If you have scrap metal, you may be wondering what are my options. The traditional route of course is to go to a scrap metal facility, which may be your best option, depending on what you have. Below I will discuss the various channels you can consider to sell scrap metal and share my experience with the place that buys scrap metal near me.

Who Buys Scrap Metal Near Me – Locator Map

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Now is the time to be a scrap seller. There is a domestic boom in selling ferrous metals, you can read more about it here.

Recycle Scrap Metal: A Sustainable Practice

Recycling scrap metal is a vital aspect of sustainable waste management and resource conservation. It involves the collection, processing, and reprocessing of various metals, including both ferrous and nonferrous metals, to give them a new lease of life.

In the metal recycling industry, scrap metal recyclers are the key players who buy scrap metals from various sources.

These recyclers purchase scrap metals from individuals, businesses, and industries, offering a valuable solution for disposing of unwanted metal materials.

By buying scrap metals, these recyclers contribute to the overall process of scrap metal recycling. They play a vital role in collecting, sorting, and processing the materials to prepare them for recycling.

The metal recycling industry relies on these scrap metal recyclers to ensure the efficient and sustainable recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, promoting resource conservation and environmental responsibility.

Where To Sell Scrap Metal Near Me?

The most obvious choice for where to sell scrap metal near me of course is a scrap metal facility. You probably know that already. If you have traditional metal scrap like aluminum, brass, copper, iron, steel, stainless steel etc….it is a no-brainer.

It is also an option for non-working appliances like a washer/dryer, refrigerator, AC unit, or dishwasher. If you have a junk car that is truly only worth the price of scrap metal then go to a scrap metal yard.

To make the most money on your scrap you need to consider where you are selling it. If you are in a rural area, you may not have a lot of options, which may lower the payouts. In an urban or suburban area, there is competition for your scrap so the payouts may be a little better.

The place that buys scrap metal near me is right outside a city and is in a heavy trade area. That means there are tons of places to go to, mostly near shipping ports for trains and boats. So the thing to do is all around to see who is paying what on any given day.

Sell Scrap Metal

How Does Selling Scrap Metal Work?

Metal type and the amount you have of it (weight) are the determining factors for the amount of money you will get. The prices fluctuate daily based on the metals commodity market which moves up and down based on supply and demand. Another factor is where you are, states have different rates when paying for scrap.

None of this changes the fact that the more weight you have in metal, the better your payout. What it means though is that one month could pay significantly more or less than another depending on what the market is doing.

Ferrous metals bring in the lowest value, but are the easiest to scrap, while non-ferrous metals often have a higher payout.  There is also e-scrap which is high paying, but really difficult to collect in quantities. You can look at a price chart for the current value of traded metals and see the rates for what you have. Another good option is Iscrapp where you can see current prices in your local area.

Here is a quick metals break down:

  • Ferrous Metals: Cast iron, and iron and generally if a magnet sticks is ferrous
  • Non-Ferrous Metals: Copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and bronze
  • E-Scrap Metals: These are found inside electronics and have precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum

The Value of Nonferrous Metals: Aluminum Cans and Scrap Metal Buyers

Aluminum Cans: A Prime Example

Aluminum cans, in particular, are one of the most commonly recycled nonferrous metals. With the rise of environmental awareness and recycling initiatives, the recycling of aluminum cans has become more prevalent.

Scrap metal buyers actively purchase aluminum cans from individuals, businesses, and recycling centers, offering competitive prices based on market demand and scrap metal prices.

Scrap Metal Buyers: Facilitating the Recycling Process

Scrap metal buyers play a crucial role in the metal recycling industry by purchasing various types of scrap metals, including nonferrous metals, from sellers. They assess the quality and quantity of the materials and offer fair prices based on market conditions and scrap metal prices.

By buying nonferrous metal, such as aluminum cans, these buyers contribute to the overall recycling process and ensure that valuable resources are conserved and reused.

Scrap Metal Recycling

The Most Valuable Metals: Exploring Ferrous Metals

Ferrous Metals: A Key Category of Valuable Metals

Ferrous metals, including iron and steel, are considered some of the most valuable metals in various industries. These metals are widely used in construction, manufacturing, transportation, and infrastructure projects due to their strength, durability, and versatility.

