Volvo Salvage Yards Near Me – Get Used Volvo Parts

Volvo salvage yards are a great place to find used inexpensive parts for your automobile. Most large junkayrds should have a section for junked Volvo’s, but if you can find a yard exclusive to the Volvo car brand its ideal. As you would expect a junk yard lets you pick apart cars and get cheap parts, but at Volvo specific salvo you can find rare parts and models. Volvo yards are few and far between, so you may need to settle for your local auto salvo. Below I will share how the Volvo salvage yards near me work, where to find one near you, tips on junking your Volvo, and share some guidance on getting cheap auto parts.

Find Volvo Salvage Yards Near Me – Use the Salvage Yard Locator Below

If you are searching for “Volvo Junk Yards Near Me” or “Volvo Salvage Yards Near Me”, the Google Map below will have you covered. Sometimes these places are called salvage yards, junk yards, scrap yards, or even graveyards.


A Volvo salvo is a rare find and I only know of a few in he US. The places on the map you see above should be a good start to call around though. You can find auto salvage lots that likely have Volvo in their inventory. You can also try and find a local import junkyard.

How Does a Volvo Salvage Yard Operate

A Volvo scrap yard is run like any local business…probably a bit more similar to a thrift shop. The Volvo salvage yards near me, do both buying and selling Sometimes they sell whole cars like a used car lot and others they put out for pick-n-pull.

How Do Volvos Get in the Yard

Volvo Salvage Yards Near MeAll car junkers operate similarly with a few variations. For the most part they all get cars the same way: from the public or from an insurance agency.

When a car comes from a person, its often because the owner figured the repair cost isn’t worth the price or they tried to fix it and it still doesn;t work. When a car comes from an insurance agent, its because the car was in an accident. The auto salvo provides a great benefit to the insurance agent, because they will buy a wrecked car which the agent will use to offset paying out part of a claim.

How Volvo Junkyards Process Their Stock

When a Volvo hits the yard on day one its not put straight out to stud. First it has to go through some routine processing to maximize it’s value and abide by state law.

This is where they drain fluids like anti-freeze and wiper fluid, which get repacked for resale. Gas gets extracted, containerized, and resold. Oil gets drained, containerized, and recycled according to the state laws.

A few places will remove the battery for recharging and reselling. Some will also pull the enine out, rebuild it, and resell it with a warranty. When this is done its often by a 3rd party vendor who has a contract with the junk yard.

How a Volvo Junk Yard is Arranged

Model and year are typically how a yard is laid out. Not all yards are organized which can make finding wht you need pretty difficult. If you are not sure of the schema, you can always ask, but that doesn’t actually mean there is a method to the madness.

In my experience most auto salvage yards keep the popular models towards the front and other stuff towards the back. A mid t large size junk yard should have a small section for Volvo’s. Here are a few of the types of models you should find in the lot:


  • P1800
  • 140 Series
  • 164
  • 240/260
  • 66
  • 340/360
  • 262C
  • 740/760
  • 480
  • 780
  • 440/460
  • 940/960
  • 850
  • S40/V40
  • S70/V70
  • S90/V90
  • C70
  • S80
  • S60
  • V70/XC70
  • XC90
  • S40/V50
  • C30
  • C70
  • S80
  • V70/XC70
  • XC60
  • S60/V60
  • V40
  • XC Classic
  • XC90
  • S90/V90
  • XC60
  • XC40
  • S60/V60

Finding old classic Volvo’s is pretty rare like an old 1955 Duet, 60’s Amazon, or a 1955 PV444. Not saying its impossible, but if you do find one, its likely picked apart and in pretty bad shape.


If the Volvo salvage yard is well managed, they likely have a website that has a searchable database. This will let you search for vehicles by year, model, and sometimes you can look for parts. If they don’t have an online database, its best to call ahead and inquire. This will save you a lot of time in the long run. You can ask questions like: “Do you have a Passenger Side rear door for a 2016 Volvo S80”? or “Do you have any headlight lamps for a Volvo 780, what year and condition are they in”?

What Kind of Used Volvo Parts Can You Find at a Junk Yard?

Your local junkyard is the best place to save on used parts, if you have a place that specializes in Volvo near you, even better. At a auto scrap yard you can find everything like bumpers, panels, locking mechanisms, seats, wiring harnesses, batteries, exhausts, intakes, etc. Sometimes you may even find brand new parts. This happens when someone tries to fix their car and throws parts at it. When they can’t get it running they junk it and leave all the new parts on. Lucky for us!

What Happens After a Volvo Gets Junked?

Used Volvo Parts Cheap

When a junkyard has milked all of the value out of a vehicle, it sells off what remains to the local scrap metal plant. By doing this, they get cash for whats left of the vehicle and they also make room on the lot for new inventory.


A well managed and run junk yard business, will clear out cars between 3 and 6 months. Most yards though aren’t quite that efficient and some let the cars rust on the lot.

Buying Used Volvo Parts at a Salvage Yard

Pros of Buying Used Dodge Parts at a Salvage Yard

Volvo Junkyards Near MeSo many greta deals you can get at a car junk yard. Often you can get deals like a rear view mirror for $6, A driver side front door for about $70, or a battery for $12. For a long time I used to go get cheap used parts and then sell them online. If you know how to do this it’s advised, because it’s easy to make a few extra bucks and turn your pick and pull into a profit.

Most, but not all, salvage lots offer a warranty. You can purchase it separately for about $10 to $15. I advise to get one on any part that you feel is expensive. This way if you get the part home and it doesn’t work, you can return it within 30 days for credit or exchange.

Another advantage is that you may get factory assembled parts. This is much better than going to your local auto store and getting parts.

Here are some of the tools I use when I scavenge for parts.

Cons of Buying Used Volvo Parts Cheap

Used parts might save you money, but there is always one slight downside; reliability. You have no idea if the piece you ripped off that 780 has any life span left in it. Sure you can visually inspect, check the odometer, or even hook a portable battery up to it, but you never know. Thats why a warranty is often a good idea.

Another disadvantage is that most yards are a mess. You can spend hours wandering around and never find what you are looking for. This is why I recommend calling ahead. Even if they don’t know what they have in their inventory they can at least tell you how they lot is arranged.

Tips For Selling Your Volvo to an Auto Salvage

Ready to junk your Volvo for cash?…follow this guidance before you negotiate a price with the auto salvo:

  • Siphon the gas out and save it for personal reuse
  • Ensure all your personal belongings are out (don’t forget under the seats)
  • Cancel the insurance, registration, and plates (Don’t ask them to do…it will cost you)
  • Know the value of your Volvo before you negotiate.

You should also be aware of some of the tactics junk yards use like delayed payment or charging for a wrecker. Read our article on scams and tricks at car salvos.

Resources for Volvo Vehicles

Volvo Salvage Yards Near Me – Wrap Up

Volvo junk yards are the perfect place to get used parts cheap. They are great for mechanics, enthusiasts, Volvo owners, or restoration projects. Even if there isn’t a Volvo scrap yard near you, likely your local car junk yard should have some on the lot.


Remember that if you are selling your Volvo, know the negotiating tactics and best practices before you negotiate. Most places are fair, but there are certainly shady places out there. That’s what I’ve learned from the Volvo salvage yards near me. I wish you the best going and getting some cheap used parts.