If you have Suzuki, getting salvage parts is the best way to save money on repairs. You can find Suzuki automobiles, motorcycles, and ATV’s at standard junkyards, but there are yards dedicated strictly to the Suzuki brand.  Below I’ll help you with find the nearest Suzuki salvage yard, share tips, and talk a bit about how the Suzuki salvage yards near me work.

Map of Suzuki Salvage Yards Near Me

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Compared to other Japanese manufacturers, there aren’t a lot of dedicated salvages for these vehicles. Many, like HWY 83 Suzuki salvage have moved exclusively online. There are still some in existence, but they are few and far between. Your best luck will often be calling your local general auto salvo first,

How Does a Suzuki Salvage Yard Operate

Suzuki junkyards are locally run and operate kind of like a thrift shop for auto parts. They buy junked vehicles and then sell the functioning parts. These businesses serve the vehicle recycling industry and provide a lot of environmental benefits.

How They Get Suzuki Vehicles in the Yard Inventory

Each junkyard has some uniqueness in how they acquire vehicles. Generally though, they obtain vehicles from junk car buyers, private owners, auctions and insurance companies.


Vehicles that come from private owners may have reached their end of life or may just be well beyond worth the cost of repairs. When a vehicle comes from an insurance company, its usually the result of an accident and the insurance company obtained the vehicle after paying out a total loss claim.

How Suzuki Junkyards Process Their Vehicles

When a Suzuki salvage yard gets a junked vehicle, they must first do some prep work before public parts salvaging can occur.


First the salvo will drain the major liquids. This includes oil, gas, Freon, anti-freeze, and wiper fluid. Liquids that are considered hazardous need special handling for recycling. These liquids are drained to protect the environment from contamination. Some fluids like coolant and wiper fluid, will get re-bottled and resold.


Next the salvo will start pre-stripping the most sellable and valuable parts. Transmissions, starters, alternators, batteries, and other parts will get taken off. These parts will be sold online or out of a warehouse. If the engine is salvageable it may also get pulled, rebuilt, and sold with a warranty.

How Suzuki’s are Arranged at a Junkyard

In my experience Suzuki’s aren’t popular enough to warrant special treatment at a standard yard. You will find the cars, motorcycles, ATV,s UTV’s, and trucks mixed among other manufacturers. If you are at an import yard, you may find a special section for Japanese vehicles though. Most yards will have the vehicles lined up in rows with wide aisles.


If the junkyard is well managed, they may have an online searchable database of all the vehicles in their inventory. That is the ideal scenario. This means you can check online before you take a trip to the salvo and hope to get lucky. Not all yards though maintain this level of technology. If your local yard doesn’t consider calling and asking for what you need instead. You can call and ask questions such as “Do you have any VS 1400 Intruder motorcycles in the yard? or “Do you have any 2013 SX4’s and what condition are they in”?

What Kind of Used Suzuki Parts Can You Find at a Junk Yard?

You can find a ton of parts for these vehicles. That includes panels, hoods, mirrors, doors, intakes, exhausts, water pumps, distributors, etc. It’s not just car parts either. If you find a Suzuki salvage yard you can find parts for dirt bikes, motorcycles, atv’s, utv’s, and even outboard motors.

Suzuki Salvage Yards Near Me

After A Suzuki Gets Stripped…What Happens?

When a vehicles has all it’s functioning and valuable parts stripped off, what remains varies depending on the salvo. Some salvo’s crush the vehicles down into a cube and then sell it for scrap metal. This makes more room for new junked vehicles on the lot and lets the salvo squeeze some more cash out of their investment.


Other salvages aren’t so efficient. Some of these places will just let the frames sit and rust on the lot.

Buying Used Suzuki Parts at a Salvage Yard

Pros of Buying Used Suzuki Parts

Saving money is the primary reason for buying salvage parts. In my experience at the Suzuki salvage yards near me you can get a battery for $12, a door for $45, and even a motor for an SX4 for $300. This is much cheaper then you will find online and of course bypass the need to pay for shipping. If you are a true junkyarder, you can also pull some extra parts for yourself and sell them online.


Another perk of salvage Suzuki parts is that most of what you find will be OEM manufacturer assembled and factory installed. This beats buying after market parts. Also if your vehicle is damaged bad enough, you can actually look at how the part is installed at the junkyard.


Lastly, depending on how old your Suzuki is, the junkyard may ne your only option. If you are working on a restoration sometimes the salvo is the only place to get original parts for your vehicle.

Cons of Buying Used Suzuki Parts

Quality is the one thing that is the risk when buying salvage parts, No matter how well you inspect a piece you never know if the piece is at it’s end of life. Before you remove parts from a vehicle, you should thoroughly inspect them. Then inspect the parts again after removal. When in doubt you can ask the junkyard if they offer warranties. With a warranty you can pay a few bucks and get a return credit or exchange for up to 30 days.

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Suzuki Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Unfortunately, Suzuki salvages aren’t as abundant as some other Japanese yards, but they do exist. You can save a lot of money on replacement parts for cars, trucks, outboard motors, dirt bikes, motorcycles and other vehicles manufactured by Suzuki. If you can’t find an exclusive yard locally you can also try an import salvage yard or a foreign auto salvage. For the most par you will find these vehicles at most salvos, it’s just a matter of do they have the year and models you need. That’s what I have learned from the Suzuki salvage yards near me.