Building material salvages are great places to find reusable construction material. While some of these places are also home salvages, you can find old wood, brick, metal and other building materials for reuse. In the article below I will share how the building material salvage yards near me work and help you find one close to you.

Map of Building Material Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Building Material Salvage Yards Near Me” or “Construction Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…


How the Building Material Salvage Yards Near Me Work

Building material salvages yards are sometimes referred to as construction salvages. Some people also inter change the terms with home salvage and architectural salvage. A building and construction salvages tend to focus more in structural material. This includes reclaimed wood, reclaimed brick, and various metals and pipping. These business serves the recycling industry by encouraging the reuse of materials and reducing the energy required to create new materials. For items like wood pallets, read here.


These salvages are locally run and operate with a business model similar to that of a thrift shop. They purchase or collect construction materials and then resell them for a profit. These places get their inventory from various sources. Some places will offer junk haul away services and others have contracts as deconstruction companies.


Near me there are two types of building material salvages: for profit (private) and non profit. The non profit building material salvages serve the larger community. These are places like Rebuilding Together and Habitat for Humanity. These places will collect building material and then donate it or use it for special projects for people in need. Some will even sell the material and use the money for administrative overhead. The for profit businesses will collect material and sell it for a profit and function like any other local business.

Building Material Salvage vs Home Salvages…

Building material salvages focus more on actual construction pieces like plywood, 2×4’s, copper pipes, old brick, window frames, etc. Home salvages, may have some building materials, but focus more on furniture, tubs, old fixtures, art, tables, etc.


One thing they both have in common is now-a-days, these places have an online inventory. For example if you are looking for Antique Purington Street Pavers, you can find them online and order them. Also you can check to see if they are available and then pick them up. For the building material salvage yards near me, you can avoid the shipping expenses by doing a local pick up or even getting a local delivery.

Building Material Salvage Yards Near Me

Why Buy From Construction Material Salvages

Old construction material can really set off your room for a unique look or capture the feel of an old bygone era. Mixing modern construction with a few restored old pieces really makes the old materials pop and create conversation pieces. Imagine having wood from an old barn and building an entire floor or a bar with it.


The other big reason is the fact you are supporting sustainability. By purchasing reclaimed building material you are reducing the waste created in the construction of new material. In addition you are giving life to materials that still have value and can serve a purpose. This keeps the materials in use and out f the landfills.

The Downside to Reclaimed Building Materials

Not all reclaimed materials are good. For example you could purchase a pallet of reclaimed brick and find the middle of the ballet are all broken pieces. Imagine ordering reclaimed wood and finding out there was a termite infestation.


This is what makes buying reclaimed materials a bit risky. Make sure you really vet the places you choose to do business with and read reviews. The reasons stated above are the reasons I actually visit the building salvage yards near me and don’t just order online. I like to go and inspect the material and check the structural integrity before I purchase it. Since this stuff is sold “as is” it’s important to know what you are getting. Sometimes in the junkyard business we say “cheap is expensive”.

How to Get Free Salvage Building Materials…

If you are aggressive enough and have a means to haul away construction salvage you can get materials for free. For example if you have a dilapidated barn on a property nearby you can contact the owner and offer to dismantle it. In many cases an old barn falling apart could be an insurance risk for the owner and you would be doing them a favor. You cut a deal with them that if you take down the barn that you keep all the wood.


This will work for old brick structures as well. Recently one of our readers reported cutting a deal to dismantle an old brick building. He worked it out with the owner that he could keep 75% of the brick. He rented equipment and dismantled the whole building by himself and hauled away his share of the brick.

Building Material Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Building material salvages provide a great purpose for the sustainability of the environment. No matter for profit or not for profit they divert material from landfills and eliminate the need for creating new materials which take a lot of energy and resources. Whether you are supporting a salvage or dismantling a structure on your own you are doing the environment a service. Plus who doesn’t love the old look and feel from a past era preserved in new construction. This is what I have learned from the building material salvage yards near me.