A boat motor salvage, sometimes called a marine engine salvage, is a specialized salvo for watercraft engines. There are not many of these around so you often have to settle for a standard boat scrap yard. What makes a marine engine salvage so special is they deal exclusively in used engine parts for resale. Below, I will share my experience with the boat motor salvage yards near me.

Map of Boat Motor Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Boat Motor Junkyards Near Me” or “Marine Engine Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…

How Boat Motor Salvage Yards Near Me Operate

Boat Motor salvages run like a local business. There sales model is a bit like a thrift shop. They take in boat motors from various sources and rebuild them or sell them as individual parts. In my experience these places always warehouse style salvages, meaning you don’t walk around a lot like an auto salvage. These are designed more like parts stores, except the parts are used. Some salvages are actually in disguise and are labeled as boat repair shops. While that is true, they fix boats, they sell and deal in used parts.


These places get marine engines will come from various sources. Sometimes the owners buy junked engines online and other times they will deal with a boat scrap yard. Some of the motor salvages have deals in place with the marine salvages to get their engines, rebuild them, and then resell them with a warranty.


When they get a salvaged engine they will first drain it of all the fluids. Then they will see what pieces are salvageable. Typically motor parts that are the most expensive tend to be the ones that degenerate the fastest with corrosion or rust. So they will pay particular attention to these parts first. Next they will inventory the parts, tag them, and put them in a warehouse and/or sell them online.

Salvage Yards That Buy Boat Motors

The marine engine salvage yard near me, does not buy motors directly from the public. However, you can often find a standard boat junkyard or yacht junkyard that may. My place specializes in outboard motors, some will specialize in inboard motors.
If you find a place that will take it, be prepared to answer questions. They will want to know year, make, and model, as well as if it is in working condition. A boat motor that works is worth more then one that does not. You may also be asked to provide pics via email and to drain the gas before the sale. For the most part inboard engines will net you more money then outboard, outboard is just much easier to deal with.


Before you call and take offers, I would suggest getting an idea on the value of your motor. Here is the outboard motor guide I use.


Aside from negotiating the price, you will need to negotiate the transportation. You may also come into the issue of figuring out how to remove your inboard engine.

What Kind of Used Boat Motor Parts Near Me Will I Find

marine engine salvage yards near me

Used boat motors at a salvage yard


It really depends on what’s in stock. In my experience, boat motor salvage yards all tend to have the same variety of parts. This includes props, shafts, carburetors, fuel pumps, trim rams, switch boxes, gears, exhausts and more. Some boat motor salvos will also carry a few non engine miscellaneous marine parts, You can also find a variety of brands like Mercruiserm Omc, Volvo, Mercury, Evinrude, Marinerm Force Outboard, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda. I generally find it is easier to find outboard motor parts.

Advantage Buying Spare Marine Engine Parts

The primary reason to get used boat engine parts in because you can save money. For example a Volvo Penta 5.0 carburetor will run about $500 new, but about $300 refurbished. Items like props are also much cheaper used, for example a spirit Suzuki prop DT-65 PS513 is about $100 new, but about $65 salvaged.

Disadvantages of Buying Spare Marine Engine Parts from the Junkyard

The downside to any used parts is always the question of quality. How much life is left in this part. For something like prop a visual inspection can be enough, but for complicated things like a throttle assembly where there are more moving parts its a harder assessment.

Boat Motor Salvage Yards Near Me – Conclusion

Marine engine salvages are few and far between. The closer you are located to water though, the higher your probability of finding one. As an alternative you can search Google and Yelp and you might want to consider calling your local marina. Folks at your local marine may now a few hidden spots off the beaten bath that deal in marine engines. That is what i have learned from the boat motor salvages near me.