Getting used parts is the best way to save money on Mitsubishi auto repairs. Finding Mitsubishi’s at your local auto salvage is common, but finding an exclusive Mitsubishi junkyard is difficult. In this post, I will share where to find salvage Mitsubishi’s, tips for pulling parts, and how the Mitsubishi junkyards near me operate, share salvaging advice, and help you find some Mitsubishi autos near you.

Map of Mitsubishi Junkyards Near Me

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When you go to a junkyard you can find lots of Mitsubishi’s. That isn’t a knock on their quality, but considering that they are ranked the nineteenth-largest worldwide by vehicle production. They are also the 6th largest Japanese automaker. Today they are owned in part by Nissan and are part of the Renault – Nissan – Mitsubishi alliance.

How Do the Mitsubishi Junkyards Near Me Operate

A Mitsubishi junkyard is like any other local business. The only thing that differentiates them is their business model and environmental regulations. The business model is like that of a thrift shop except here they deal in junked Mitsubishi vehicles. The environmental regulations are set by the Federal and State governments.

These business buy junked vehicles and then sell off the functioning parts for reuse. They are part of the recycling industry and while they save us the consumers a lot of money, they have huge benefits to the environment.

There a few different styles of junkyards you may come across. Self-service, where you pay a nominal entrance fee to walk the yard and pull parts, full service where they pull parts for you, and online junkyards. In my experience, full service yards charge more but have higher quality parts. Self service yards charge less for parts but have lower quality.

How Do the Mitsubishi Junkyards Near Me Operate

How Junkyards Get Mitsubishi’s in Their Inventory

Mitsubishi’s can come to a salvage yard in many different ways. The most common are from private owners junking their auto, junk car buyers, auctions, and insurance companies. The one thing these vehicles all have in common is they are junk. Most won’t run and the ones that do will need costly repairs if you were to try and save it.

How Mitsubishi Salvage Yards Process Their Vehicles

Junked vehicles despite what some think, aren’t just put out in the yard for part picking when they arrive. Every vehicle must be prepped to meet environmental regulations and most yards will pre-pull some popular parts,

The most common prep work performed at all yards is a drain of the major fluids. Most of the fluids in an automobile contain hazardous chemicals and if they were to leak into the local groundwater, they would be dangerous to the ecosystem and local communities. Some of the fluids that get drained are oil, gas, anti-freeze, and Freon amongst other liquids.

Next, a junkyard will pre-strip popular parts. These are parts that sell well and often corrode fast. That includes parts like starters, alternators, and batteries. Depending on the condition and salvageability some yards may extract the transmission and motor. If they do pull those parts they will sell them straight away if they work, if not they will get rebuilt and sold with a warranty.

How the Mitsubishi Salvage Yard Near Me is Arranged

Mitsubishi salvage yards vary in yard organization. The Mitsubishi junkyards near me are pretty organized with vehicles lined up in rows, with wide aisles in between. However, past that there isn’t much semblance of structure. Cars and trucks mixed together with varying years and models. This is even more so true if you are looking for vehicles at a foreign auto salvage.

In my experience here are the most common Mitsubishi’s I come across:

  • Mirage
  • Endeavor
  • Evolution
  • Lancer
  • Eclipse
  • Gallant
  • Outlander
  • Diamante
  • RVR
  • Cordia
  • Chariot
  • Sigma
  • Raider
  • 3000 GT
  • Montero
  • Delica

Certainly not suggesting you won’t find much older models, but lots of the old Mitsubishi’s of the 60’s and earlier are not here in the States. If you are looking for something specific you need to know what other models you can swap parts with. This will make finding parts much easier. This is why it’s great to find a Mitsubishi junkyard, the people who work there know the brand in and out.

Before I visit the Mitsubishi salvage yards near me, I like to do some research. First I check to see if the junkyard has an online database. Some salvos have a searchable database with their vehicle and parts inventory. If the yard doesn’t have that then I will call or email. I will ask specific questions like ” Do you have a 3.0-liter V-6 from an early 90’s Sigma or 3000 GT”? Might also ask in the Sigma what transmission is it the four speed automatic or the five speed manual”?

What Kind of Used Mitsubishi Parts Can You Find?

You can find any kind of parts for your vehicle. The list is excessive and includes doors, starters, seats, motors, transmissions, exhausts, catalytic converters, fenders, radiators, intake manifolds, clutches, etc. While you can pretty much find any kind of part you want, there are also parts you shouldn’t buy.

