Unclaimed Freight Near Me – Find Abandoned Goods

Unclaimed freight, sometimes called abandoned freight, is shipment cargo that was never picked up or claimed. This happens much more frequently then you would think. A shipment full of goods gets shipped to a dock and no one picks it up or claims ownership of it. It can also be a result of a damaged shipment. So what happens to the abandoned goods? Well after a grace period, they get sold for a huge discount. In this article I will discuss the type of abandoned products you can find, where is your closest location, and my experience with getting unclaimed freight near me.

Where to Find Unclaimed Freight Near Me – Use the Locator Below

If you are searching for “unclaimed freight near me” or “abandoned freight near me”, the map below shows your best local options. If your results are limited you can adjust the zoom on the map.


Alternatively Google and Yelp are good sources for “unclaimed freight near me” or “abandoned freight near me”. Some other places that carry abandoned freight are architectural and home salvages.


There are plenty of businesses that specialize in abandoned freight. When a shipment of goods goes unclaimed, a value is assessed and. the freight dealer will negotiate with the freight forwarder or logistics provider. After that the company will mark up the prices and sell it through a store. This is very similar to how junkyards operate with buying cars and selling them for parts.

What is Unclaimed Freight and Why Does It Occur

Unclaimed or abandoned freight, is a cargo shipment that has has not been accepted or claimed by the consignee or is undeliverable. This can apply to ships, trains, planes, or any type of abandoned cargo.


There are many scenarios that can make cargo become unclaimed freight…here are a few:

  1. The receiver did either not order the shipment or does not accept the shipment.
  2. The cargo is undeliverable the shipping address is missing details.
  3. No disposition instructions have been provided within the 30 days of its arrival or 10 days have elapsed from the arranged pickup date.
  4. The paperwork is lost or the cargo has been dropped at the wrong destination
  5. An argument between the shipper and the forwarder/logistics provider led to added demurrage costs.
  6. The goods are damaged while shipping and the buyer deems the condition un-usable.

There are certainly more possible reasons, but the above are most common reasons for abandoned cargo.

What Happens to the Abandoned Merchandise

30 days after it’s arrival if it has has not been accepted or claimed by the consignee it is labeled as unclaimed. At this point.the logistics provider/freight forwarder owns the container has the right to claim the goods inside. A container not moving in transit is costing them money so it’s in there best interest to get the cargo emptied. To deem the cargo abandoned certain legal requirements have to be met.


If the legal requirements are met the unclaimed goods can be destroyed, sent to a local landfill, sold to 3rd parties or auctioned off. Anything that is sold via auction or 3rd party vendor is often well below the original retail price.

What Kind of Unclaimed Cargo Can You Find Abandoned

Unclaimed Freight Near MeWhile there are many different things you can find, in my experience with the unclaimed freight near me, furniture is the most popular item. It is so popular to have abandoned freight full of furniture in the United States, that there are stores setup to specifically sell unclaimed freight furniture. These stores offer huge discounts on furniture that you can’t find anywhere else.


Of course you can find more then furniture. You can find home furnishings, cars, steel, consumer goods, and a variety of other shipments.

Unclaimed Freight Near Me – Conclusion

Unclaimed freight can be a big issue for the freight forwarder or the logistics provider. The more the unclaimed freight they have on hand, the bigger their losses due to available space on their lot. These companies hate to be used as a storage lot. They would prefer the cargo arrives and someone immediately comes to claim it. The longer it sits, the less money their lot generates for them.


Unclaimed freight not only costs them money in lot space, but also in time and administrative expenses. First they have to legally make claim on the goods and then they need to deal with it. If the merch is going to a landfill, the freight forwarder or logistics provider bears the expense. Same issue it goes to a recycling center. This is why they prefer to either sell to a 3rd party vendor or auction it. Then they can sell off the goods and negotiate the removal of the cargo from their property, That is what I have learned from the unclaimed freight near me.