A semi truck salvage is a great place for used parts for your big rig. Semi truck parts, tires, and components are often expensive, so a used parts salvo is beneficial. These junkyards take in junked semi trucks specifically and sell them as parts for huge discounts. In this article, I will discuss where to find your closest big rig junkyard, the pros, and cons of used parts, and how the semi truck salvage yards near me operate.

Map of Semi Truck Junkyards Near Me

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If you aren’t seeing many results nearby, that may mean you don’t have one close. You can also try calling or visiting a truck scrap yard or a heavy duty truck junk yard and see if they have any big rigs on the lot.

Operations of Semi Truck Salvage Yards Near Me

A Semi Truck salvo operates just like any other type of salvage yard; at the local level. These are not big box brand picks and pulls, these are privately owned junkyards that specialize in big rigs. Some of these also carry semi-trailers and boxes. Most of the legalities these businesses have to meet revolve around recycling, but there isn’t much regulation around safety.

Big rigs often end up in these yards in a variety of ways. Some may be from private owners who junked the vehicle for cash and others come from insurance companies who junked it after an accident. The manufacturers and years of the trucks will vary greatly, but you likely find all the popular makes like Mack, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Volvo to name a few.

Big Truck Salvage Yards – Organization and Arrangement

Unlike, a standard auto junkyard, Semi Trucks are not stacked mostly due to their size. Here they will be lined up in rows. A well-maintained wrecking yard will create an inventory of make, model, and year and keep it updated online. This makes finding the parts you need for your year, make, and model, much more efficient.

At the semi truck salvage yards near me, the lots don’t have much organization. All the manufacturers and various truck sizes are mixed together, making it difficult to find the parts you need. This is why it’s to your benefit to call ahead and ask questions about what they have on the lot before you go there. If they have your parts, you can go down, pull them, and pay for them. Sometimes for a few extra bucks, you can get them to pull the parts for you. That’s how my local big rig junkyard near me works anyway.

How Junked Big Rigs are Processed at a Salvage Yard

When a freshly junked semi truck hits the lot it legally can’t go straight out to the yard. There is some processing that first occurs. All fluids need to be drained, some of which are resold and some of which are recycled. The battery will get pulled and resold or recycled. In some instances the engine will be pulled out and sent to either the manufacturer or a 3rd party vendor to rebuild.

Semi-Truck Salvage Methods

Not all yards put the big rigs out in the lot either. Some will pre-strip the parts, tag them, warehouse them, and then sell them online. A wrecked semi truck may have tons of working parts like mirrors, engines, aero hoods, extended cabs, roof fairings, gas tanks, frames, airlines, bunker heater/ac units, etc. Most even have a section of stacked used tires. Pretty much anything that could possibly be attached to a semi can be found. It’s up to the business model of the yard to decide if the truck goes in the lot stripped and sold as pre-pulled used big truck parts.

For places that put their transport trucks in the yard, whatever is left after a few months of pick and pull will be sent off for sale as scrap metal. Given the size and weight of these trucks, they can often bring in a fairly decent haul in scrap metal weight.

The Significance of Semi-Truck Salvage

To Ensure efficient trucks Solutions Semi-truck salvage plays a pivotal role in the trucking industry. It provides the essential exclusive service for heavy-duty parts and truck components, facilitating efficient repairs and maintenance. Whether you’re in need of a replacement transmission, heavy duty parts, or a dependable used truck, semi-truck salvage yards like LKQ Heavy Truck Sales provide invaluable solutions, keeping trucks on the road and businesses thriving.

Semi Truck Salvage Yards Near Me

Salvage Yards That Buy Semi Trucks

Most of these big truck places in my experience will buy your big rig if you are selling. The offers are often better than scrap metal prices, but far lower than the used resale

value. Before you decide to junk your big truck for cash, consider how the value might change if you had any damage repaired.

If you decide that a scrap yard is the best option, you will need to take a few steps before you transfer ownership. This will include things like removing all your personal belongings, which can be a lot since you may actually live in it, canceling insurance and registration, and turning in your plates. If you have a newer truck or a GOS installed, I would highly encourage you to wipe all of the data.

Once the vehicle is ready to be junked, you will want to assess the value. Knowing what it is worth will help you negotiate the appropriate selling price. If your truck is on the road still or is only recently been taken off the road, make sure to mention that. That will help you get a better value in the sale. The longer your semi has been sitting the less a junkyard will be willing to pay for it.

If the truck doesn’t run, you will need to arrange transportation, which will likely reduce your total offer.

What’s a Semi Truck Salvage Yard Like?… Watch This

If you have never been to a semi salvage yard, you might not quite understand all of the parts and types of trucks you can find. The video below really gives you the essence of a semi truck junkyard. It’s a quick watch and it will definitely get you excited about hitting up one of these salvages.

Semi-Truck Salvage: Your Source for Heavy Duty Truck Parts

When it comes to finding top-quality heavy-duty truck parts, there are many salvage yards in the USA one of them is Tim Jordan’s Truck Parts. A salvage yard is a haven for truck enthusiasts, offering a wide range of used truck parts at the best prices in the industry. Whether you’re in need of transmissions, truck components, or any other heavy truck parts, the salvage always takes pride in the featured inventory of high-quality equipment.

Used Semi Truck Parts at a Junkyard

There is no place on earth to get better deals on semi truck parts than one of these salvages. You may find a few big rigs at your local auto salvage or at a truck junkyard, but the chances of it being what you need are low. A semi truck salvage is all big rigs of various makes, models, and years, just waiting to have parts pulled.

The biggest reason for getting used parts is of course saving money. The other advantage I find is that you get a lot of manufacturer-assembled pieces, not after market parts.

For a list of tools you should take for pulling parts, go here.

Disadvantages of Buying Used Semi Truck Parts from a Junk Yard

The downside is the potential risk of low-quality parts. These are big rig parts after all, which means they have been under duress and may have 1000’s of hours on them in transport. It’s sometimes difficult to assess the quality of the part you are extracting. You just can’t know how much life is left in it. Most semi-truck yards don’t offer warranties on parts. You should still ask though, the junkyards in my area, do not.

I’m also not a big fan of buying used semi truck tires at auto salvages. These places normally have them, but I find the quality to be a much lower grade. If you are looking for used semi truck tires you are better off looking to your local retreader or used tire dealer.

Semi Truck Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Semi truck salvage yards offer a great opportunity to get used parts cheap or sell a junked big rig. The two things you should do when getting used semi truck parts is call ahead to see if they have what you need and always ask about a warranty.

There aren’t many exclusive big truck junkyards around, so if you have one locally you are blessed. You can also check your neighboring states. Additionally, try checking out either a standard truck junkyard or a heavy duty truck junkyard. Even calling these folks is a good idea, some of them will be able to guide you to where to find the parts you are looking for. That’s my experience with the semi truck junk yards near me.


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