A Cadillac salvage yard is…well, the Cadillac of junkyards! All jokes aside these are the best places to get used Cadillac parts for cheap. Likely your local car junk yard has a fair share of Cadies on the lot, but if you have one that exclusively deals in Cadillacs, you’ve hit the mother-load. In this article, I’ll share with you how the Cadillac salvage yards near me work as well as share some advice and tips before you do business with a junk yard.

Map of Cadillac Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Cadillac Junk Yards Near Me” or “Cadillac Salvage Yards Near Me”, use the Map below…

Depending on your locale in the country you may need to broaden your search results as there may not be Cadillac junkyards nearby. Your next best option is to look for GM junkyards. This place may have a decent selection of junked Cadies to pick through.

How Does a Cadillac Salvage Yard Operate

A Cadillac scrap yard runs just like a local business because it is privately owned. The Cadillac salvage yards near me operate on both sides of the business; the buy and sell. Their lot consists of mostly cars, but they have trucks as well. My local place only does pick-n-pull, but some yards will sell whole vehicles like a used car lot.

How To Do Cadillac’s End Up in a Yard

All junk auto yards are slightly different, but they all get their stock similarly. Sometimes an owner decides to junk their car for cash and other times a car is in an accident and the insurance company sells it to an auto salvo.

When the vehicle comes from a person it’s often because the car is in bad shape, deemed un-fixable, or not worth the cost of fixing. If it comes from an insurance company, it’s because the insurance agency sold the wrecked vehicle to offset the money they paid in a claim.

How Does a Cadillac Salvage Yard Operate

How Cadillac Junkyards Process Their Vehicles

When Cadillac enters a scrap yard, it doesn’t go straight out to stud. First, it goes through a standard set of processing, which varies by junkyard.

Some places will pull out the battery and the engine. The battery will get recharged and put for resale. The engine might be pulled out and sent out and sent away to be rebuilt and resold with a warranty.

Fluids like anti-freeze and wiper fluid are drained into plastic containers and then resold. Gas gets siphoned into a metal tank and resold. Oil gets drained and recycled according to state laws.

How a Cadillac Junk Yard is Laid Out

The Cadillac salvage yards near me are laid out by model and year. Any good yard has some organization to it, otherwise finding what you need is very time-consuming.

For the most part, you will find the most popular Caddies in the front of the yard and less popular ones towards the rear. It’s possible to find some old-school rare Caddies, but it’s likely they have been pretty picked apart or rusted out. Most large auto salvage yards have a section dedicated to Cadillacs or at least have a few on the lot. Here are some common Cadillac models you will find at your local junkyard:

  • Escalade
  • CTS and CTS-V
  • ATS and ATS V
  • STS
  • XTS
  • XLR
  • XT5
  • Escape
  • CT6
  • Eldorado
  • Calais
  • De Ville
  • Fleetwood
  • Seville
  • Cimarron
  • Sedan De Ville
  • Allanté
  • Catera
  • Brougham

If you want some old Cadillacs like a classic Eldorado these may be more difficult finds and are likely pretty stripped.

My best advice if you are seeking a hard-to-find model, call the junkyard ahead or check to see if they have a website. Some yards maintain an online searchable database that you can check. Some yards list out their vehicles by year and model, while others may even have a list of available parts. If you call you can always ask questions like: “Do you have a quarter panel for a 2008 CTS?” or “Do you have a front door for a 2011 Escalade?”

What Kind of Used Cadillac Parts Can You Find?

The junk yard is the best place to get used parts for your Caddie on the cheap. You can find doors, mirrors, panels, wire harnesses, intakes, exhaust systems, and much more. Believe it or not, you may even stumble upon brand-new parts.

What Happens After a Cadillac Gets Stripped at the Junkyard?

Used Cadillac Parts Cheap
When a Caddie has been picked apart down to the frame, most well-managed yards will sell what remains to a scrap metal business. This practice allows them to make space on the lot for new inventory and get a few more dollars out of what’s left of the vehicle.

