes to the yard via an owner its because the car is deemed inoperable or not worth the cost or headache or repair. When a vehicle is received from an insurance company its because it was in an accident. Insurance companies sell wrecked vehicles to offset paying out a claim to their customer.

How Audi Junkyards Process Their Vehicles

When an Audi gets brought into the junkyard it must undergo some basic maintenance before it’s put in the lot. This ensures that the junk yard is getting the most value out of it and meeting state law requirements.


Some auto lots, but not all, will remove the engine and the vehicles battery. When they pull the engine out, it gets sent out to a 3rd party to be re-built and resold with a warranty. If they pull the battery it will be tested, recharged, and then resold for a heavy discount.


Almost all yards do the following: Siphon the gas and containerize it for resale, drain the wiper fluid and anti freeze into plastic jugs for resale, and lastly drain the oil and recycle it according to the laws of the governing state.

How an Audi Junk Yard is Structured

Most lots are laid out with vehicles in rows organized by model and year. Others are in rows and sort of haphazardly throw together. The more a yard is organized the easier it is to find what you are looking for.


In a well maintained lot the popular models will be in the front and the least towards the back. You may even find a few rare Audi’s out there, but more than likely they will be picked apart already. Here are some of the most common Audi models you may find at a scrap yard:

  • A3
  • A4
  • A5
  • A6
  • A7
  • A8
  • Q3
  • Q4
  • Q5
  • Q6
  • Q7
  • Q8
  • S3
  • S4
  • S5
  • S6
  • S7
  • S8
  • RS3
  • RS4
  • RS5
  • RS6
  • RS7
  • RS8
  • TT
  • TTS
  • TT e-tron
  • 3000
  • 4000
  • 5000

Now I’m not suggesting you want find something as cool as an Audi R8, but these will be rare finds. If you see vehicles that look brandish new its likely they were in some kind of accident. I actually found an 1987 Audi 5000 in working condition and in moderate shape once!


If you are looking for a specific part for your Audi, the salvage yard may have an online database you can search. Some of these online databases let you search by model and year of the car, while others you can look for specific parts. If they don’t have a searchable online solution, try giving them a call. I will call and ask questions like: “Do you have a driver side door for an 07 A4?” or “Do you have a hood for a 2014 S5?”


For more repairs on more recent Audi models, you can also consider a VW salvage yard, since Audi is a Volkswagen subsidary. You can find some interchanable parts with new VW models.

What Kind of Used Audi Parts Can You Find?

For any junk yard, you can find pretty much any type of vehicle part imaginable. I have pulled a variety of parts such as doors, mirrors, fenders, panels, dashboards, carburetors, exhaust systems, etc. The biggest question mark about these parts is the quality; how much life is left in them. Its even possible to find near brand new parts. This is the case when someone tries to fix their vehicle and then ends up junking it anyway.

What Happens After a Audi is Stripped Down to the Frame?

Audi Junk yards near me
When a vehicle has been exhausted of it’s value what remains gets sold for scrap metal. By doing this, the lot is cleared out regularly to make room for more inventory and the junkyard squeezes the last bit of cash out of the vehicle.

Buying Used Audi Parts at a Salvage Yard

Pros of Buying Used Audi Parts at a Salvage Yard

The main goal of getting used parts at the auto salvo is saving money. You can find deals like recharged batteries for $12, alternators for $16, and a driver side door for $80. The savviest scavengers find the best parts to use for themselves and then sell the rest of their find on eBay.


For any part that you feel is expensive, you should consider a warranty. Most, but not all, yards will offer a warranty for between $10 to $15 per part. If you take the part home and it doesn’t work as expected you can exchange it for its value. Most yards will not give cash back…only credit.


One of the other great benefits is you can get parts that were assembled by the manufacturer. When you are pulling parts off an Audi, most of the parts will be manufacturer assembled and not after market pieces.


For a list of tools I use to scavenge parts, click here.

Cons of Buying Used Audi Parts Cheap

Quality of the part is the biggest and most common issue. When you pull a part of a wrecked car you can’t speak to how much life is left in it. It may look shiny and new, but that doesn’t mean it will last or still work. This is why you should ask about a warranty on expensive pieces.


Yard organization is the next biggest issue. If the junkyard isn’t organized in any type of fashion, you may look around all day and never find the model of vehicle you are looking for. The worst part is the yard may actually have it, but you just can’t find it. The best way to avoid this is to call ahead and inquire.

Tips For Selling Your Audi to an Auto-Salvo

If you are looking to junk your Audi, consider these tips below:


  • Siphon out the gas for your personal reuse
  • Remove all your personal belongings from the vehicle
  • Wipe your personal data (like address and numbers) from your navigation system
  • Cancel your insurance policy, state registration, and license plates
  • Know the value of your Audi before you negotiate the price.

When you call to negotiate the price of your vehicle, some auto salvo’s don’t play nice. You can read more about some of the dirty tricks they may try to pull.

Resources for Audi Vehicles

Audi Salvage Yards Near Me – Wrap Up

For cheap parts on your Audi, the auto salvo can’t be beat when it comes to heavy discounts. Even if its not an exclusive Audi junkyard, you are likely to find parts.


If you are looking to junk your Audi, then know the tactics and recommended steps beforehand. This will help you get the most value from your vehicle. Most yards operate fairly, but not all! That’s what I have learned from the Audi salvage yards near me.