There is something beautiful about salvage bricks…it’s that nostalgic old look. Reclaimed brick has an antique rustic feel, that new building materials just can’t replicate. Salvage bricks are basically recycled bricks that have been used in some kind of construction before. These have that patina weathered look and texture of a surface that could only have come from a centuries old, used brick. Below I’ll share where to find brick salvage yards, free reclaimed bricks, advice on selecting quality brick, and how the brick salvage yards near me work.

Map of Brick Salvage Yards Near Me

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Brick Salvage Yards Near Me and How They Work

Businesses that deal in used brick can be classified as a brick salvage salvage yards, building material suppliers, and used brick dealers. What these companies do is collect the most intact pieces of used brick and then pallet it for you to purchase second hand. These companies will organize bricks into very specific types and sizes. For example if you wanted Chicago “Queen” veneer cut for flooring or Milwaukee “Cream City” Full Sized Brick for a wall, you can find it and purchase it by the square foot. You can even find end pieces or “L” shapes perfectly suited for corners. These places have huge pallets of this stuff, which helps you get a sense of the look and feel of what tone your structure will have.


The drawback on reclaimed brick is that it can be expensive. The upside though is that you will get high quality selected pieces. They will likely have some roughness to them with chips in the corners, but that’s the beauty of the worn and rustic look. Also it will be all from the same era and collection delivered on a pallet.


One of my favorite options for second hand brick is finding places like Rebuilding Exchange and Reuse Depot. They are a non profits that collects masonry and stone as well as other architectural salvage and sells it below market price. There are lots of these places out there and if they are near you, you can save the shipping. Most of these places are run by volunteers. These businesses serve the purpose of recirculating materials back into the community to create a more sustainable environment and divert landfill waste.

Architectural Salvages May Also Carry Used Brick

In my experience with the home salvages near me, you can find used brick. These are good places to check if you are trying to complete a smaller project. You won’t find it in the same quantity as you would at the brick salvage yards near me, but you will get hand picked nice pieces. What you pay at a home salvage may be slightly more costly then you get elsewhere

Brick Salvage Yards Near Me

Where Else Can You Get Second Hand Bricks?

The brick salvage yards near me, have the best selection of all the options below, but maybe you don’t have a place near you. Here are alternatives to finding reused brick and you may even be able to find some for free…

Checking Online Classified Sites For Used Brick

On sites such as Ebay, Craigslist, and Freecycle you can look for “reclaimed brick,” “vintage brick,” or “salvage brick”. You will find folks who are selling old bricks they are not using. These may be the result of someone who tore down an old chimney and is looking to get some cash from the materials. I actually found someone on Freecyle giving away 100 year old patio bricks, if you were willing to dismantle the patio and haul it away.


If you are considering buying from a person online, you need to ask some validating questions first. You should ask for photographs, the age of the bricks, the condition, the size of an average brick, and how many square feet are available.

Abandon Factories, and Old Industrial Buildings

Old structures are awesome places to check for aged bricks. You can find these places already dilapidated and falling apart. You can find out who the owner is and ask about the abandon structure. Many people may be willing to let you take what you want in exchange for deconstruction. If you find a reluctant property owner you can pitch it as doing them a favor of reducing their liability since they likely don’t have insurance on it.


Excavators are companies that specialize in tear down. They are usually the first to know what building are up for deconstruction. Calling excavators and telling them you are looking for old used brick, may be doing them a favor. They are gonna get payed regardless to demolish and provide haul away services. If you go in and start the deconstruction and haul away of what you want, they have less to do and get paid the same.

Contractors & Home Remodeling Companies

These are companies who get paid to deconstruct and rebuild or refashion rooms. Similar to asking an excavator, you can ask them if they have the inside track on vintage brick. You will not be able to go in someone’s home, however you can offer to park a trailer for them to put the re-usable brick in. Before you do this, you need to work out a deal, some places may charge you some labor. Also you need to be very specific about the quality and condition you want…otherwise they will give you a trailer full of broken pieces.

Reclaimed Brick at Salvage Yard

The Pros and Cons of Reclaimed Brick


Salvage brick is available all around you if you know where to look. You may need to put in a little work.You can often find it for free in many instances.New brick just doesn’t have the same character and weathered feel that old school bricks have. If you are willing to a pay a bit, you can get the best stuff from a brick salvage yard and have it shipped to you by the pallet.


Brick salvage yards and architectural salvos can get pricey by the square foot. If you are able to find reclaimed brick for free, then you need to check the quality of it such as the color, the staining, chips, etc. You may also have to settle for less then the quantity you need if there aren’t sufficient salvageable pieces.

Also Consider Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer

Brick veneer, or brick slip, is a thin cut layer of brick that is used aesthetically as a form of surface finish rather than structurally. This provides a decorative look as opposed using brick to support a structural load. Some salvages will take vintage brick, cut it thin, and then make it into a tile veneer that is easy to install. Then you get the old vintage brick look, without having to pay or collect hundreds of square feet of building materials.

Popular Used of Reclaimed Brick From Salvage Yards

The most popular uses for reclaimed brick is in walls and flooring. It can be used to create a vintage look in any room like a kitchen, bathroom, wine cellar, man cave, etc. There are a lot of commercial applications such as sports stadiums, bars, hotels, casinos, and even on cruise ships.

Brick Salvage Yards Are Part of Proper Recycling

Building materials like brick and concrete don’t break down in a landfill. As you would expect these materials are built to last and withstand sunlight and heat. In Massachusetts and Oregon it is actually illegal to put bricks in landfills. The CDRA estimates that the U.S. produced 290 million tons of bulk aggregate construction waste in 2014 (including brick). 85% (246.5 million tons) of it was recovered for recycling.

Who Buys Used Bricks?

if you have reclaimed stone building materials to sell, a brick salvage yard would love to hear from you. They are normally looking for large quantities and if you have them on pallets that’s even better. When I say large quantities, I mean in the thousands…a hundred bricks is barely enough to edge a garden.


You can get cash for any type of historical material such as antique brick pavers, antique common or building brick, or antique granite cobblestones. Bricks that fetch the most cash will have unique colors, stamps and embossing on them, undergone a unique firing method, and need to be in good shape with few chips and good corners.

How to Clean Reclaimed Bricks From Salvage Yards

Reclaimed bricks, while beautiful, can be tough to work with. Getting the old motor off and dealing with pits can be daunting. In the video belw you can see how to clean any type of old bricks.


Brick Salvage Yards Near Me – Conclusion

Reclaimed brick salvages are the ideal place to get building materials that capture that old rustic weathered feel. Not only does it create something aesthetic and vintage, but it supports and serves the recycling industry. While these building materials can be pricey, you may find free options available or a contractor who can work out a deal with you. The best saver of time and getting a higher quality product though is going right to a vintage brick dealer. This is what I have learned from the brick salvage yards near me.