If you have a used car radio, there are several options to sell it on the secondary market. The price you get will vary by brand, model, and condition of the radio and who the buyer is. In this article below I’ll list the the best options for where to sell a car radio or any car audio equipment, offer a few tips, and share my experience with the places who buy car radios near me.

Map of Who Buys Car Radios Near Me

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Car radios and audio gear are a great used item sell and one of the parts we recommend selling on your own before you junk a car. Often the most obvious place fore where to sell a car stereo is your local vehicle junkyard. There are however some other less obvious choices that I will cover in the section below, some that will certainly be more lucrative.


First thing you should understand is that while there is a secondary market for used car audio equipment, it is not what it once was. There is still a market, but the amount you will get for used audio equipment has decreased as well as the number of buyers.


To really get some money you are going to need a reputable brand, a good model of that brand, and frankly it better work. Even the face of the stereo needs to look functional with no worn off buttons, cracked LCDs and stuck or missing knobs. If you are selling speakers and amps along with it or even TV’s, count on the fact that when you sell them someone will test them to make sure they are functional.

Where to Sell a Car Radio Near Me

Local Auto Junkyard

One of the easiest places locally to hock a car stereo is your local auto junkyard. Before you think though they will just take anything, it’s not true. Just because it is a junkyard, if you are selling junk, they aren’t going to buy it. Why?…because they have to be able to resell it. That also means there are in the business on getting from you as cheap as possible.


For car radios, they are going to gravitate towards popular brands, models, and of course quality. They have plenty of vehicles sitting out in the yard with used audio equipment in them, why do they also need yours. So just trying to prepare you for hearing “no thanks”.

Find Salvages That Specialize in a Make and Model for Higher Profit

Let’s say you have a car radio that was installed in a Mercedes that required computer integration. If you have that radio with the adapter plates and computer integration parts and take it to a junkyard that specializes in Mercedes you will get more money. Same can be said for custom boxes and other audio equipment. Try and find a specialized salvage that may be more interested in what you have. Another example if you got a radio from a 1970’s Mustang, you will get more for it a Ford salvage, then from a general auto salvage yard that sells everything.

Other Options for Where to Sell a Car Radio Near Me

In terms of being “easy” auto junkyards are a good option. There are however other options, which can be more lucrative. Again though it comes down to what you got: brand, model, and quality.

Pawn Shops Who Buy Car Radios…

Pawn shops can be as good as going to an auto salvage. The problem is they often look at things a bit differently. They are looking at power, watts, and brand. They also don’t know vehicles and auto parts. That makes a difference because an uninformed buyer is less likely to pay more since they have all the risk. Pawn shops will buy your car radio if it works, but keep your expectations reasonable for how much money you will get.

Craigslist and Ebay

Craigslist and Ebay are still prime places to sell your used audio equipment. They are often places that you can get the most money. There is however the other side of that, you have to deal with the public and potentially even ship your items somewhere. There is thriving secondary market online for second hand audio gear, but the same rules apply about quality and brand.

Online Audio Equipment Buyers

There are companies online that buy used car radios, speakers, audio equipment and other electronics. You can reach out to them, provide them details and photos of what you have and they will give you an estimated quote. Then you send your stuff in and they test it and evaluate it and then requote you. If you accept the quote, they send you money, if you reject the quote they return your stereo. It’s not a bad option, but just requires a little bit of work.

Where is the Easiest Place to Sell a Car Radio

Look salvage yards are easy, but you are at the mercy of negotiations with a middle man who needs sell to a buyer. In my opinion I think Ebay and Craigslist are where you should try first. You don’t need to leave your house and you are dealing/negotiating directly with the buyer. If you have something interesting you can find the right buyer you can get a really good price.


The trick to selling on Ebay and Craigslist is taking good pictures, setting a reasonable price, and selling audio equipment people actually look for. If you are selling something that is car specific be specific about it in your description. Example. 1997 Mustang stock cassette deck with a trunk 6 disc changer.

Where Can I Sell My Car Radio Near Me

What Not to Do When Selling Used Car Stereos and Speakers

If your car stereo doesn’t work don’t misrepresent your stuff. Don’t say your car radio works if it doesn’t. Don’t misrepresent the brand, the wattage, or anything. You will only do yourself a disservice in the send. Lots of people try to sell blown speakers or blown amps and it’s bad business. It never works out well for them in the end.

Any Buyer is Going to Test Your Equipment

Audio equipment can have hidden issues. For example a blown speaker may not have a hole in it and you can’t tell it’s damaged by looking at it. Be prepared when you sell used car radios, amps, and speakers someone is going to make sure they work before they pay you for them.


Don’t get me wrong this is used stuff, no one expects new condition, but if you want to get paid, the parts need to work. Places also don’t love completely worn off button faces and interfaces that have broken LCD screens.

Where to Sell a Car Radio Near Me – Wrap Up

If you are looking to sell a car radio above are your best options. Salvage yards are great, specialized yards are even better, but your first attempt should be Craigslist or Ebay. The key to success on line platforms are good pictures, well written descriptions, and absolute transparency. While not all car radios are going to sell on the second hand market, selling it yourself online you can set your own price and deal directly with the buyer. No middle man like a junkyard or pawn shop. This is what I have learned from the place who buy car radios near me.