Medium duty truck salvage yards have a variety of trucks and parts from different manufacturers. Some salvages will sell junked trucks with salvage titles, while others sell of their inventory for used parts. A Medium duty truck junkyard predominantly deals in vocational trucks Classes 6-7, which have a gross weight range of 19,501- 33,000 lbs. You will find some heavy duty trucks and heavy construction equipment on these lots as well.  In this article I’ll share my experience with the Medium duty truck salvage yards near me.

Map of Medium Duty Truck Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Medium Duty Truck Salvage Yards Near Me” or “Medium Duty Truck Junkyards Near Me”, see the map below…


If your area is limited in truck salvos, you can check out truck salvages. A truck salvage tends to be a mix of lite, medium, and heavy duty trucks. If you have a specific manufacturer you are looking for you can try searching for the “brand name + salvage yards near me” for example “Freightliner salvage yards near me

Operations of Medium Duty Truck Junk Yards Near Me

These salvos run like any local business. They operate a bit more like a thrift shop though for trucks. They will do both buying and selling of medium duty trucks and salvage parts. These yards will often carry a variety of styles in the medium class from garbage trucks, bucket trucks, to delivery trucks and more.


These trucks will come from a variety of sources. This includes commercial businesses, private owners, insurance companies, and auctions. Many get junked because they are undriveable, require repairs costing more then the vehicles value, or they are outdated. Some end up at a salvage yard during a liquidation sale and a company goes out of business. This is usually in an auction format is forced by the bank that holds the note.


Trucks that come from an insurance company are usually deemed “totaled” in an accident. Here the insurance company pays out a claim and then sells the wrecked truck to a junkyard to offset some of the insurance payout.

Medium Duty Truck Junk Yard Layouts

In the Medium duty truck salvage yards near me, there is some semblance of order. The vehicles are gathered first by work type, like tow trucks and garbage trucks, and then secondarily by manufacturer such as Mack and Freightliner. The more organized the yard is, the easier your life will be scavenging for used parts.


Really well managed truck salvos will sell parts online and maintain an inventory of their yard online. This means you can either order what you need or check to see if they have what you need in the lot. If you medium duty truck junkyard, doesn’t have this, then considering calling ahead. You can ask questions like: “Do you have a hood for a 2002 Freightliner’s M2 106”.

How Does a Medium Duty Truck Junkyard Manage Their Inventory

At a Medium duty truck junkyard vehicles get prepped prior to being put out for parts salvage. This involves routine work such as draining the fluids. Certain fluids like anti-freeze, gasoline, and wiper fluid get containerized and resold cheap at the salvo. Other liquids like oil, need to be recycled to meet government mandated environmental requirements.


Next the salvo gets first dibs on pulling valuable parts. They will pull the battery for resale, the engine for resale or rebuidling, and parts that tend to deteriorate in the elements like the starter and the alternator. By pulling these parts out, they can sell them online and preserve the current condition.


Some trucks, the salvage yard may try and fix a little and sell with a salvage title. If the truck already runs, they may even try and flip it at an auction. Trucks that are junk are ready to enters the lot for public pick and pull. People come and bring their tools and pull the functioning parts they want and only pay for what they take.


After sometime when the truck is stripped of all it’s valuable components some junkyards sell whats left to a scrap metal plant. This allows them to get the scrap steel price for the weight of the vehicle and get the last bot of value out of it. Also it makes space in the yard for more junked medium duty trucks. A well maintained salvage will turnover their inventory every 4 to 6 months.

Medium Duty truck Salvage Yards Near Me

Selling Your Medium Duty Truck to a Salvage Yard

In my experience selling a junked Medium duty truck independently nets you a higher rate of return. This is however difficult if you don’t have the market. It’s also beneficial if your truck is still running. If your truck is junk consider a salvage yard over a scrap metal plant…you will get a higher payout.


If you are ready to junk your Medium duty equipment, do the following:

  • Remove all personal belongings
  • Return the plates to your DMV, cancel the registration and insurance
  • Find your title so you can sign it over
  • Look up the value of your Medium Duty Truck Kelly Blue Book
  • Estimate the weight of your vehicle and look up the scrap value

You need to honestly assess the condition. Know that you will not get anywhere near the KBB value, your offer will be closer the scrap value. If your truck still runs, mention it and negotiate up. If it has recently been taken off the road, mention it and negotiate up. They are going to offer you the scrap price, you need to negotiate based on the valuable components the truck may still have.

Medium Duty Truck Junkyard Near Me

Used Medium Duty Truck Parts in Salvage Yards

Pros of Buying Salvage Parts for Medium Duty Trucks

Saving money is by far the biggest pro for salvage parts. You can expect huge discounts in the range of 60% to 70% off buying new. Batteries can cost about $25, A cab door runs around $90, and an alternator around $20 at the medium duty truck salvage yards near me.


The range of parts you can find is great as well. You will find the standard stuff like doors, hoods, mirrors, radiators, exhausts, starters, body panels, etc. But then you can find really exclusive medium duty truck stuff like cab configurations, bodies, chassis-mounted equipment, flat beds, roll-offs, dollies, etc.


Getting parts at the junkyard you will often find factory assembled pieces. It’s nice getting parts for your Mack truck, from the same model Mack truck even if the year is different. This beats after market parts all day and if your truck is older, the parts likely aren’t made anymore anyway.


Some yard will offer a buy in warranty. this might cost $10 to $15 per part. This will get you 30 days to return the part for an exchange or credit. No salvo that I know of issues cash back.

Cons of Buying Salvage Parts

The quality of salvage parts is always the biggest concern. By the general nature of medium duty trucks, these were made to do work. You don’t know how much a part has been abused or what kind of load bearing it has done. You always should inspect and test a part before you remove it, but you can never be 100% sure of the life left in it. This is why i recommend a warranty for any part you think is expensive or mechanically complex.

Medium Duty Truck Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Medium duty and traditional vocational trucks are expensive to replace parts for. Finding your local truck salvage can help get you significant discounts on functional parts. Many parts you can get a warranty on and some may even come standard with a warranty if you order them online. While there aren’t many medium duty junkyards, generally a truck junkyard will have plenty of classes 6-7 in a section. You can always call ahead and check to see what they have. That’s my experience from the medium duty truck salvage yards near me.