Mopar Junkyards Near Me – Get Used Mopar Parts

Mopar junkyards are like an elusive mythical creature, that only some are lucky enough to find. These amazing salvage yards house some of the best old Chryslers, Plymouths, and Dodge’s you can imagine. They are the perfect place to find your next project car. But where are they? Below I will discuss where to find them, some tips, and share my experience with the Mopar junkyards near me.

Find Mopar Yards Near Me – Use the Junk Yard Locator Below

If you are looking for “Mopar Junkyards Near Me” or “Mopar Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…


Other related searches people find helpful are for Chrysler junkyards and dodge junkyards. You can typically find Mopar vehicles at your local auto salvage as well.

How Does a Mopar Junkyard Operate

A Mopar junkyard operates like any other auto salvage. The only difference is, these specialize in Mopar cars and parts. The word “mopar” is a nickname by fans of Chrysler built vehicles to refer to anything built by the company. These junkyards work by buying junked vehicles and then selling them off for parts or as project cars.

How Does a Mopar Salvage Yard Get Vehicles

Vehicles come in from different sources. Sometimes owners will sell a junked vehicle, some will come from insurance companies after an accident, and others will come from auction. The goal for a any salvage yard is to get the vehicle for the least amount of money and sell it off as parts for a profit.


These Mopar salvages though only take in Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge manufactured vehicles.

How Mopar Junkyards Process Vehicles

When a new vehicle comes in it does not go straight out to the lot. There is processing that must be done first. The junkyard needs to meet state environmental regulations by draining the fluids. They also want to do some pre-stripping of parts so they can stop the corrosion process and ensure they get maximum value out of them.


Fluids that get drained are typically gas, oil, wiper fluid, anti-freeze, etc. Parts that get pre-pulled are often batteries, alternators, and sometimes the motor. If salvagable batteries will get recharged and the motor might even get rebuilt.

How the Mopar Junkyards Near Me are Structured

Now in an ideal world a junkyard has some structure to it. In my experience with Mopar yards, they aren’t very organized. You will definitely find Chargers and Challengers in groups, but there won’t be any semblance of year. A-body and B-Body will be mixed. You will find though the likes the Plymouth Barracuda, Plymouth Valiant, Dodge Dart, Duster and other Mopar muscle.


These yards typically best walked to discover what you need…which is also fun!


To be efficient though as a parts picker the best thing to do for these yards is to either check their website or call. These places are Mopar enthusiasts, they know EXACTLY what they have on their lot. Some places will have an inventory of parts or vehicles on line. That makes it easier to search and see if they have what you need. If there is no website, just call. I will call these places and ask specific questions like  “Do you have a hood for a 1970 Corboda and what condition is it in?”

What Kind of Used Mopar Parts Can You Find?

Literally any parts you can imagine, if you are willing to look and search hard enough. You can strip entire interiors out like seats, carpets, trim, gauges, dashboards, etc. You can pull exterior pieces like hoods, fenders, doors, mirrors, etc. Then of course there’s the mechanical parts like the engine, exhaust, intake, and all their attached components.


The craziest thing is sometimes you can find brand new parts. I’ve seen people try and do a restoration, throw parts at the car, give up, and then rejunk it. You can pull all the pieces someone else already salvaged for you!


Mopar junkyards Near Me

Steve’s Performance Mopar only junkyard in Alabama

What Happens When the Vehicle is Stripped?

Most large auto salvage yards have a process for clearing inventory when cars are totally picked. The most common practice is to sell what remains of the frame as scrap metal. This practice allows junkyards to squeeze the last bit of value out of the vehicle.


Mopar junkyards though in my experience, let the frames sit and rust. I think there is something nostalgic about it. It becomes a final resting place for many Mopar classics and for junkyard goes becomes walk down history lane.

Buying Used Mopar Parts at a Junkyard

The Pros of Used Mopar Parts at a Junk Yard

There are a lot of advantages to getting your Mopar parts form a salvage, but here are my quick dirty pros…

  • Saving Money: Getting parts cheaper then you can find anywhere else
  • Reselling Other Parts You Find: Sometimes you find parts you don’t need, but know have value. Pull and resell them yourself for a profit.
  • Potential Warranty on Parts: Some junkyards offer a 30 day warranty. If your mechanical part doesn’t work you can return for credit.
  • Find Original Mopar Parts: You can pull factory installed original parts right out of vehicles.

Cons of Cheap Mopar Parts

With the good comes, the bad, here are my quick dirty cons…

  • Quality: Not all parts are high quality. You need to shop and pull parts carefully so you don’t waste time and money.
  • Most Yards are Disorganized: Trying to find what you need by just walking around can result in endless walking and looking.
  • Rust: Many yards leave the frames uncovered and rust and corrosion run deep ruining parts from ever being re-used.

One of the Best and Biggest Mopar Junk Yards You Gotta Visit…

My favorite Mopar junkyard is Steve’s Performance in Alabama. Not only is one of the largest auto junkyards in the United States, it is Mopar only. This place is crawling with Detroit history and is the final resting place of infinite Chargers and Challengers. It has also been featured on car hunting TV shows like Roadkill.


Why Go to a Mopar Salvage Instead of a Regular Auto Salvage

Look your gonna find some great Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth vehicles at your local auto salvage, but there are some drawbacks. Your local auto salvage doesn’t specialize. they don’t know the history of the vehicles and the nuances of the parts used in different years.


When you go to a Mopar junkyard the assistance you get is expert help from a Mopar gearhead. Additionally your vehicle selection is very refined to strictly what you need. That means if you need parts for a specific car and it’s not on the lot, there are many compatible cars with parts you can pull from.

Resources for Mopar Vehicles

Mopar Junkyards Near Me – Wrap Up

Mopar junkyards are awesome places for all things Mopar and lots of Detroit muscle. These are the best spots to find project cars and parts for your restoration. You can of course find Mopar vehicles at your standard local junkyard, but the selection will be slim and the quality and expertise on the vehicles is just not there. This is what I have learned from the Mopar junkyards near me.