Love Corvettes? Want cheap parts for it? Then a Corvette salvage yard might be just what you need. A salvage yard, sometimes called a junk yard or scrap yard, is a place where broken and damaged vehicles are sold for parts. Some of these yards deal exclusively in Chevy Corvettes. In this article, I will discuss how the Corvette salvage yards near me operate, what you should know about buying cheap Corvette parts, and some tips for selling your Corvette to one of these places.

Map of Corvette Salvage Yards Near Me

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If your results above seem limited it’s because Corvette junkyards are hard to find. You can check the automobile scrap yard locator here for more results or try to search for a Chevy Salvage Yard Near Me.

Navigating the Road to Excellence: Corvette Salvage Yards

Corvette salvage yards play a pivotal role in the automotive aftermarket, offering a wide array of Corvette parts to customers seeking both quality and affordability. These salvage yards serve as treasure troves for enthusiasts looking to restore or customize their beloved Corvettes. One of the significant advantages is the availability of both new Corvette parts and salvaged stock, ensuring a diverse selection for customers.

The cost-effectiveness of these salvaged parts is complemented by the option to ship, enabling customers to access the required components without geographical constraints. Moreover, the transparency in shipping charges ensures a straightforward transaction process. Customers can rest assured that the salvaged parts undergo rigorous quality checks, maintaining the integrity and performance of their Corvettes. Whether in need of a specific bumper or other accessories, these salvage yards efficiently cater to diverse customer requirements, fostering a community of Corvette enthusiasts who appreciate both the value and convenience these establishments provide.

How Does a Corvette Salvage Yard Operate

Corvette junkyards operate on a local level, like any other local business. The Corvette salvage yards near me operate in both buying used Corvettes and selling them (sometimes selling them for parts).

How They Get Corvettes in the Yard

The most common way one of these iconic Chevy cars makes its way to the junk yard is either by being in an accident or by the owner junked in for cash. If the car was in an accident the insurance company sold it to the yard to offset the cost of paying a claim. If the owner junked it, the most common reason is that they deemed the cost to fix it wasn’t worth the car’s value or the trouble of getting it done. Either way, most of these Vettes came to the car on the back of a wrecker.

How They Process Their Yard Inventory

When an auto salvo gets a wrecked or broken-down car, it doesn’t go straight out to the lot. First, it gets processed by a mechanic.

They will drain out all the fluids like anti-freeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and wiper fluid. These will be repacked and repurposed to be put for sale to the public. The gas gets siphoned and put into containers for resale as well. Lastly, the oil gets drained. The oil has to be recycled according to the state laws.

Some Corvette junkyards may pull out the battery and the motor. If they pull the battery it gets tested and if necessary recharged for resale. The motor if pulled will be given to a 3rd party to rebuild and resell with a warranty.

Once the above process is complete it’s time to set the vehicle out for pick and pull.

Corvette Junk Yards Near Me

How a Corvette Junk Yard is Arranged

The Corvettes are arranged by years in rows. Not all salvage yards are organized though!

A well-managed Corvette salvage yard has them grouped by year and model. Where you can find a specific section of the yard for:

  • First generation (C1; 1953–1962)
  • Second generation (C2; 1963–1967)
  • Third generation (C3; 1968–1982)
  • Fourth generation (C4; 1984–1996)
  • Fifth generation (C5; 1997–2004)
  • Sixth generation (C6; 2005–2013)
  • Seventh Generation (C7; 2014–present)

Although for the love of Corvettes, I certainly hope you aren’t finding too many C5s and above. Inside of these sections, they may break down into subsections like Sting Ray, etc…

The Corvette salvage yards near me keep a searchable database of all the cars in the yard. For the most part, it can tell you the vicinity that a certain year or model is in. I find it’s helpful to also call ahead. Here you can ask questions such as “Do you have a clutch for a 65 Corvette StingRay?”

What Kind of Used Corvette Parts Can You Find?