Of course, the trick above is not finding any part, but finding the part you need for your specific model and year of Mitsubishi. The best way to do that is to research the brand and look for interchangeable parts with other models and years. For example much of the Sigma parts from 91 to 96 are pretty similar. So if you have a 92, you could try and find other early 90’s Sigma’s instead.

Mitsubishi Junkyards Near Me

1990 Mitsubishi Montero in Colorado Junkyard. Photo by Murilee Martin.jpg

What Happens After an Automobile Gets Stripped?

After the junkyard has sold off all the functioning parts it may do one of two things depending on the salvo. Some yards will crush the frame and sell the crushed automobile for scrap metal. This lets the salvo get the last bit of money out of the vehicle and make space on their property. Other yards will let the vehicles rust on the lot.

Salvage yards that crush vehicles tend to do more business and have better organized yards. This is so they can get the vehicles in and out of spaces easier and transport them to the crusher.

Buying Used Mitsubishi Parts at Junkyards

Mitsubishi Junkyards serves as a premier auto salvage yard and auto wrecker, specializing in providing high quality OEM used auto parts. Whether you’re searching for reliable SUV parts or specific components like brake parts, these yards offer a vast inventory of salvaged Mitsubishi vehicles. Customers benefit from cost-effective solutions and environmentally conscious practices, making Mitsubishi Junkyards a go-to destination for auto enthusiasts seeking reliable and affordable replacement parts.

Pros of Buying Used Mitsubishi Parts at a Junk Yard

Saving money is the primary reason we buy second hand parts. You can save 60% to 75% of the retail price of new parts. You’ll find deals like a mid 2000 Gallant engine for under $300, a battery for $15, and an alternator for $22 at the Mitsubishi junkyards near me.

You can also make a side hustle pulling extra parts and selling them online yourself. If you are a Mitsubishi enthusiast, then you may know the parts other enthusiasts look for. Pull extra parts yourself and sell them online.

One of my favorite perks is getting OEM pieces. 99% of the parts you pull will be factory installed and assembled by Mitsubishi. This is better than buying and installing after market auto parts.

The other great pro is the potential to get a warranty, even on a used part, Not all yards do this, but you should ask. For a few extra dollars, you can get a 30-day warranty that will allow you to exchange the part or get junkyard credit if there are any issues with the piece you purchased. For parts like an engine or transmission, you should consider getting a warranty.

Cons of Buying Used Mitsubishi Parts

When you purchase repurposed parts, the quality of course is the potential issue. Even if you get in and inspect a part really well, you don’t know if there is deeper damage you can’t see. It’s not always obvious from a visual inspection if a part has reached its end of life. Make sure you inspect parts before you pull them and again after. When in doubt ask for a warranty.

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Mitsubishi Junkyards Near Me Conclusion

Junkyards are by far the best place to save money on replacement parts. It does require some looking around and research, but the cost savings can be huge. Most auto salvos will have Mitsubishi’s on the lot, but ideally, you want to find an exclusive Mitsubishi auto salvage. The inventory will be much better and the service will be more knowledgeable to the brand. That is what I have learned from the Mitsubishi junkyards near me.

FAQs: Mitsubishi Junkyard Near Me

What types of parts do you offer for Mitsubishi vehicles?

Our Mitsubishi junkyard specializes in providing a complete line of interior parts, ensuring you can find everything from seats and dashboards to door panels and accessories.

Do you carry used engines for Mitsubishi vehicles?

Absolutely! We have a large inventory of used Mitsubishi engines, carefully sourced and inspected to meet high-quality standards. Whether you’re looking for a specific model or a reliable replacement, our auto salvage yard has you covered.

Can I find rare or hard-to-find interior parts at your junkyard?

Yes, our Mitsubishi junkyard often houses a variety of rare and hard-to-find interior parts. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in locating specific components, making us a go-to resource for enthusiasts and restorers.

How do you ensure the quality of your used engines?

Before being added to our inventory, all used engines undergo a thorough inspection process to ensure they meet our high-quality standards. We prioritize reliability and performance, providing you with engines that you can trust.

Can I sell my Mitsubishi vehicle to your junkyard?

Absolutely! If you have a Mitsubishi vehicle you’d like to sell, our junkyard is interested. Contact us, and our team will provide a fair assessment of your vehicle’s value.


James is an avid junkyarder and mechanic. He has visited Junkyards in every US state and has restored over 30 makes and models of vehicles. He has several automotive and recycling related blogs that generate over 150K views a month.