Late model salvage yards are the best places to get used parts for recently manufactured vehicles. These auto junkyards let you walk the lot and remove functioning parts and charge you for what you pull. It is the ideal place to go for repairs and finding manufacturer-assembled parts at below retail costs. Below I will share where to find these junkyards and my experience with the late model salvage yards near me.

Map of Late Model Salvage Yards Near Me

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How Does a Late Model Junkyard Operate

These specialized salvos run like a local business. They follow a business model like a thrift shop except they deal in junked automobiles. The late model salvage yards near me, purchase wrecked cars and trucks from the public, insurance companies, and auctions. Then they sell them off as individual parts or sometimes with a salvage title.

When vehicles come from private owners, it’s often because it doesn’t run. Many times the owner tried to fix it and then decided to junk it. Vehicles from insurance companies have been deemed “totaled” in an accident. The insurance company sells the vehicle to offset the payout on an insurance claim. Vehicles from auctions are bought in groups and the yard has deemed the vehicles to be fixable or have enough valuable components still on them.

Many of the lots are free to roam and pull parts and pay for what you need. Some yards charge a couple of bucks for entry and have you sign a waiver. They may even check your bag so they can see what you’re bringing in and they check it again on your way out.

Most late model junkyards will have a map of the premises showing you how it is laid out. The more structure the lot has, the easier it is to find parts.

How to Scavenge at a Late Model Salvage Yard

If you are looking for parts for late model cars or trucks, you need to go in with a plan. It’s easy to get excited and start pulling everything. Put a shopping list together and a budget and try and stick to it. The better you know your car brand the easier it will be to find the used parts you want. For example, if I have I need to find a replacement center console for a 2014 Chevy Silverado, Any console from 2007 to 2014 Avalanche, Tahoe, Suburban, Sierra, or Yukon will fit. Do your homework upfront and know how to get around the issues if they don’t have the exact vehicle model you need.

How to Scavenge at a Late Model Salvage Yard

At a late model salvo, sure the parts are used, but you can find almost brand new parts. Some newer cars and trucks are here because they were in accidents. Others are here because something went wrong with them. These create awesome opportunities for you. I will pull most parts, but my advice would be to avoid hoses, filters, and wiring harnesses. Look for higher-quality parts that don’t wear out.

For our best tips on how to pull parts like a pro, read this.

Check Out & Guarantees

Once you are ready to purchase your parts there will be a checkout. The late model salvage yards near me take cash and credit but don’t offer any refunds. They will however ask you if you want a warranty on anything you purchased. For a few extra bucks per part, you can get a warranty and then be able to do an exchange within 30 days if necessary. This will only apply to the parts you paid for a warranty on.

My advice is to get a warranty only on parts you feel are complex or expensive. The places near me charge $6 to $8 per part. It can add up quickly if you get warranties on everything.

Pricing at Every Late Model Junkyard Varies

Late model salvages are going to price everything by part not by brand. So a starter on a Ford is the same price as the starter on a Nissan. For most major parts a salvage is going to have a price board for you to reference. It will list out some of the most common parts and the price they are going for.

Here are some of the prices at my local late model salvage:

  • Used Battery $14
  • Motor $140+
  • Tires $15
  • Alternators $18
  • Starters $18
  • Transmissions $86

Now imagine taking advantage of these deals. An $18 starter and a $6 warranty are going to save you at least $120 from buying new parts.

Late Model Salvage Yards Near me

Late model salvage yard in South Florida

How Do Late Model Salvage Yards Process Their Inventory?

Late model salvage yards efficiently process their inventory of auto parts, offering customers a large selection of quality recycled auto parts. These yards meticulously stock late model auto parts, including engines, ensuring a reliable supply of used auto parts. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, they may also provide aftermarket parts, ensuring clients have access to a diverse range of car parts to meet their automotive needs.

Salvage yards are fairly universal in how they process their inventory. There are some common practices in the auto recycling industry to maximize profit and meet state recycling standards. These junkyards will start with a junker and slowly process it down to recyclable materials. Here is how the late model salvage yards near me process their new vehicles…


A mechanic looks over the car to see what condition it is in. If the vehicle runs, they may decide to sell it at auction or with a salvage title. If it only needs a few parts they may fix it and then auction or sell it. In instances when the car or truck, won’t run, it gets prepped for life in the salvage yard. The mechanic will drain fluids and pull some of the most valuable parts.

Drain The Fluids

Fluids in the car need to be recycled. If fluids were to leak they could get in the groundwater and cause damage to the local ecosystem. Oil and freon are containerized and recycled, while fluids like gasoline, antifreeze, and windshield wiper fluid are bottled and resold.

Valuable Salvage Parts Get Pre-Pulled

Some yards will pre-pull the most valuable or commonly purchased parts. For example, a battery will get pulled and resold. A motor may even get built and sent to a 3rd party vendor to be rebuilt. Certain parts like starters and alternators tend to corrode fast when left in the elements, so the salvage may strip them to preserve their value and condition.

Vehicles Are Sent to The Lot

Once the car is prepped it goes out to the yard. Many of the late model yards will have groups have cars laid out either by manufacturer and then vehicle type. So for example, the late model salvage yards near me have a Dodge section and then that section is broken down into cars and trucks. By grouping vehicles together this way it makes pulling parts more efficient for us scavengers.

After a Few Months, The Cars Are Crushed

A well run salvo will turn over its inventory every 3 to 6 months. This means a vehicle is stripped of its parts and then it gets crushed and the frame is sold for scrap metal. This allows the junkyard to get the last bit of value out of it and make room for more inventory. Of course, if the vehicle still has a lot of valuable parts on it, they will let it sit longer.

Not all junkyards run this efficiently, there are some yards that just leave vehicles out to rust.

Late Model Salvage Yards Near Me – Wrap-Up

A late model salvage can save you a ton of money either once or over the long haul. If you are someone who owns a garage or fixes newer vehicles these are the places that will impact your bottom line tremendously. While buying used parts can be a gamble, a warranty should help reduce the risk that you are getting a part with issues. It’s also important to go in with a solid plan and only the tools that you need. Every junkyard, no matter what type, operates a little bit differently, but for the most part, they follow the same general processes. This is what I have learned from the late model salvage yards near me.


James is an avid junkyarder and mechanic. He has visited Junkyards in every US state and has restored over 30 makes and models of vehicles. He has several automotive and recycling related blogs that generate over 150K views a month.