Where to Sell a Catalytic Converter

Recently the catalytic converter market has been hot. The precious metals inside the auto part have been trading at record highs. Many people with junked vehicles and spare parts trying to figure out who buys catalytic converters to take advantage of the high payouts. Who you sell it to might make all the difference in the amount you receive. Below I will address where to sell a catalytic converter and tips on selling one.

Where to Sell a Catalytic Converter Near Me

If you are looking for “Who Buys Catalytic Converters Near Me” or “Where to Sell Catalytic Converters Near Me”, the map below has your best local options…


For most people the easiest option in your local automobile salvage yard. There are other options however which we will cover here.

Where to Sell a Catalytic Converter Near Me

There are three options when it comes to selling a catalytic converter: auto salvage yards, metal scrap yard, or to an online buyer.

Local Auto Salvage (easy option)

Your local car salvage yard is an easy option. These places by used car parts all the time and will offer you cash for your catalytic converter. Junkyards are in the business of making money though and have quite a bit of overhead. This means they need to offer you the lowest possibly price for your part so they can sell it for a profit.


If you are trying to take advantage of the hot precious metals market, a junkyard will not be your best option for the best payout.


There is a few reasons you won’t get a great price:

  1. They will not offer you the best price based on your specific model (likely won’t even know what model it’s from)
  2. They don’t deal in precious metals

Local Scrap Metal Facility (easy option)

Local scrap metal facilities are just as easy as auto salvages. Your likelihood of receiving a higher payout is better as well. Scrap metal yards follow the metals market and know the rates better for the materials inside the converter. Still though these folks will have more overhead and need to account for the extraction process of the metals which adds to their overhead.


There is a few reasons you won’t get a great price:

  1. They will not offer you the best price based on your specific model (likely won’t even know what model it’s from)
  2. They deal in various types of metals and don’t necessarily specialize in platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

Online Catalytic Converter Buyer (best paying)

There are buyers online who will buy your part. What you need to do is send them a pic of the part and send them the serial number. Based on the serial number they will know how much the catalytic converter is worth and send you a quote.


There is a few reasons you won’t get a great price:

  1. Your catalytic converter model isn’t worth the best prices
  2. You can’t find a serial number for them to quote you

Why Do They Want to Buy My Catalytic Converter…

The catalytic converter contains 3 precious metals: platinum, palladium, and rhodium. While this auto part doesn’t have huge quantities of the metals inside, the precious metals market is trading at an all time high. So even in really small quantities the amount they can sell them for is a lot.


This is part of why the online buyers can offer you better prices. Since they deal more frequently with these parts and specialize they know what your specific part is worth, have a more refined extraction process, and have the buyers.

How Much is My Catalytic Converter Worth…

In order to know the value of your auto part, you need the serial number. Different vehicle types, models, and years all have different parts. Each of those parts contain different amounts of precious metals. In my experience the average catalytic converter is gonna fetch between $25 and $70.


The example below shows a serial number, but different models display the serial in different places. You can look around for it or feel for it, because the numbers are embossed or engraved. Once you find the serial numbers, mark them with paint, chalk, or some tape.


Catalytic Converter Serial Numbers

Serial number on a GM catalytic converter

Knowing The Serial Number is The Key to Pricing

The serial number is the most accurate way of knowing what the part is worth. These numbers are used to determine the precious metals recovery process and tell the year, make, and model of the vehicle. Some places like an auto junk yard aren’t even going to ask for the serial number. In fact they probably would prefer you don’t know it. They thrive on getting parts as cheap as possible so the less informed you are the better it is for them.

Mine Doesn’t Have a Serial Number Now What?

It’s possible that your part doesn’t have a serial number, but also likely you just can’t see it. Before you assume there is no serial number, try rubbing the part with steel wheel. If the part has corrosion on it, the serial number may just be hard to see. If you still can’t find a serial number, a buyer who knows there stuff will know how to price it.

Where to Sell a Catalytic Converter – Wrap Up

So there you have it, your options to sell your catalytic converter. While junkyards and scrap metal places may be the most convenient. You won’t get the best price. Online buyers means you need to find your serial numbers, mail in a picture, and wait for a quote. While that’s actually easier in my opinion, some people would still rather just go to a junkyard or scrap yard.


While the catalytic converter is not one of the parts I recommend removing before you junk a vehicle, it’s recent price bump has made it an interesting part to consider. If you have a junk car or some spare parts sitting around, you might be able to get some good money for them with the right buyer.