Finding options to get rid of a junk boat isn’t as easy as junking a car. There just aren’t as many businesses who pay cash and then there is the headache of transportation. Depending on where the boat is located may add to the complexity of salvaging it. Below I will share options for junking a boat or other watercraft, how it works, some tips, and my experience with the place who buys junk boats near me.

Map of Who Buys Junk Boats Near Me

For “Who Buys Junk Boats Near Me” and “Junk a Boat for Cash Near Me”, see the map below…

The place who buys junk boats near me is basically a “middleman” in the process and there are better options that calling a junk a boat for cash place.Unlike cars, you can’t just sell a boat for scrap metal either, because there is the whole fiberglass dilemma. So where does that leave us with your boat…

Who Buys Junk Boats Near Me

When it comes to finding buyers for non derivable cars and non running boats, similar to the market for junk cars, the key is connecting with individuals or businesses who are eager to buy junk cars and boats. If you have an old boat that can’t be sailed or a junk car that won’t start, there are available buyers who specialize in these particular niches. They see the potential in these seemingly unusable assets and are willing to pay top dollar to buy boats. So, if you have a non-running boat and want to sell your boat today, it’s worth reaching out to these buyers to turn your unwanted items into cash.

No matter the reason your boat is junked, there is often someone who will buy it. I’ve seen practically sunk storm damaged boats sell and boats demolished in drunk boating accidents still be able to sell for even a little something. Consider the following options for who buys junk boats near me…

Boat Salvages – BEST OPTION

Boat salvage yards are the ideal place to sell a junk boat. These businesses buy wrecked boats and then sell them off for functioning parts. The more functioning parts your boat has the more value it has to the salvage.

Typically a salvage will offer you a lowball price for your watercraft to start. If the boat runs or still has good value in parts you can negotiate up. When you call a boat salvage that buys junked boats, don’t expect to get the full value out of the boat and the working parts. These places need to leave room in the price so that they can sell parts and make a profit.

The good part about marine and boat salvage though is that they are consistent. You can read reviews and generally find out how much other people have sold their salvage boats for. This can help you have realistic expectations when negotiating. Find a boat salvage yard here.

Boat Salvage Yard

Boat Auction Houses

When people think of boat auctions, they typically imagine a fancy yacht auction. Many auctions will have junked and salvaged marine watercraft. What you can do is find an auction house that deals in boats. You can consign the junked boat to them and they will take care of everything for you from marketing, dealing with the public, and collecting payment. You will give up an agreed upon percentage of the highest bid in order for them to sell it on your behalf.

One of the best benefits of selling a boat through auction is that you get a fixed date. You know that on the date of the auction, you will no longer own the boat and someone else can start picking up the bills on it. Another thing that is nice about getting rid of a junked boat through auction, is you may in fact get more money for it than you anticipated. To ensure you don’t take a loss, some auctions will let you set a reserve.

To sell a junk boat through auction you will need to be the title owner and the title must be free of liens. They will ask you to provide the year, make, model, size, and condition of the boat. They may also ask for photos. Find boat auctions here.

Cash for Boat Buyers

Similar to cash for car buyers, there is cash for boat buyers. In fact, some of these are the same buyers, They are middlemen in the process, which is why you won’t get the highest amount through them. They buy your junked boat and then either: sell it to a salvage, auction it, or fix it and sell it with a salvage title at an auction.

The good part about these places is they do make it easy to sell your junk watercraft. It’s often as basic as filling out a form, proving you are the title holder, waiting for approval, getting paid, and arranging transport. Some places will take the boat from you. So while maybe you don’t get the best prices from them, there is something to be said for convenience.

The place who buys boats near me, is one of these middle men cash for boat buyers. They can get things done really quickly if the title is clean. The downside again of all this is that you are leaving money on the table because they are going to flip your boat for a profit.

Cash for Boat Buyers

Craigslist and eBay

Trying to get rid of your boat yourself is never a bad first step. You can post it up on eBay or Craigslist and see what you can get for it. You will find people who buy junk boats locally who are looking for parts or want to try and repair them to sell with a salvage title.

While you certainly can reach a large audience of junk boat buyers, it is a pain to deal with the public, having to show the boat regularly, and arranging transport is often a headache. In my experience, most people post their junk boat online for a private sale and then opt to call a junkyard, when they realize what a pain selling privately is.