The Value of Ferrous Metal

Ferrous metals hold significant value because of their widespread applications and high demand. Iron, in particular, is a crucial component in the production of steel, which is essential for building structures, machinery, and vehicles. Steel’s strength and durability make it a preferred choice for various industries.

Ferrous Metal

How Much Money Can I Make?

In my experience, the place that buys scrap metal near me pays $190 per ton (2000 pounds) for ferrous metals. so roughly about $10 for $100 pounds. Now copper on the other hand which is one of the best metals to scrap pays $8,000+ per ton. So that is $400 per 100 lbs.

As you can see cooper is one of the best metals to sell. It consistently pays high between $2 and $4 per pound and you can find it in wiring, tubing, piping, and scrap. In the business the saying is “Copper is king”.

Who Buys Scrap Metal Near Me

Will They Pick Up It Up or Do I Need to Haul It?

In my experience, you are going to need to haul your scrap metal to them. That is the sure way to get paid for your metal. If you don’t have a truck or a means to transport it, renting one may not be worth the money if you don’t have a lot of weight in scrap metal.

They may be willing to come pick it up, but that more than likely means they aren’t going to pay you. Additionally for them to come and pick it up you must have a significant amount for them to come get. For example, they aren’t going to pick up your refrigerator, washer and dryer. However, if you demolished a mobile home, maybe.

It never hurts to call your local scrap metal place or check their website to see, but likely you need to do the hauling to get paid.

Scrap Refrigerator, washer and dryer

If You Have Something Other than Scrap Metal…

If you have working appliances or perhaps an appliance that could be fixed. You “possibly” could get more money elsewhere. If you have an appliance such as a stainless steel refrigerator, sink, oven, washer dryer, and microwave, you can consider options for how to sell old appliances.

At a scrap place, You are likely gonna collect about $10/100 lbs. So your average fridge weights between 180 and 360 pounds, so even on a day when the market is up and you have the heaviest fridge $50 may be the max value.

Consider Salvage Yards

Another time I wouldn’t go to a scrap yard first is for a vehicle. Some people think a junk car, truck, rv, motorcycle, or aluminum boat automatically goes to the scrap yard.

In some instances I would agree however if that car still runs or has valuable parts, you can negotiate a higher sale price at a salvage yard. You can also negotiate a tow along with selling the vehicle…that’s a win-win.

Who Buys Scrap Metal Near Me – Wrap Up

So that’s the basics of where to sell scrap metal and how it works. Your key take-aways are that for ferrous, non-ferrous, e-scrap, and non-working items a scrap metal facility is your best option.

The price you get will be determined by the weight of the scrap metal and the type of material it is. Each type of material fluctuates in price daily based on supply and demand. For most folks, copper is the real money-getter with consistently high prices and plenty of it to find and collect.

Most places will not come and get your stuff, you will likely need to haul it to the scrap facility. If you are just looking to get rid of stuff like appliances or an old car you may want to consider other options the a scrap yard.

Who Buys Scrap Metal FAQs

Who buys scrap metal near me?

Many scrap yards, recycling centers, and metal recycling companies buy scrap metal in various locations. It is advisable to search online or check local directories for specific buyers in your area.

What types of scrap metal do buyers usually purchase?

Scrap metal buyers typically purchase a wide range of metals, including aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, iron, and more. They may also accept various forms of scrap metal, such as wires, pipes, appliances, and automotive parts.

Can individuals sell small quantities of scrap metal?

Yes, individuals can sell small quantities of scrap metal to buyers. Whether you have a few aluminum cans or a small amount of copper wiring, most scrap metal buyers are willing to purchase it.

Is it necessary to prepare scrap metal before selling it?

It is helpful to prepare scrap metal before selling it. This involves separating different types of metals, removing non-metallic attachments like plastic or rubber, and cleaning the metal to improve its value.

Can individuals sell small quantities of scrap metal?

Yes, individuals can sell small quantities of scrap metal to buyers. Whether you have a few aluminum cans or a small amount of copper wiring, most scrap metal buyers are willing to purchase it.

How can I find the best buyer for my scrap metal?

To find the best buyer for your scrap metal, consider factors such as their reputation, experience, customer reviews, and the prices they offer. It’s also beneficial to compare multiple buyers to ensure you get the best deal.

Should I prepare my scrap metal before selling it?

It is generally beneficial to prepare your scrap metal before selling it. This involves separating different types of metals, removing non-metallic attachments like plastic or rubber, and cleaning the metal to improve its value.


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