If you need parts for your GMC van or truck then a GMC junkyard is the best place to start. Your local auto salvage should have some GMC vehicles on the property, but if you have an exclusive GMC yard near you, you are in luck. These salvage yards are not very common, so take advantage if you have one. Here I will address how the GMC salvage yards near me do business and speak to some of the lessons learned I’ve acquired over the years.

Map of GMC Salvage Yards Near Me

For “GMC Junk Yards Near Me” or “GMC Salvage Yards Near Me”, check the map below…


If your Google Map results seem a a bit sparse for GMC salvage yards nearby, try broadening your search. You may find a place that is still within reasonable driving distance. If not, your nearest vehicle junkyard may be your next best option. You likely want find an abundance of GMC models, but you should find a few to pick and pull parts from. I also like to check van salvages for these as well.

GMC Salvage Yard Operations

A vehicle scrap yard runs just like any other local business. Its kind of like a mix of a thrift shop and a used car lot. The GMC salvage yards near me operate by doing both buying and selling of vehicles.

How Does a GMC Junkyard Get Vehicles

All scrap yards and salvages get their inventory from two sources; the public and insurance agents. When a vehicle comes from the public it is being junked for cash and likely inoperable or deemed not worth the cost to fix. Vehicles coming from insurance agents have been in an accident. In these cases the insurance agent is junking the vehicle to recoup paying out a claim.


A GMC yard also may get construction vehicles directly from businesses. This is a good way to get rid of dated construction equipment and get investment money for a new vehicle.

How GMC Junkyards Process Their Vehicles

When a GMC van or truck hits the lot, it isn’t put straight out into the yard. First some basic maintenance needs to be done to extract the max value from the vehicle and comply with state legislation.


At some auto salvos they will pull out the engine, rebuild it, and then resell it with a warranty. Additionally they may take out the battery to recharge it and sell it.

Fluids will be drained from the vehicle. Petrol gets siphoned, containerized, and resold. Anti-freeze and wiper fluid are extracted, repacked, and resold. Oil gets drained out and recycled to follow state legislation.

How a GMC Junk Yard is Laid Out

Model and year are the most common lot layouts. As long as there is some organization to the lot it makes it easier to find what you need.

In my experience the most popular models are arranged towards the entrance of the yards and others are towards the back. You may find a few rare GMC vehicles on the lot, but they will likely be stripped down already. Here are some of the most common GMC vehicles you will find on a auto salvage yard:


  • Yukon
  • Yukon XL
  • Sierra
  • Acadia
  • Terrain
  • Canyon
  • Savana
  • Vandura
  • Safari
  • Various Construction Vehicles

I have found my fair share of old school GMC trucks and vans, but these often will be picked to the bone. Many models that I find with great value left in them are newer vehicles that have been in accidents.


Some yards maintain an online database that allows you to search by model, year, or even part. If the scrap yard near you doesn’t have a searchable database, try giving them a call. I normally will call and ask questions like: “Do you have driver side door for a 2009 Sierra?” or “Do you have a rear fender for a 2012 Yukon?”

What Kind of Used GMC Parts Can You Find?

When it comes to used parts the list of types is long. You will find: Seats, doors, mirrors, panels, consoles, dashboards, wiring harnesses, exhaust systems, intakes, ect. Pretty much any used part you can imagine is possible to find. The question is usually what kind of shape is it in. There are instances where I have picked brand new parts off trucks. This can happen when the owner tried to fix the vehicle by throwing parts at it and then ended up junking it anyway.


Remember though, there are parts you should never buy from a junkyard also.

What Happens After a GMC Gets Stripped at the Junkyard?

After a vehicle is picked apart, the last step is to sell the left overs for scrap metal. This process allows the auto salvo to get a little more cash out of the vehicle and make room on the lot for more trucks and vans.

GMC Salvage Yards Near Me

Buying Used GMC Parts at a Salvage Yard

Pros of Buying Used GMC Parts at a Salvage Yard

The biggest pro of buying used parts is of course saving money. You can get a battery for $10, and alternator for $18, a mirror for $14, and a door for about $80. It may be worth your time to get the parts for cheap and then sell them online for a profit on Ebay or Craigslist.


If you are purchasing any expensive used parts, some lots will offer a warranty. This is usually about $10 to $15 per part and the restrictions vary per junk yard. For the most part it will be exchange only, within 30 days, and no cash back.


Lastly one of my favorite benefits is finding GMC assembled parts. When you go to an auto store you get after market parts…at a junk yard you can find original parts.


If you want to know what tools I use for pulling used parts, click here.

Cons of Buying Used GMC Parts Cheap

The first con is always quality of the part. You can’t be sure how much life is left in it. Sure you can inspect it or even test it, but its possible it won’t last. This is what makes considering a warranty for expensive parts important.


A disorganized junkyard is another problem. If the yard has no system to how its laid out, you can spend the day walking around and never get the parts you need. Even worse, they may actually have the parts you need, but you can’t find them. This is where its helpful to call and ask questions about how the yard is laid out. You will save yourself a lot of time.

Tips For Selling Your GMC to an Auto Salvage

Ready to junk your truck or van? Consider the following tips:

  • Siphon out the gas and save it for yourself
  • Remove everything personal for the vehicle
  • Wipe your data from your navigation system for personal identifiable information
  • Cancel your insurance policy, state registration, and license plates
  • Know the value of your GMC truck or van before you sell it.

Some junkyards do some pretty dirty tricks when it comes to negotiating the price for your vehicle. This is particularly true if are having them send a wrecker to pick it up from you. For some inside knowledge on junkyard negotiating tactics, read this article here.

Resources for GMC Vehicles

GMC Salvage Yards Near Me – Wrap Up

The auto salvo is the best place to save money on used parts for your GMC vehicle. Even if you don’t have a dedicated GMC auto salvage yard nearby, your local auto salvo may suffice. This is the best way to save money on repairs and possibly acquire manufacturer assembled parts.


Before selling your truck or van to a salvage yard, know the risks and negotiating tactics. Most business operate fairly, but not all. This is what I have learned from the GMC salvage yards near me.