Dump truck junkyards are great places to get used parts for cheap. Many of these yards not only carry dump trucks but a variety of other medium duty vocational trucks. For dump trucks though you will find a range of manufacturers, years, and models…what is trick is finding the parts for you actually need. In this article I’ll share my experience with the dump truck salvage yards near me, share some tips, and help you find salvage dump trucks near you.

Map of Dump Truck Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Dump Truck Salvage Yards Near Me” or “Dump Truck Junkyards Near Me”, see the map below…

How the Dump Truck Junkyards Near Me Work…

Dump truck salvage yards run on the local level, meaning they are not state run. These yards are privately owned businesses that purchase junked construction equipment and then sell off the functioning parts. You can typically find more then dump trucks on these yards and see vehicles typically class 6 and 7 vehicles like bucket trucks, garbage trucks, and delivery trucks.


The vehicles come to the yard from different channels. Some are from commercial businesses, private owners, auctions, and insurance companies. Given the heavy stress these vehicles operate under many are at the salvage because they have reached their end of life. You may even find some newer models that were in accidents or perhaps acquired via auction at a business liquidation event.

Dump Truck Junk Yard Layouts

In the dump truck salvage yards near me, the yard is laid out with trucks in rows with wide roads in between. The vehicles are somewhat arranged by work type, meaning there is a section for delivery trucks, a section for dump trucks, etc. Inside of those sections everything is mixed. For example a Mack is sitting next to a Freightliner and then somehow it looks like there is a bunch of antique GMC’s in the row. So years, makes, and models have no order and you need to search around to find what you need.


A well managed junkyard will have an online searchable inventory of their current trucks and parts. This makes finding what you need faster and easier. It can also save you a trip and an afternoon of walking around. If your local dump truck junkyard doesn’t have a parts or truck inventory available, I would advise calling ahead. You can ask questions like  “Do you have a transmission for a  2004 Mercedes-Benz Arocs dump truck with eight-wheel drive”?

How Does a Dump Truck Junkyard Manage Their Inventory

When a junked vehicle comes to the salvo, it needs to be prepped before pick and pull. This process involves draining fluids like gas, oil, diesel, Freon, anti-freeze, etc. Some of the fluids will be re-bottled and resold while other will be recycled.


Next the junkyard will pre-pull parts. Different yards pull different parts. Most commonly though they pull parts like alternators, starters, engines, transmissions, and batteries. Depending on the condition they may get rebuilt and resold with a warranty. Some of the parts may also be sold online.


If a dump truck comes to the salvo running or close to running condition, they may fix it and then take it to a salvage auction. Most trucks at these places are in pretty bad shape and will go out the yard for pick and pull.


When the vehicle has all it’s best parts stripped the next steps vary from business to business. Some yards will let the trucks rust in the lot. A well run salvage yard, will sell of what remains of the vehicle for scrap metal. Yards that sell the stripped vehicles for scrap squeeze out a few more dollars in profit and make room on the lot for more trucks.

Dump Truck Salvage Yards Near Me

Used Dump Truck Parts in Scrap Yards

Pros of Buying Salvage Dump truck Parts

The key reason to get used dump truck parts is saving money. When you compare it to buying new parts you can save anywhere from 60 to 75%. At the dtruck salvage yards near me you can get a battery for $25 a cab door for $60, a haul bed for $250, and hydraulic bed hoist cylinders for $100.


You can find all kinds of dump truck parts though. First off you can find standard parts like doors, hoods, cabs, tires, mirrors. But more specifically you can get whole front and rear axle assemblies, haul beds, hydraulic bed hoist cylinders, tailgates, tires, wheels, and steering cylinders. Depending on the age of the dump truck you need parts for, the junk yard may be your only option.


One of the other great things about salvage parts is that you will find mostly OEM pieces. Getting factory installed and assembled parts beats out getting after market parts any day.

Cons of Buying Salvage Parts

When it comes to getting used auto parts, quality is always the concern. Since dump trucks are made for work these vehicles log thousands of hours under heavy stress. All that work takes a toll and strain on the parts. If you are purchasing salvage parts you must very carefully inspect them before you pull them off a vehicle. Then after it’s off inspect the part again.


To cover your basis, you can also ask the junkyard if they offer warranties. Some yards will charge a few extra bucks and allow you to exchange the part within 30 days if there is an issue.

Alternative Places to Find Salvage Dump trucks

Dump truck salvage yards come in a variety of flavors. So if you don’t have a dump truck salvo in your area, you can alternatively look for…

Dump Truck Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Dump trucks and other vocational vehicles can have really expensive part replacements. Finding your local dump truck junk yard can save you a lot of money on repairs. In some instances you may even find practically brand new parts. If you are not sure about the parts quality, you should inquire about a warranty. That’s my experience with the dump truck salvage yards near me.