Buying Used Cadillac Parts at a Salvage Yard

Pros of Buying Used Cadillac Parts at a Salvage Yard

There are many good deals on parts you can get at the scrap yard. Generally, you can find prices on parts like mirrors for $15, a door for $60, or a recharged battery for $13. If you are savvy, you may want to buy cheap used parts and then sell them on Ebay for a profit.

If you are getting any parts that are pricey, you may want to get a warranty. Not all junk yards offer them, but if they do you can get one for $10 to $15. If there are any issues you can return the parts for an even exchange or credit.

One thing I like about scavenging for parts is that you can get factory-manufactured and assembled parts. This is always better than a secondary market part from an auto store and critical if you are doing a restoration.

Here is a list of tools I take with me for pulling used parts at the junk yard.

Cons of Buying Used Cadillac Parts Cheap

There is no way to tell how much life is left in the parts you are purchasing. Sure you can visually inspect it, check the odometer on the car, or even wire it to a portable battery, but it still may die when you get it home. This is why I recommend a warranty for pricey parts.

Another headache is the yard itself. If it is disorganized, you can spend all day scavenging the lot for parts or Cadillac models they don’t even have. It’s best to call ahead to know for sure what you are getting into.

Tips For Selling Your Cadillac to an Auto Salvage

If you are in need of junking your Cadillac for cash, follow this advice below:

  • Siphon the gas and reuse it (otherwise you giving away money)
  • Search the vehicle and take all your personal belongings
  • Cancel the insurance, registration, and plates (The auto yard will charge you)
  • Know the value of your Cadillac before you sell it.

If you are ready to call and get a price negotiated, you should know some of the underhanded tactics they may try. It’s not always the junk yard that is shady, but might also be the 3rd party towing company, you need to be aware of. Read our article Auto Salvo tricks when negotiating.

Resources for Cadillac Vehicles

Cadillac Salvage Yards Near Me – Wrap-Up

Cadillac salvages are a great place to save money on used parts for your vehicle. Even if you don’t have an actual Caddie salvo near you, your local junkyard may suffice. Doing this will save you a ton of money over the long haul and possibly get you factory-assembled parts.

Before you junk your Cadillac you should fully understand how these businesses work. Most places are on the up and up, but you should always approach with caution and keep your own interests first. That is what I have learned from the Cadillac salvage yards near me.

FAQs: Cadillac Salvage Yards Near Me

Do Cadillac salvage yards offer auto parts for purchase?

Yes, Cadillac salvage yards provide a wide range of auto parts, including Cadillac body parts and various components. These parts are sourced from salvaged vehicles and are available at more affordable prices compared to new ones.

Are there Cadillac dealers that sell used auto parts?

Some Cadillac dealers may offer used auto parts, but Cadillac salvage yards specialize in providing a broader range of used parts at competitive prices.

Can I find replacement Cadillac body parts at salvage yards?

Yes, Cadillac salvage yards often have a selection of replacement body parts, such as doors, fenders, bumpers, and more. These parts can help you restore or repair your Cadillac at a lower cost.

Can I buy Cadillac parts online from salvage yards?

Many Cadillac salvage yards have online platforms where you can browse and purchase Cadillac part. This convenient option allows you to find the right part without leaving your home.

Are the parts from Cadillac salvage yards genuine?

The authenticity of parts can vary, but reputable Cadillac salvage yards thoroughly inspect and test their inventory. It’s essential to buy from trusted salvage yards to ensure the quality and reliability of the parts.

Are there warranties on parts purchased from Cadillac salvage yards?

Warranties vary among salvage yards. Some may offer limited warranties on certain parts, so it’s essential to inquire about warranty options before making a purchase.

What types of auto parts can I find at Cadillac salvage yards?

Cadillac salvage yards offer a wide range of auto parts, including Cadillac body parts, engines, transmissions, electrical components, and more. These parts are often available at a fraction of the cost of new ones.


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