If own own a Kia car or van and need discount parts a Kia junk yard is the ultimate spot. These places offer heavily discounted parts for your vehicle, you just need to pull them off of junked cars in the lot. Even if you don’t have a Kia salvage yard near you, any junk yard will have a fair share of Kia’s and be able to save you money. In the article below I will share how the Kia salvage yards near me work as well as some tips and tricks for junking.

Map of Kia Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Kia Junk Yards Near Me” or “Kia Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…


If the Kia auto salvos seem sparse, it may be because you don’t have one withing driving distance. You can broaden your search or check your local junk yards. They will likely have some Kia’s on he lot. You can also look for yards that specialize in imported vehicles.

How Does a Kia Salvage Yard Operate

These places are run like any local business. Some people think that junk yards are state run, but for the most part they are mom and pop style businesses. Most yards do both buying and selling. They buy junked cars and then sell them for parts to make a profit.

How Does a Kia Junk Yard Get Vehicles

All junked auto yards get there vehicles from either a vehicle owner or from an insurance agent. When they get a vehicle directly from an owner, its usually inoperable and the owner got cash for it. This is likely because it is not worth the cost of repairs or the owner tried to fix it and couldn’t. When a vehicle comes from an insurance agent, its because it was in a wreck. An agent will sell the car to an auto salvo to help offset the cost of paying out a claim.

How Kia Junkyards Process Their Vehicles

When a Kia first arrives on the lot, it much go into the garage first for some basic prep work. This is so the salvage yard can maximize the value of the vehicle.


Some yards will take out the engine and have sent away to be rebuilt and resold. Additionally they may pull the battery out and recharge it to resell. You can usually get one of these batteries for less then $15.


All junkyards pretty much perform the following routines: Drain the oil and recycle it, siphon the gas out and resell it, drain fluids like anti freeze and wiper fluid and resell it.

How a Kia Junk Yard is Structured

For the most part you will find lots laid out by model and year. If the yard is well managed the cars will be in clearly delineated rows and might even be labeled. If the yard isn’t well run then it may be an unorganized mess.


Often you will see the most popular models towards the entrance and the least towards the rear. This is to make it easier on the pickers. Below are some of the most common Kia models you will see at an automobile scrap yard.

  • Sportage
  • Sorento
  • Optima
  • Rio
  • Soul
  • Sedona
  • Stiner
  • Forte
  • Nitro
  • Cadenza
  • Rondo
  • Amanti
  • Spectra

There are of course other models of Kia you may find at an auto salvo, these are just some of the most common. You might even see cars like the Optima Hybrid, if one of the new models has been in an accident.


If its a specific Kia model you need, check to see if the lot near you has a searchable online database. Some places allow you to search by model and year, while others you can search by part inventory. If there is no online database, then give the auto salvo a quick call. You can ask really pointed questions like: “Do you have a rear fender for a 2017 Optima?” or “Do you have a manifold for a 2009 Forte?”

What Kind of Used Kia Parts Can You Find?

If the part is on a Kia, you can find it at some junk yard somewhere if you are willing to look for it. I have picked a wide array of parts like: doors, mirrors, exhaust systems, carbs, pistons, wire harnesses, tires, batteries, rims, fenders, panels, dashboards, and much more. There are instance where I even pulled brand new parts off cars. This happens when a new vehicle gets wrecked and the owner tries to fix a car with new parts and junks the car anyway.


To get a heads up when new vehicles come in, some junkyards will text you alerts. This means you can beat everyone else to the new inventory. Thats one of the best tricks for being a pro picker.

What Happens After a Kia is Stripped Down to the Frame?

Kia Junk Yards Near Me
Once a vehicle has been stripped down to the frame, what remains gets sold off for scrap metal. This practice allows the yard to make room for new vehicles on the lot and get the last bit off cash out of the auto. A well maintained salvo will replenish their lot and scrap old inventory every 4 to 6 months.

Buying Used Kia Parts at a Salvage Yard

Pros of Buying Used Kia Parts at a Salvage Yard

When you hit up an auto salvo you are there for heavily discounted parts. These places offer so much savings over after market parts and auto shops. You can find deals like an alternator for $18, a door for $60, and a battery for $12. I use to pick parts I didn’t even need and then sell them on Ebay for extra cash.


You can get a warranty for any part you feel is expensive. For about $10 to $15 at most yards you can get a warranty. If the part doesn’t work you can bring it back with in 30 days for an exchange. No yard I have ever visited gives cash back…exchange or credit only.


Another great perk is that you might find Kia manufactured parts. Unlike going to an auto store, most of the parts you will find where made and assembled by Kia.

If you are curious about the tools I take to the auto salvo with me to pull parts, see my tool list here.

Cons of Buying Used Kia Parts Cheap

The quality of the part is always the biggest X factor at an auto salvo. You can inspect the part, test the part, even use it, but you don’t really know what lifespan is left in it. This is why I advise considering a warranty for parts you deem to be pricey.


The way the yard is laid may also be a con. They may have all the used Kia parts you need, but finding them on the lot is an issue. If the yard is a mess you could spend all day in the hot sun and not find the parts you want. To ovoid this, my best advise is to call ahead and see how the lot is laid out.

Tips For Selling Your Kia to an Auto-Salvo

Time to junk your Kia? Consider the tips below:


  • Siphon your gas out for yourself
  • Remove all your belongings from the vehicle
  • Wipe your personal data (like address and numbers) if you have a nav system
  • Cancel your insurance policy, state registration, and license plates
  • Know the value of your Kia before you negotiate the price.

You may also want to consider selling parts off before you junk it. Here are a list of parts to pull and sell on your own.


If you are ready to junk your car, Its also good to be familiar with some of the negotiating tactics junkyards use when they purchase vehicles. Some of them are kind of dirty. Read this article here to learn more.

Resources for Kia Vehicles

Kia Salvage Yards Near Me – Wrap Up

You will not find cheaper parts for Kia anywhere then at an auto salvo. Even if its not a Kia auto salvo, you will save a ton of money. Just make sure you understand the pros and cons of getting used parts…this applies to any kind of vehicle.


If you are junking your Kia, then follow our advice to prep the car and understand junkyard negotiating tactics. This will help ensure you end up with the best price for the value of your vehicle. This is what I have learned from the Kia salvage yards near me.