New parts for an Infiniti are expensive, which makes finding used parts at a junkyard a great alternative. While you won’t find many pull apart yards dedicated strictly to these Japanese autos, you can find used parts. Junkyards offer discounted prices on functional parts from junked autos. They key is knowing what yards will carry salvage Infiniti parts. Below I will share how the Infiniti salvage yards near me work, where to find them, and some tips.

Map of Infiniti Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Infiniti Junkyards Near Me” or “Infiniti Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…


If you have limited results on the map, you can try looking at general auto salvages, import salvages, or Nissan salvages since Infiniti is a division of the Nissan brand.

How Does a Infiniti Salvage Yard Operate

An Infiniti scrap yard operates like any local business. They are mom and pop style lots, while others are chains of pick and pulls. They operate kind of like a thrift shop except they deal in junked autos. These places buy salvage vehicles and then sell them for parts. Some places sell parts online, some do pick and pull, and some have both.

How Does an Infiniti Junkyard Get Vehicles

Junked autos typically come to a salvage through one of three inventory streams: private owners, insurance companies, auctions.


Vehicles that come prom a private owner are inoperable and were junked because the cost of repairs outweighed the vehicles value. Insurance companies junk cars that have been in a wreck. They sell the wrecked auto to the salvage in order to offset the payout on an insurance claim. Some vehicles will come from an auction, where the salvage bought a group of junked vehicles by bidding on them in order to sell them off for parts or with salvage titles.

How Infiniti Junkyards Process Their Vehicles

When these Japanese autos arrive, they get processed like any other junk vehicle. Standardized processes are completed by a mechanic to met government environmental regulations and to prep the vehicle to maximize profit.


Some of the basic processing involves draining the fluids like gas, oil, anti-freeze, and wiper fluid. Fluids like oil get recycled, while gas, anti-freeze, and wiper fluid are containerized and resold. Batteries will get pulled, recharged, and resold for between $12 and $15. In some circumstances they may pull the engine and send it to a 3rd part vendor to be rebuilt and sold with a warranty.

How an Infiniti Junk Yard is Structured…Also Look for Nissan

As stated earlier, you aren’t going to find a dedicated Infiniti lot. There are places though like Mazda Nissan Heaven in Texas that will have more Infiniti’s then most places. Every salvo will be  laid out differently. Some salvages will be very organized and have them by model and year. Others will have them spread out and mixed with other manufacturer makes and models. If it isn’t clear on the salvages map where you may find Infiniti’s, you may want to check the Nissan section or a section for JDM.


Here are some of the most common Infiniti models i find at the Infiniti salvage yards near me:

  • G20.
  • G35.
  • FX45.
  • M30.
  • M45.
  • Q45
  • EX
  • FX
  • G Series – Coupes, Sedans, Convertibles
  • M Series – Coupes, Sedans, Convertibles
  • I series
  • J series
  • JX series
  • Q Series
  • QX series

You can find some pretty obscure Infiniti’s if you look hard enough. One of my best finds was a  1992 M convertible GT coupe, which was later rebadged as the Nissan Leopard. These are rare find though and you will find a majority of models between 1996 and 2010 in my experience. You will see newer models as well like the Q60, Q70, QX80 that have been in accidents.


If there is a specific model you need, some salvages will have a searchable database. You can look by year, make, and model. I often run a check on the Infiniti salvage yards near me to see if they have the parts I need. Some places don’t have an online inventory. My advise there is to call ahead. You can ask questions like do “Do you have a rear fender for a 2014 G35?” or “Do you have any Q45’s on the lot, what years and what condition are they in?”

What Kind of Used Infiniti Parts Can You Find?

The possibilities of finding OEM parts is endless. Plus since these are Nissan’s, many of the same parts are used on Nissan models, which expands your pick list. You can find various parts for Infiniti’s such as: doors, mirrors, exhausts, turbos, radiators, pistons, wire harnesses, fenders, panels, dashboards, and much more. Even ore specifically you can find things like a VG30DE V6 engine or the Gatling gun style headlights on a 2005 Q45.