You can find a wide range of Vette parts at these places. I have scavenged doors, windshields, mirrors, radios, clutches, intakes, convertible tops, bucket seats, and more. Sometimes if you get lucky you can even get brand new parts. This is often the result of someone throwing parts at the car to fix it, giving up, junking the car, and leaving all the new parts on it.

What Happens After The Corvette Is Stripped?

Corvette Salvage Yards Near Me
When the American classic is looking like a shell of itself, the auto salvo will sell it to a scrap metal recycling plant. This accomplishes two purposes: First, it squeezes the last bit of value from the car and second it makes room on the lot for new inventory.

A good Corvette scrap yard will turn over its inventory every 4 months or so. Most yards aren’t that good though…it will be obvious because the Corvette will be out rusting in the yard.

Buying Used Corvette Parts at a Salvage Yard

The Advantages of Buying Used Corvette Parts

The first benefit is saving yourself money. A battery will run you $14ish, an alternator $18ish, or even a door for about $80ish. If you are slick, you can get the parts cheap and then sell them to other Corvette enthusiasts online for a profit.

Despite the fact these are used Chevy parts, most auto junk yards will give you the ability to purchase a warranty. For $8 to $12 you can get a guarantee that the part you are buying will work. If it doesn’t you’ll have 30 days to bring it back for credit or a replacement part. Most yards never offer cash back.

Another advantage is that you may find actual Chevrolet assembled parts. These parts were put together by the manufacturer. This is ideal if you are doing a Corvette restoration and are looking for original parts.

Disadvantages of Buying Used Corvette Parts

Sometimes the parts you purchase don’t last. When you strip it off a car in the yard you have no idea how much life is left in the part. Sure you can eyeball it, but it’s always possible that it’s not gonna last. That’s why I would recommend a warranty for any part you feel is pricey. Not all auto salvages offer a warranty though.

Lastly, if the Corvette Junkyard isn’t well maintained you can spend the whole day walking around and never find the parts you need. This is more common than you think. A simple call ahead is sometimes the best right to figure out what you are getting into.

Tips For Selling Your Corvette to a Salvage Yard

When it is time to sell your Corvette to a salvage yard, here are a few simple things you should do:

  • Drain all of the gas to keep and use
  • Empty the trunk, glove box, and center console of personal items
  • Cancel your insurance, registration, and plates yourself (don’t have the junk yard do it)
  • Know the value of your Vette before you negotiate

Need help estimating the value of your junked Corvette, go here.

Watch out for Salvage Yard Scams

A common tactic is called delayed payment. If you negotiate a price via the phone and have them come for the tow, the driver doesn’t bring money to pay you. Then the salvage yard gets your car and says that it isn’t worth the price negotiated. Next, they try and force you into a new selling price.

Don’t let them tow your car unless you have the agreed-upon cash in hand. Additionally, never sign over the title until you paid. Even better, see if you can get a written agreement done.

Another savvy auto salvo trick is to make you pay for the tow truck or wrecker. What happens is they agree to a price with you over the phone, then they fail to tell you that they will charge you for the tow. What’s crazy is this isn’t always a junkyard scam…sometimes it’s the tow truck driver cutting themselves in on the action. They have already been paid for the tow by the junk yard and they are double dipping on you!

Lastly, another tactic is to tell you that your Vette has no value at all, but they will haul it away for you at no charge. This is a scam to make it seem like they are doing you a solid, when truthfully to them it has value. Even if the car is super wrecked…remember they will sell it to a scrap metal yard.

For more automobile tips and scam info read this.

Resources for Chevrolet Corvettes

Corvette Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Corvette junkyards are great places to scavenge for used parts and save money. While most businesses run honestly, not all aim for the best practices when negotiating to buy your car. Make sure you are aware of the tips and tricks for junking your Vette. There are some negatives to purchasing used Chevy parts, but in the long run, you will save money. There is no cheaper place to get parts for your Corvette or find hidden gems for your restoration project. That is what I have learned from the Corvette salvage yards near me.


James is an avid junkyarder and mechanic. He has visited Junkyards in every US state and has restored over 30 makes and models of vehicles. He has several automotive and recycling related blogs that generate over 150K views a month.