How do you recycle copper? Does anyone buy copper? These are common questions when it comes to the non-ferrous metal Copper. As we have entered into a more environmentally conscious world, the opportunities for recycling meatls has grown. With Copper prices trading at an all time high it can be a great opportunity for you to make some many. In this blog post I will discuss who recycles copper, how it’s recycled, who near you takes it, and how to get paid for it. I will also share my experience with copper recycling near me.

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How is Copper Recycled, What is the Process?

There are a number of steps in the process of copper recycling, The main process involves a few steps.


Firstly, collecting the copper, which you can do at home or for larger items, you can arrange to have them collected. It is then sent to a facility or scrap metal plant where it is sorted into the relevant parts according to processing methods.


Copper stripping machines play a big role in this and prepare the copper for processing by the copper granulator. The next process is shredding and melting, which occurs in furnaces at smelting facilities. The molten copper is then poured into molds or casts to form the items needed. Once the copper cools and hardens it can be rolled into sheets that can be used to form new metals.

What are the Challenges with Recycling Copper?

Of course, much like all recycling, the process of recycling copper is one that comes with its fair share of challenges. Recycling copper is difficult largely due to the sheer volume of it. Itis also found in many products and is heavily used in construction and appliances.


When old buildings are structurally unsound, retrieving a lot of the copper can be a challenge. Furthermore, the separation of copper materials in the recycling process can be difficult and expensive.

What Copper Items Can I Recycle?

There are plenty of copper items that can be recycled these days..


Pure copper is 100% recyclable, and this includes things like copper plumbing pipes and old taps.There may be copper in your appliances as well. However, you will find that things like copper wires can often contain other materials as well, so this means they aren’t typically 100% recyclable. Before trying to recycle this metal make sure you check this out in advance. 

Copper Recycling Near Me

Why is Copper Recycling Important?

There are plenty of reasons to recycle copper. One of the biggest is the fact that embracing recycling and that can have a big impact on the environment. However, you need to think about what it is that makes recycling copper so important specifically. One of the key ones is because recycled copper holds 90% of the value of new ore. However, only around 35% of domestic copper production comes from recycled copper, so there is definitely scope to be doing more in this regard.

Where Can I Recycle Copper Near Me?

Understanding where you can recycle copper is one of the most important steps in the process. Now, there are of course ways of being able to recycle copper in and around the home.

Where Can I Recycle Copper Near Me?


There are many options to recycle copper locally. Your choice will depend on where you are and how much of it you have:


Local recycling curbside pick up in your community (if your county has recycling pick up)
For high volumes you can take it directly to your local recycling center..
For high volumes or heavy weights you can sell it to a scrap metal facility.

Do Landfills Accept Copper?

Copper that does not get recycled will often wind up on landfills. This is something that you should look to avoid where possible.


Recycling copper is, of course, what you should be looking to achieve, but landfills will accept scrap copper. The problem is that this is a valuable material, and commonly used in the construction of homes, so it is going to waste on landfill sites. Not to mention the fact that buried copper can contribute to environmental problems, such as contaminating water, etc. Copper decomposion is measured in hundreds of thousands of years, so avoid the landfill and recycle it or scrap it for money.

Can I Sell Scrap Copper?

Selling scrap metal is something that can help you when it comes to improving your recycling and making a bit of money from it too.


Any reputable scrap yards will allow you to sell scrap copper if you have a reasonable amount of it. Copper is a valuable scrap metal item, and tends to be highly sought after,


In the scrap metal world, the saying we have is “Copper is King“. So you should be looking to make the most of this moving forward. Getting in touch with scrap yards or scrap metal specialists is a great place to start, and this can help you get the most bang for your bucks in terms of value for money.


In my experience with copper recycling near me, if you live in a rural area you can get a bit low balled on the price for metals. Scrap yards in more urban and suburban areas compete with each other and therefore pay more competive prices. So it may be worth while to shop around if you have a lot of copper.

How Much Money Can I Get For Scrap Copper?

How much money you can get from selling scrap copper is not an exact science. There are a lot of things that will impact this moving forward. It depends on who you are selling to, the current daily value on the commodities market, and how pure the copper is that you have. All metal prices change daily based on the metals commodity market.which is driven by supply and demand.


It largely depends on the volume and type of copper, but, in general, you should expect copper to be between $2-4 per pound, $0.28 per ounce, and $8,800 per ton. Copper transformers can cost between $0.25 and $0.50 per pound, and it is important to ensure you understand what you are trying to sell.


The national average for selling scrap copper is $3.37/lb, in contrast to just $0.59/lb for selling aluminum. This should show you the important difference that you need to consider when you are looking at scrap copper and how much money you can make from it.


To check today’s daily prices for Copper I like to use iScrap.

If I Have Scrap Copper Will Someone Pick It Up?

Since scrap copper is worth alot on the metals market yes. There are scrapper who go around to different neighborhoods to pick up metal. Don;t expect them to pay you for it though. They will be happy to take it from you for free. In turn they will take it to the scrap metal yard and sell it for a profit.

Copper Recycling Near Me – Conclusion

With copper being so easy to recycle or even sell, it is critical to keep it out of landfills. When we recycle it, we help reduce waste and energy that is needed from creating more new products. This has a direct impact on our natural resources. Consider copper takes hunders of thousands of years to decomopose it essentially takes up unneccessary space in landfills. When you conider how mch scrap copper is worth you are crazy not to try and sell it and make some money. This is what I have learned from theces that do Copper recycling near me.