How Do Self Service Junkyards Work

Self service junkyards are popular because they offer a way for customers to get what they need without having to wait in line. The best of these businesses will have an area where people can check out their parts and then go into the yard to look for them. This blog post will explore how self service junkyards work, as well as some tips that will help you find the right one!


Here are some facts about how junkyards work:

  • They offer a wide variety of products, including but not limited to scrap metal, used cars and trucks, new tires, and more!
  • It is always best to call ahead before visiting one because they do not usually take credit cards or cheques
  • Prices vary in these businesses, so it is best to compare before you make a purchase

Myths and Misconceptions About Junkyards

One common misconception is that people think they are only for the “less fortunate.” On the contrary, these businesses have a generally positive social impact. Junkyards are also crucial for the clean-up of natural disasters, like when there’s been a tornado or hurricane.


Another myth is that junkyards will take your old car as payment. It couldn’t be more wrong because most junkyards only accept cash. Customers should always make sure to check their prices before they buy anything in one of these businesses and ask about any warranties on products so you can save money over the long run.


Not everything in a junkyard is junk. Instead, junkyards are an excellent place for customers to find things they need, like car parts, that you cannot find in most retail stores.

How Do You Pick and Pull?

Knowing how to pick and pull from a junkyard is crucial for any customer. The first thing you should do before going in the yard is looking at their prices online or call them ahead of time so you know what they are charging. There are big franchise junkyard chains like Pick-N-Pull, that can charge less for parts because they are a franchise. They also offer price matching throughout the year and a rewards program.


The next step would be to find your desired product. Again, it might require some investigation, but most junkyards have maps on site that will show where certain products are within the yard. Some people prefer using these maps because it can make this process easier than just exploring blindly when they need something specific like a battery charger for an older car model.


Pulling parts out of the piles of scrap metal is not always easy to work, so customers may want to wear gloves while doing this part if they’re going to avoid getting dirty.


Once you have found the product you are looking for, it is time to make sure they have what you need. There may be a scrap metal pile with something similar but not exactly what you were looking for, so it is necessary to scrutinize everything before purchasing.

Do You Have To Pay To Look at the Products?

Some junkyards will have an area where people can view products before they buy. Some of these businesses may require a certain amount to get inside, and others may ask that you leave your driver’s license for identification purposes.

How Do You Prepare for a Pick and Pull?

Some people want to prepare for their pick and pull by taking a few things before they go. The good idea is to take the necessary tools with you, like gloves or an ice scraper if it’s wintertime outside. It can help make this process easier because some junkyards don’t have anywhere where workers can get what they need from inside of the business.


If you are pulling an engine or transmission, you should see what you are allowed to bring to the yard. Some yards provile A Frames and wheel barrels, but not all do, so you may need to bring your own.

How Do You Know How Much Cash To Bring?

This question can be challenging to answer because it is different for everyone. One idea would be to look at the prices online, know how much something costs and then come with that amount in cash!

The Rules and Etiquette of Junkyards

There is a certain etiquette in these businesses, and it tends to be different depending on where you are from. Some of the rules include not wearing shoes inside or bringing more than one person into the yard at a time. 

Is There Help Offered at Junkyards?

Some junkyards will have employees who are always there to help customers find the product they’re looking for. Others may be more complicated, with some parts organized and other areas being a chaotic mess.

Tips and Tricks To Find the Best Items in a Junkyard

Some people want to make sure that they are getting the best deal when shopping at a junkyard. It means checking their prices before buying anything and asking about warranties on products so you can save money in the long run.


If customers don’t know what they’re looking for, it is always easier to explore piles of scrap metal than trying to find something specific, like an engine part. Piles may have items mixed or some with nothing but one type of product; it all depends on how organized the yard is!


For some, picking parts is about finding deals and then selling those used parts online. It is a great side hustle since you can mark the parts up however you want. If are curious about doing that, here are the used auto parts that sell the best on the second hand market.

Expect The Unexpected

Sometimes people may not get what they came for at a junkyard. There can be many reasons why this happens, but one of the most common is that customers misidentified their product, and it was elsewhere in the yard. It’s important to remember that these are used parts, so there will always be some wear and tear on them even if they appear to have been well taken care of before being scrapped. There are also parts you should not pull, see a list here.

Pick a Partner To Come With You

It’s always a good idea to bring a friend with you when visiting these types of places because they can help give their opinion on what you are looking for. However, it’s important to remember that this type of business could become dangerous, so don’t go alone unless necessary. Anytime someone tries to touch another customer’s property, they should be ready for the possibility of getting into a fight.

Bringing Junkers and Scrappers Along

Some people will come with scrap metal in tow, like old cars or other items made from metals. Others may not have any materials but are looking for parts themselves. Still, others might try and sell things without being allowed inside by the employees! 


Some self service junkyards will buy scrap metal from customers but may not offer recycling services because it is often more profitable to sell them in other ways.


In conclusion, self service junkyards are a great place to explore used parts and other items that may be difficult to find elsewhere. However, they usually have different rules depending on where they’re, so it’s important to know what you can expect before visiting one!


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