Yard Waste Recycling Near Me – Grass, Leaves, and Brush Recycling

Yard waste is your typical home owner waste from maintaining your lawn. It includes grass clippings, leaves, brush, and sticks shorter than 4 feet in length. Most yard waste is taken care of by the county you live in, however that is not always the case in every county. In this article I will discuss how yard waste recycling near me works and share with you my experience.

Find Yard Waste Recycling Near Me– Use the Locator Below

If you are searching for “Yard Waste Recycling Near me” or “where to dispose of yard waste”, the Google Map below displays all of the yard waste recycling companies in your local area.


In the event you don’t have a Yard waste management company near you then you should be aware that grasscycling, mulching, and composting are alternatives to bagging grass clippings and leaves. These practices are considered safe for the environment and can save you the trip your local yard waste recycling center.

Requirements of Yard Waste Recycling

First it’s worth noting that every county is different. Some won’t take leaves or grass clippings in plastic bags while others will. It’s also important to know that yard waste recycling does not include large materials from tree removal, lot clearing, or home renovation projects. Many counties use independent hauling companies for curbside pickup of yard waste and they may have their own set of rules as well.

In the video below you can see how a local yard waste pickup operates. Notice how many people have reusable containers. That is a best practice for curbside pick up.



Curbside Pick Up of Yard Waste

Yard Waste Recycling Near MeMany counties provide curbside pickup. In this instance you can put your grass clippings, leaves, or brush in a lawn bag or reusable container and place it near the edge of your property along the road. Each bag you leave must weigh less than 40 lbs and you cannot have any sticks or twigs over 4 feet in length. If your county does not allow for plastic lawn bags, you may need to purchase a paper bag alternative.

Dropping Off Yard Waste to a Composting Facility

This is where you haul your waste to a facility yourself. Yard waste is normally accepted at your county’s waste management complex for a fee. For more detailed information you should look on your counties website to find out requirements and restrictions.

Managing Waste Yourself

Composting is a good practice that can help you enrich your soil and grow healthy plants. You can use your grass clippings on your lawn after you finish cutting it, this is called grasscycling. In addition, you can get a compost for your back yard that can hold yard and other organics such as food waste. Then take your compost and use it to add nutrients back into the soil.

Operations of Yard Waste Management Centers

All county owned yard waste management centers have their own basic rules, but do have to follow state wide regulations. At the yard waste recycling near me, they take backyard waste year round, but only process it for recycling between March 1 and Dec 24. For the off months they treat it as regular refuge. The only exception is Christmas Trees which they do from December 25th to the end of February.


The reason for this is there is generally very little yard waste collected in the winter months where I live. If you live in a place where it is warm year round your local facility may process it as recycling year round.


In some areas there is no specific yard waste management center. Instead it gets sent to your local landfill or dump where it is buried with other yard waste materials.


How do Facilities Recycle Yard Waste?

The facilities they haul to (or you drop off to) are large yard compost complexes. They are not necessarily your local junk yard or recycling plant. These specialize in composting. They take your backyard waste and compost it and then after it decomposes they reuse it for residential and commercial properties.


What to Do If You Have Large Amounts of Yard Waste

The best thing to do is to look on your county’s website about how to proceed. They will often have detailed information about how to proceed. If you your county utilizes an independent hauler you can contact them directly to find out how they handle and charge for bulk removal. You can also try looking up Yard Waste Removal Services on Google and Yelp.


Some counties will make an exception if you contact them and make a special request. This is normally granted in managed communities like townhomes are condominiums were not much yard waste is normally generated.

Best Practices for Yard Waste Recycling

Composting: This is a technique used to a add nutrients back into the soil. You can take yard waste and food kitchen waste and collect it in a composter on your property. You then let it sit and decompose and use the end product as new soil for use in your garden. You can read more info on compost here.


Reusable Containers: Putting your yard waste in a reusable container helps eliminate more waste from the recycling center.

Paper Bags: Using paper bags instead of plastic lawn bags helps local yard composting facilities create a higher end product for reuse on commercial and residential lawns and gardens.


Grasscycling: Leaving your grass clippings in your lawn can promote a healthier greener lawn. When you grasscycle you reduce waste by eliminating the need for bagging, hauling, and disposal. In addition, it improves the quality of the soil, water retention, and can help eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers by up to 50%.


Mulching: In the fall if you have leaves you can run them through a mulcher and dispense them back into your lawn. This gives off the same benefits as grasscycling listed above.


Yard Waste Recycling Near Me Conclusion

While my county may operate slightly different than yours the general guidelines above should be applicable. If you have the ability to compost that’s the best, but if you need to find a yard waste recycling center try to create as little extra waste as possible. Hopefully you have learned something from my experience with yard waste recycling near me. You may also be interested in finding places to get cheap lawn mower parts or replacement tractor parts.