Cheap auto parts are pretty easy to come by if you know where to look. You certainly aren’t going to find them at your local NAPA. The best place for cheap auto parts is actually the junkyard. In some places, you will need to pull parts yourself, while others will do it for you. If used salvage auto parts isn’t what you have in mind, then I’ll have some alternative suggestions for coupon sites in the article below. I’ll also share my experience with cheap auto parts near me and the pros and cons of going cheap!

Map of Cheap Auto Parts Near Me

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The Surprising Longevity of Affordable Auto Parts

When it comes to the longevity of cheap car parts and replacement parts, online shoppers are often pleasantly surprised by the quality and durability they can find. Many customers who opt for online car parts are completely satisfied with their purchases, as these affordable options do not compromise performance.

Whether it’s essential components like air conditioning units or routine maintenance items, the availability of low prices and fast shipping options has revolutionized the way people maintain their vehicles. With most online auto parts stores offering warehouse auto parts, customers can conveniently choose from a wide selection and enjoy speedy delivery in a matter of business days.

In a world where online buying has become the norm, the longevity of cheap auto parts is a testament to both their quality and the convenience they offer to auto enthusiasts.

Affordable Used Car Parts

Junkyards Near Me That Sell Discounted Auto Parts

Junkyards can be intimidating if you have never been to one and don’t have tools. You may be surprised but in not all junkyards you have to pull your own parts. Some junk yards pull parts for you, for a little extra cost. You can also find cheap used parts on a salvage yard website and order them. In that case, they pull the part for you and ship it.

Of course, if you have the ability to pull your own parts, then you will really save the most amount of money. Junkyards only charge you for what parts you take and the discounts are often huge. You can find deals like alternators for $18 and a recharged battery for $12.

Auto junkyards are all over the country. You can find them mostly in rural areas and suburbs. There are general junkyards and specialty junkyards that you can learn more about here.

The Risks and Rewards of Buying Discounted Used Auto Parts

As you can imagine buying parts from a salvage yard has some risk, but there is also a reward. Not all parts on salvage cars are unsalvagable. In fact, some vehicles at junkyards are almost brand new. They may have just gotten into an accident. Just because the rear end of a car is totaled certainly doesn’t mean the front end can’t have parts stripped and reused.

Benefits of Cheap Auto Parts From Junkyards

Clearly, the number one benefit is huge cost savings. No auto parts store can sell parts this cheap. You can get a driver-side door for $60, and a side-view mirror for $10. In fact, I recently replaced a side view mirror on a 2014 Altima for $13. I found one in perfect condition at my local yard.

That brings me to my next benefit, lots of OEM parts. These are manufacturer-original parts that were factory-installed. You can find tons of OEM parts instead of buying after market parts from some 3rd party brand.

Some yards will offer a warranty on the parts. You need to pay a few extra bucks for a warranty, but it is a good idea that what you are buying is mechanical. For example, if you were pulling an entire engine block, you probably want to ask about a warranty. That will entitle you to 30 days and a credit back if something doesn’t work.

Any part that is rusted or corroded could be restored or detailed to bring it back to life. Don’t overlook a cheap part, but because its aesthetics are in bad shape or if it smells funny. You can find completely functional parts and then use auto detailing techniques to try and restore the original luster.

Disadvantages of Going Cheap and Used

Quality can also be a concern. When dealing with used auto parts you really can’t be sure of the lifespan left in the part. You don’t know if the previous owner beat on this vehicle and you are getting pieces that have been under heavy duress. This is why you should inquire about warranties for certain pieces. There are also some parts you should never buy from a salvage.

The other difficulty when it comes to used parts at a junkyard is finding what you need. Going to some junkyards that aren’t organized you may never find what you are looking for. This is when it’s best to call ahead, check their website for an inventory, or ask an attendant for help.

For tips I use when pulling salvage auto parts near me check out: 16 Tips for Pulling Salvage Auto Parts.

What Kind of Cheap Prices Can You Find on Car Parts…

Cheap Auto Parts Near Me

Where Else to Find Cheap Auto Parts Near Me

Ok, you have got enough of my junkyard blog endorsement. Where can you find cheap auto parts near me, that aren’t a salvage? Well, your best answer isn’t your local auto parts store. The markup for them to make a profit is significant. Really aside from eBay and Craigslist, you are getting short on options.

So here is what I do when I need cheap auto parts near me…I look for coupon codes, discounts, and rebates. So here I put together my best list of links for places that I check for deals on auto parts. These links take you right to the discount page and I am in no way affiliated with any of these links:

Auto Part Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Rebate Pages

Why I Don’t Like Coupons and Discount Stores

Now be warned the reason these places have coupons, is because they are either suckering you into something else or they are overcharging. They can offer discounts since they can overmark their prices, which is why I am not a fan of cheap auto parts near me. There are also companies like that own several online sites like JC Whitney for example. When you think you are buying from JC Whitney you are actually buying from

Now to say I have never done it is wrong. I’ve used discounts and coupons to save money on auto parts for sure. I tend to take a peek at these sites for coupons, discounts, and rebates when I need something less specific. A good example of when I use coupons is often when replacing a headlight or getting a new tire set.  Some of these places actually offer free shipping as well and also discounts when you sign up for their mailing lists.

Cheap Auto Parts Near Me Conclusion

Whether you are going to a junkyard, looking for coupons, or using a discount online store, there are plenty of opportunities to save money. In my personal experience, nothing ever gets cheaper than going to a junkyard for parts. Hands down it is the largest discount on auto parts you will ever come across. It beats ordering from ebay paying shipping and haggling with people on Craigslist. Quality-wise, junkyard parts are more likely OEM and are also better than getting new aftermarket parts in many instances. That’s what I have learned from buying cheap auto parts near me.


James is an avid junkyarder and mechanic. He has visited Junkyards in every US state and has restored over 30 makes and models of vehicles. He has several automotive and recycling related blogs that generate over 150K views a month.