13-14 million car windshields are replaced a year. Finding used windshields at a junkyard is a great way to save money on replacement glass, especially for OEM parts. While you may not find a salvage that deals exclusively in auto glass, you can find plenty of options at you local auto salvage. It’s easier of course if the junkyard has a glass section. In the article below I will discuss where to find used windshields and windows, how the auto glass salvage yards near me operate, and the pros and cons of salvage auto glass.

Find Auto Glass Salvage Yards Near Me – Find Used Windshields

The map below displays “Auto Glass Salvage Yards Near Me” and “Used WindShields Near Me”.


Who Sells Used Windshields Near Me?

The easy answer to that question is a junkyard. You may have other options as windshield repair shops, mechanics, and online options like Craigslist and Ebay. You can also try calling an auto restoration shop and have them help you in your specific search. All in all though your best place to look for auto glass salvage is a junkyard. Auto glass, like windows and windshields at junkyards are more often then not still on a vehicle. If you are at a self-service junkyard then you may need to have your own windshield removal tools to do it yourself.

How Do The Auto Glass Salvage Yards Near Me Work?

A salvage that has auto glass deals in second hand parts. These yards, purchase junk vehicles and then sell off the functioning parts. I have been to salvage yards where there is actually an auto glass section, and you can parse through what they have. Most yards though you need to be prepared to remove any glass yourself off a vehicle.

Where Do the Vehicles Come From?

Vehicles like cars, trucks, and SUV’s will all be on the lot and come from various sources. Some are sourced from insurance companies after an accident, some of come from salvage auctions, and others are from the general public. This means you will find a wide selection of auto glass, but the condition will vary.

How Do Salvage Yards Handle Auto Glass and Used Windshields?

At the salvages near me, auto glass is left on the vehicles. That means i need to shop the yard and look for the make and model of the vehicle I need to do a glass replacement on. Alot of junkyards will have clear sections, where for example you could find Ford trucks together, Mercedes together, and so on. After I find the vehicle I need, it’s time for the tough task of removing glass without breaking it.

Removing Auto Glass

If you have never done this before removing windows is pretty straight forward in most vehicles. When it comes to windshields, front or rear, it is a challenge. You can definitely break the glass if you don’t know what you are doing. You certainly don’t want to go around the yard and break glass until you get one out, that is poor junkyard etiquette.



If you are at a self-service junkyard, then you need to bring your own tools. I would suggest bringing proper windshield removal tools and a friend to help. At the place I get used windshields near me, they actually have some tools on hand you can borrow.

At full service yard, you can ask them to remove an auto glass for you. You will end up spending a few extra bucks, but the chance of successful removal is much higher. Plus if they break it, you are not paying for it.

How Much is Used Windshield Near Me?

On average you will spend about $50 on a replacement windshield at a junkyard. Considering that new windshield on average costs $350 and for an OEM windshield over $1000 on some vehicles.

Used Windshield and Salvage Auto Glass Near Me

Used Windshields and Auto Glass Pros and Cons

In some cases, there are used auto parts I never suggest getting at a salvage yard, auto glass is not one of them. If you find a good piece of glass, even with a chip which you can fix, you aren’t running into major safety concerns as you would say buying used tires. Still though there are some drawbacks as well…

The Benefits of Used Windshields and Auto Glass

The first benefit of course is saving money. As we noted above a salvage yard windshield will cost about $50. That means you can save about 85% on a used windshield vs going new. Even consider that fixing a cracked or chipped windshield can cost between $100- $150 to fix, you can get a replacement still for less.


The next benefit is the amount of auto glass you can find in general. Unless you are looking for something rare or doing a resto a salvage yard will have all the most common popular vehicles. The only vehicles you should avoid are those that took glass damage in an accident.


My last benefit is that you can do the work yourself. While removing a windshield without breaking it requires finesse, installing on is easier then you think. Most of your work on installation will be making sure it gets a tight seal to the rubber and the vehicles frame.

The Downside of Used Windshields and Auto Glass

The drawback with any used part, even auto glass, is that you don’t know the history of it. If a vehicle was in an accident the glass could be chipped or more fragile then you think. That could mean the glass is weak and cause you a safety concern later.


The next issue relates to your vehicles warranty. It’s possible that once you replace the windshield it will no longer be covered under your warranty. That is pretty standard in most warranties, that only original parts are covered.


The last issue is coverage related as well. Your auto insurance provider may not cover a used windshield of piece of glass. If someone was to be hurt in the vehicle related to the glass it could cause a further issue for you down the line with liability.

Auto Glass Salvage Yards Near Me – Conclusion

Getting auto glass and used windshields at a salvage yard is a great way to save money. You may even save up to 85%. In my opinion the pros of getting salvage glass whether it be a used windshield or a window the good far out weighs the bad. If you have never removed a windshield before then you should either ask for help or at a minimum go into a junkyard with the right tools on hand. Removing the glass safely without damaging is the trick, while installing is a bit easier. That’s what I have learned from the auto glass salvage yards near me.