Forklift salvage yards are great for getting cheap parts. The problem is there aren’t many great yards that deal exclusively in Forklifts. Many junkyards that have lift trucks have them mixed with other industrial and construction vehicles. This makes finding the parts you need a little more difficult and it’s why salvage forklift parts are more easily found online. Still, though there are a few forklift junkyards and that’s what we will cover below. I’ll also share my experience with the forklift salvage yards near me.

Find Forklift Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Forklift Salvage Yards Near Me” or “Lift Truck Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…

Forklifts, also known as lift trucks, are a subgenre of industrial and construction vehicles. So if you are trying to find local forklift junkyards it may be helpful to also search for industrial junkyards or construction vehicle junkyards.

Operations of Forklift Salvage Yards Near Me

Lift truck salvages are locally owned and operated businesses. They need to adhere to state laws regarding environmental regulations and local taxes. These yards purchase unwanted and junked forklifts and resell the functioning parts. This process serves the vehicle recycling industry and is a benefit to the environment.

Lift trucks come to be junked for many different reasons. Some reach their end of life, some have broken serious components, some come from auctions, and some are from business liquidations. Common amongst them is that the vehicles are typically beyond “used” condition and may not even work. Still, though they can be dismantled and have the functioning parts sold to fix other lift vehicles that still operate.

Operations of Forklift Salvage Yards Near Me

If the Lift Truck Runs, They Might Auction It

Sometimes a salvage will get a forklift that still works or can be rebuilt to work. They may perform repairs on it and then sell it at an industrial vehicle auction. If they can sell the vehicle that way they can get a greater faster profit on it.

You should know that because if you are selling your junked forklift to a junkyard they may flip it at auction. This is why you shouldn’t accept scrap metal value for any vehicle that still runs or has many valuable parts still on it.

If the lift truck doesn’t operate, then it is more than likely junk. In that case, the salvo will begin the dismantling process.

Pick and Pull and Dismantling…

When a forklift enters a salvage it may get dismantled or set out for pick and pull. Regardless each vehicle needs to be processed to meet environmental regulations and maximize profit.

First, the vehicles get tagged and inventoried so they can keep track of them. Next, they will need to adhere to environmental regulations based on the battery and or fuel type. power sources in lift trucks can be gasoline, propane, CNG, diesel, lead acid batteries, or fuel cells. These need special handling and recycling so that the ecosystem and groundwater are protected.

Next, they will dismantle the most valuable and resellable parts. The parts that are the most valuable are the parts that tend to corrode the fastest when left outside. So it is best to strip those parts like a starter first so they can sell it online or from the warehouse.

How a Forklift Salvage Yard is Arranged

The forklift salvage yards near me are actually industrial salvages. So you have forklifts mixed among excavators, bucket trucks, skid steers, etc…There is a forklift section for pick and pull, but my local yard does not specifically specialize in lift trucks.

The better the yard is arranged the better it is for you. Finding the parts you need is much easier when you know where forklifts are, but more specifically your manufacturer and type of forklift,

Forklift Salvage Yards Near Me

Finding the Salvage Parts You Need…

Depending on the yard you visit they may have a computerized inventory of vehicles and/or parts. Certain places you can search their database online or call and they can search for you. Well managed yards will know what they have down to year, manufacturer, model, and part.

In my local yards, pick and pull is how you would find your lift truck parts. Near me they are self service yards, where you walk around the industrial salvage and pull the parts off vehicles you need. While this is great and you can save money because parts are less expensive, the inventory at self service pick and pulls is often dated.

Yards that dismantle forklifts I personally feel are the better yards to find salvage parts at. These yards dismantle the equipment and label all the parts. Then sell them from their warehouse or online. Since they are doing the pulling of the parts, you can expect to pay a little more. However what you lose in money you save in time looking for the parts you need.

Finding the Salvage Parts You Need

What Kind of Lift Trucks and Salvage Parts Can You Find…

Lift trucks will vary from yard to yard, but essentially you can find almost anything if you look hard enough. Finding part though is not the same as finding a “quality” part.

You will find a range of manufacturers like CAT, Toyota, KION, Hyster Yale, Bobcat, CASE, Clark, Nissan, Komatsu, Volvo, Allis Chalmers,

and others. Not only will you see a variety of manufacturers and models you can also find various types of forklifts like warehouse lifts, side loaders, counterbalance lifts, telehandlers, rough terrain lift trucks, industrial lifts, pallet jacks, and walkie stackers.

Parts you can get engines, masts, lift cylinders, tilt cylinders, carriage, forks, load backrest, counterweight, varying power supply parts, wheels, tires, cabs, steering wheels, levers, capacity plates, overhead guards, and more.

Some parts may even be sold with a warranty that will guarantee their working condition or you can exchange it.

Lift Truck Parts – Pros and Cons

Advantages of Used Forklift Parts

Purchasing new parts cannot be a cost-effective solution every time. The real advantage of getting salvage lift truck parts is saving money. You can find fully functioning quality parts below retail. It’s not just about saving money though either, sometimes salvage parts are your only option. If you have an older forklift the parts aren’t manufactured any longer leaving the secondary used market your only choice.

The other big advantage is finding OEM pieces. It is great when you find OEM parts and even better if it is manufacturer assembled.

Advantages of Used Forklift Parts

Disadvantages of Buying Used Forklift Parts

Part quality is clearly the biggest issue with purchasing salvage forklift parts. The average Forklift is made to operate for about 10,000 hours and you don’t know how these parts were treated. There are no service records and even the best visual inspection can’t guarantee the life of the part after purchase.

Forklift Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

There are many junkyards that will have forklifts, but few that solely deal in or specialize in them. If you don’t have a local forklift junkyard, then you can try looking for industrial vehicle salvos or construction vehicle salvos. I have even seen a few forklifts at tractor junkyards and farm equipment yards. The problem is since these yards don’t specialize, if you have a really old model from some off market manufacturer finding parts becomes really tough. Often the internet becomes your best friend for locating salvage forklift parts. That’s my experience from the forklift salvage yards near me.


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