Charity Donation

If you can’t find someone to buy your junked boat, a good alternative is to donate it to charity. You want to find a place that will offer you a tax write off for it. A Charity is like a middle man junk boat buyer, because they too will move it for cash. If you do consider donating the boat for charity just make sure you are dealing with a legitimate 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity.

Here are three organizations that will give you a tax write off for your junked boat:

Who Buys Junk Boats Near Me

Before You Sell to Someone Who Buys Junk Boats

Before you seek out who buys junk boats near me, remember that anyone who is buying a junk boat is looking to make money. Before you go and let someone lowball you, just make sure you consider all your options first.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What condition is the boat really in?
  • What is the KBB watercraft value for the lowest possible condition rating?
  • Can I get it running?
  • How much would repairs cost compared to the boat’s value now?
  • What would it be worth if it was fully restored?
  • Are there parts on here I could strip myself and sell off on eBay?
  • What are similarly used and junked boats selling for on eBay?

If you decide that scrapping the boat is the best alternative, then do the following:

  1. Remove all your stuff from the cabin, compartments, storage, and stow away areas.
  2. Cancel the insurance and registration. (if you let a junkyard do this they sometimes send a bill after for administrative fees.
  3. Find the title for the boat and have it ready.
  4. Have a reasonable value in your mind that you want for it and have justification on why it’s worth the price

How to Getting Max Value When Selling Your Junk Boat

  • Consider all your alternatives and call around. Call various salvage yards, charities, auction houses, etc…
  • If you sell the boat and they are transporting it for you, have paperwork and cash in hand before they hook the boat up. Things can get funny after they hook it.
  • If you feel things are sketchy or you haven’t gotten your end of the bargain, do not sign over the title.
  • Never give money to the trailer driver, negotiate the cost of the tow with the price of the the vessel.

Getting Max Value When Selling Your Junk Boat

Who Buys Junk Boats Near Me Conclusion

There are quite a few options for selling a boat locally. The closer you live to water, the easier it is and the more options you will have. While my favorite options are salvage yards, auctions, and charities are other really worthwhile considerations. I think one of the hardest parts of any of these situations is the transport of the vessel. If it is still in the water or on blocks, it’s just not as straightforward as towing a wheeled vehicle. Bear in mind most places you deal with who buy junk boats are looking at it to make a profit, so that means they are going to lowball you. Be prepared to negotiate and state the value and the valuable components that are still in the vessel. That’s what I have learned from the place who buys junk boats near me.

FAQs – Who Buys Junk Boats Near Me

Who buys junk boats?

Junk boats can be sold to a variety of individuals and businesses. Common buyers include salvage yards, boat enthusiasts, boat dealerships, and even individuals looking for restoration projects. Additionally, some online platforms and classified ads are dedicated to connecting sellers with buyers of junk boats.

What types of junk boats do buyers typically accept?

Buyers of junk boats often accept a wide range of vessels, including old, non-running boats, boats with extensive damage, or those that are no longer seaworthy. The conditions may vary, and some buyers specialize in specific types of boats, such as sailboats, motorboats, or personal watercraft.

Do buyers purchase boats in any condition?

Yes, many buyers are interested in boats in various conditions, even those that are non-drivable or severely damaged. They may salvage parts, restore the boats, or repurpose them for other uses.

How can I find buyers for my junk boat?

To find buyers for your junk boat, you can start by searching online marketplaces, contacting local boat salvage yards, and reaching out to boat enthusiasts’ forums or social media groups. Additionally, you can consider listing your boat in classified ads or contacting boat dealerships that may be interested in purchasing it.

What should I do before selling my junk boat?

Before selling your junk boat, it’s essential to gather all relevant documentation, including the title and any maintenance records you have. You should also remove personal belongings and hazardous materials from the boat. Depending on the buyer’s requirements, you may need to tow or transport the boat to their location.

How do I determine the value of my junk boat?

The value of your junk boat depends on factors such as its make and model, overall condition, age, and the demand for parts or restoration projects. To get an estimate, you can consult with multiple buyers or appraisers to determine the fair market value for your specific boat.


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