So many times working on Nissan’s and Infinit’s are come across aftermarket parts that sell well on Ebay. I also find a lot of new JDM parts. This happens when the owner tried to fix their vehicle by throwing parts at it and junked it anyway. Some people never remove the new parts they paid for!

Infiniti Salvage Yards Near Me

M30-in-California-junkyard. photo by Murilee Martin

What Happens After an Infiniti is Stripped?

When a salvage vehicle has had it’s valuable parts pulled, what remains get’s sold to a scrap facility. Doing this allows the salvage yard to get the last bit of cash out of the vehicle. It also makes room on the salvage lot for more junked autos. A well managed salvage can turn over their inventory in 4 to 6 months.


Not all yards keep up with the vehicle recycling practice. Some places let the inventory rust in the yard. You will know how a well yard is managed by the condition of the vehicles. All the vehicles are junk, but some have no value left to offer.

Buying Used OEM  Salvage Infiniti Parts

Pros of Buying Used Infiniti Parts at a Salvage Yard

Saving money is always your primary driver for used parts. Examples of what some salvages charge for parts are alternators for $18, car doors for $60, or a battery for $12. Heck you can even pull parts and sell them yourself on Ebay. There is a huge market there for JDM and you can make nice profits.


Many salvages offer the ability to purchase a warranty of the parts. For between $8 and $12 per part you can have some assurance that the part will function. If it doesn’t you can return it for an exchange of credit at the junkyard. No yard ever gives cash back. I typically will get a warranty on any part that has complicated mechanics or is a bit expensive.


One of the best reasons to get salvage Infiniti parts as that will will find OEM parts. Unlike going to you auto parts store and getting something after market, you can Nissan manufactured parts. This is like ordering parts directly from Nissan except that you save the money going used. You can also find parts that are no longer manufactured that you can’t even order from Nissan.

Cons of Buying Used Infiniti Parts Cheap

Quality is always the big question mark when going used. You just can’t be sure how much life if left in a part. You need to really inspect the part for rust, corrosion, cracks, etc…before you even remove it. This is also why I suggest asking about a warranty for parts you feel are expensive.


Sometimes Infiniti parts are hard to come by. It’s not that these models aren’t found in typical salvages, but they are often mixed amongst Nissan’s or import sections. You really got to look around. You can find them, but the amount of 2006 Q45’s you find as compared to 2006 Maxima’s is no contest.

Salvage Part Tips for Infiniti’s

The better you know the brand of Nissan and Infiniti the easier it is to find and match parts. Many parts are used across multiple years and models. For example on an an old 1992 M series the suspension system was taken from a Maxima called Sonar Suspension. You could pull an early 90’s Maxima and interchange the suspension with an Infiniti M coupe, sedan, or convertible. For more tips on pulling parts efficiently you can read this article here.

Tips For Selling Your Infiniti to a Salvage Yard

If you have an Infiniti that you want to junk, you should consider all the options and learn about junking a vehcile.


Some of the steps you will want to take are:

  • Siphon your gas to use for yourself (they are just going to resell it).
  • Take all of your personal belongings out. Check the seat flaps, glove box, center console, etc…
  • Wipe your personal data (like address and numbers) if there is a navigation system in it.
  • Cancel your insurance policy, state registration, and license plates (they will charge you an admin fee if you don’t).
  • Know the Kelly Blue Book value of your Infiniti before you negotiate the price. You won’t get KBB, but should have a reference.
  • Know the scrap value of your vehicles weight, which will likely be their first offer. Learn to negotiate up.

If you are looking for all the potential options on where can you get cash for the vehicle, read our article called: Who Buys Junked Cars.

Resources for Infiniti Vehicles

Infiniti Salvage Yards Near Me – Wrap Up

You won’t find cheaper OEM parts then at a salvage yard. Whether you are looking for Infiniti, Nissan, or any manufacturer, this is where you get cheap parts. You need to obviously understand that with saving money you may run into poor quality parts. This is where though you can ask about a warranty to give yourself some protection. Salvage yards are great because they not only offer you savings, but they are good for the environment and are a key piece of the recycling industry. So if you have an inoperable Infiniti you can consider if you can get cash for it at a junkyard. This is what I have learned from the Infiniti salvage yards near me.