Subaru Salvage Yards Near Me – Get Used Subaru Parts

Do you own a Subaru? Looking for cheap used parts for it? A Subaru salvage yard is the ideal place to get used Subaru auto parts at heavily discounted prices. If you are not familiar with salvage yards, these businesses take in junked vehicles and sell them off as parts. Generally you go the auto salvage, bring tools, remove the parts you want off a vehicle, and pay for what you pulled. In this article, I will share insight about the Subaru salvage yards near me and provide some tips on selling your Subaru to a junkyard.

Find Subaru Salvage Yards Near Me – Use the Salvage Yard Locator Below

If you are looking for “Subaru Junk Yards Near Me” or “Subaru Salvage Yards Near Me”, the Google Map below will display the relevant locations. Sometimes these businesses are also called junkyards, scrap yards, or even graveyards…


If your result set above is limited, its likely that a yard dealing exclusively in Subaru isn’t nearby. You can broaden your search or consider looking at your local car junk yard, which will likely have a few Subaru’s on the lot. Additionally you could try and look for “import salvage yards near me“.

How Does a Subaru Salvage Yard Operate

Subaru Junkyards Near MeAny scrap yard pretty much runs like a standard local business. The Subaru salvage yards near me, operate on both sides of the business; meaning they buy and sell. They buy used, junked, or wrecked Subaru’s from various sources and then they sell them as used parts.

How Do Subaru Autos Get in the Inventory

All automotive junkyards get their vehicles in a similar fashion. The two primary sources are vehicle owners and insurance companies. When a vehicle comes from an owner its often because its undriveable or the owner deemed the cost of repair is more than the vehicles value. When a vehicle comes from an insurance company, its because it was totaled in an accident and they are junking the vehicle to offset the payout on an insurance claim.

How Subaru Junkyards Process Their Vehicles

When a junked Subaru first arrives at the auto salvo, it first has to be processed in order for the yard to get the maximum value out of it. This includes draining the major fluids, and sometimes extracting the motor and the battery.


The fluid drain includes gas, anti freeze, and wiper fluid, which is all containerized and resold. Additionally they will drain the oil and recycle it according to the laws governing the state.


In some instances, they may also extract the battery which will be tested, charged, and resold. In special cases the motor may also be pulled out. When this occurs it is sent away to a 3rd party vendor to be rebuilt and resold with a warranty.

How a Subaru Junk Yard is Arranged

The Subaru salvage yards near me are organized by model. Some yards you will find are by model and year. If the scrap yard doesn’t have some degree of logic to its layout finding the used parts you need can be difficult. Its nice to find a well maintained junk yard, but unfortunately most are fairly haphazard.


In a well maintained auto salvo, the best and most popular vehicles are towards the front, while the worst and least popular are in the back. Here are some common Subari models you may find at your local salvage yards:


  • Forester
  • Impreza
  • Outback
  • Ascent
  • Legacy
  • WRX
  • BRZ
  • Crosstrek
  • XT
  • Brat
  • DL
  • GL

The Subaru salvage yards near me have an online database that you can search for model and year. This allows you to see if the car you are looking for is on the lot. Some junkyards actually strip the cars down for you and then run a categorized database of parts. You can actually search by part…which is super convenient and ideal if you are doing a restoration. Even if your yard doesn’t have a database as an alternative you can give them a call. You can ask questions like: “Do you have an alternator for a 2009 BRZ”? or “Do you have any Imprezas on the lot, what year and condition are they in”?

What Kind of Used Subaru Parts Can You Find at a Junk Yard?

At any type of junkyard, you can find almost any automotive part imaginable. I have pulled so many parts over the years including: bucket seats, intakes, turbos, mirrors, doors, fenders, dashboards, carbs, etc. Believe it or not I’ve even picked and pull brand new parts. This happens when the previous owner tries to fix their vehicle, adds new parts, and then junks it for cash anyway.

What Happens After A Subaru Gets Stripped at the Junkyard?

Subaru Salvage Yards Near Me


Once the vehicle’s been stripped down and the max value of parts has been achieved by the salvo, they sell off what remains as scrap metal. Not all yards do this, but a well managed yard will. In fact a well managed yard will turn over there inventory every four to six months. Unfortunately most yards aren’t that well kept and they let the vehicles rust out in the lot.

Buying Used Subaru Parts at a Salvage Yard

Pros of Buying Used Subaru Parts at a Salvage Yard

Used Subaru Parts CheapThe biggest pro of getting used parts at the salvo is saving money. Some of the type of deals you might see are batteries for $12, alternators for $18, and a door for $60.


Another pro is that for many of these parts you can get a warranty. Not all yards offer this perk, but if its offered at the junkyard near you take advantage. This allows you to get a warranty for about $10 to $15 per part. In the event there is an issue you can get credit or exchange…normally within 30 days. I always recommend purchasing a warranty for any piece that you feel is expensive.


Lastly another pro is that you can find Subaru OEM manufactured parts. Unlike after market pieces or going to an auto store, you can pull pieces that were assembled by Subaru. This is particularly ideal if you are working on a classic Subaru restoration.


If you are interested in the tools I use, see my list here.

Cons of Buying Used Subaru Parts Cheap

The biggest risk of used parts is the potential for poor quality pieces. No matter how good it looks, how closely you inspect, or even how well the piece tests, you can never be sure of it’s life span. The best way to mitigate this is to secure a warranty if the part is expensive.


Another used part con is the salvage yard itself. If it isn’t logically organized you could spend the entire day searching for parts and never get what you were looking for. To save yourself time, stress, and effort, check to see f they have an online database, if not call ahead.

Tips For Selling Your Subaru to an Auto Salvage

If you are ready to junk your Subaru, perform the following first:


  • Siphon the gasoline out and reuse it yourself
  • Take out all your personal items. Check the trunk, glove-box, console, and backseat flaps
  • Cancel your insurance, registration, and license plates
  • Wipe your navigation system clean of personal data such as address and phone number
  • Know the value of your Subaru before you negotiate a selling price

Negotiating with a junkyard is sometimes a slippery slope. Just because you negotiate in good faith it does not mean they will. For insight into junkyard negotiating tactics read this post here.

Subaru Resources

Subaru Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Subaru junkyards are the best place to visit to save money on auto parts. Even if you don’t have an exclusive Subaru salvage nearby, you can also check your local car junk yard which should have a few Subaru’s on the lot.


If you are junking your Subaru for cash, you will want to prep your car properly and understand salvage yard negotiation tactics first. Most yards do good honest business, but you should be aware of the tricks and scams upfront. This is what I have learned from the Subaru salvage yards near me.