Finding a bicycle salvage yard is like finding a unicorn. I have been to many scrap yards across the US, but have come across very few salvage yards for bicycle parts. Finding used bicycle parts is a great way to save money on repairs. If you are doing a restoration project, used parts bicycle are likely your only option. Below I will discuss the few bicycle junkyards that I know of, other local options for used parts, and how the bicycle salvage yards near me work.

Map of Bicycle Salvage Yards Near Me

For “bicycle salvage yards near me”, see the map below…


If you are really wondering where in the world could I find a good bike junkyard? The answer is China. That market has put over 2.3 million shared bicycles in Beijing, five times the real market demand. What do you think happens will all those bikes. They basically become a bicycle boneyard where abandoned bicycles go to die. In the US, we don’t have that kind of cycle problem…


It does make you realize though how much places like junkyards benefit the environment. Where would all those millions of junk bikes go?

Bicycle Salvage Yards Near Me – How Do They Operate

These are privately owned businesses and operate on the local level. The business models are a bit more like a thrift shop in that they buy and sell used bikes and parts. The only government regulations they have is sales tax, which is governed by the state they are in.


These yards operate very different then automobile scrap yards. This is because bicycles don’t contain hazardous materials, there is very little metal to sell for scrap, and there is significantly less money in the business. Since bicycles don’t have as many parts as a car for example, you don’t really have pick and pull scrap yards for them.


There are bicycle salvage yards with loads of trashed and broken cycles, but they are few and far between. Many of them are actually bike repair shops, that take in junk or broken bicycles and then sell the functioning parts. There are a few different business models that used bicycle junkyards follow. Some will rebuild and sell bikes, some sell salvage parts in store or online, and some do all of it.

How Do they Get Their Inventory

In my experience with the bicycle junkyards near me, they get used cycles in three ways.

  • Private owners who are seeking repairs and end up scrapping it if the repairs cost more then the value.
  • Looking for deals online, yard sales, local listings, for people selling or giving away broken bicycles.
  • Auctions for cycles, but also government seizure auctions.

Every place may be a little different. Most of what they take in will need to be salvageable if they are going to pay money for it. A bike that is been run over by a semi truck, isn’t going to have much value in used parts. They need bikes that they can find value of parts still in tact.

Bicycle Salvage Yards Near MeWhat Kind of Salvage Bike Parts Can I Find

Honestly you can find anything. This includes: seats, chains, various types of handle bars, fenders, pedals, spoke wheels, spinning wheels, crank kits, tires,etc…Just because you find salvage replacement parts for your model of bicycle, doesn’t mean you should blindly buy them because they are cheap.

Are Used Bike Parts Safe

Remember many of these parts come from broken bikes. Used parts that come from a cycle that was in an accident could be bent or be malfunctioning. You wouldn’t want a set of refurbished brakes that have failed on someone. You also don’t want to trust your safety to any parts like a wheel that may not be completely straight. Your safety is more important then the price of the parts.

Who Buys Junk Bicycles Near Me

While there are not a lot of bicycle salvage yards near me, the ones that exist do purchase junk bikes. Your best bet though is to call your local cycle repair shop and ask if they buy used bicycles. If you have a popular model or a rare one with hard to find parts, you can likely strike a cash deal.


These places will purchase used bicycles for cash and then either sell the functioning parts, use the parts for repairing other customers bikes, or fix the bike and sell it.


The truth is though, you aren’t going to get much money for your second hand bicycle. They have no scrap metal value and they are only worth the functioning parts. Even those parts you won’t get full value for since these places need to resell them for a profit. You are actually better off, stripping the functioning parts yourself and selling them online.

Other Places to Find Used Bicycle Replacement Parts

Most people looking for “bicycle salvage yards near me”, won’t have one close enough to make it worth the trip. So what are your other options? The best place to find used parts for bicycles is online junkyards, Craigslist, Ebay, LetGo, The Neighborhood App, and Freecycle. Then alternatively on a local level you can find parts at yard sales. If you live in a more urban area, you may be surprised how many bicycles will get scrapped next to your dumpster.

Other Resource for Finding Used Bicycle Parts

Connecting with other cyclists is often a good way to find used parts. Some may actually have the parts you need and others may be able to give you tips on where to find them. Here are a few good resources to connect with other cyclists:

Bicycle Salvage Yards Near Me – Conclusion

Bicycle salvage yards are a great opportunity to save money on second hand parts. The problem is there aren’t many around. There is also risk in purchasing second hand parts from cycles particularly that were in accidents. If you are look for who buys bicycles near me, while you might find a shop, the market for used bike parts isn’t very high so you won’t fetch much cash. This is what I have learned from the bicycle salvage yards near me.