An excavator is a huge, diesel-powered piece of heavy construction equipment made for digging. The best place to get parts for them is at an Excavator salvage, where you can pick and pull parts and ultimately save money. Often on these constructions style salvos you can also find tractors, cranes, bulldozers, mixers, and other related heavy machines. In this article I’ll share my experience with the Excavator salvage yards near me.

Map of Excavator Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Excavator Salvage Yards Near Me” or “Excavator Junkyards Near Me”, see the map below…


While there are limited numbers of yards dedicated exclusively to excavators, you can broaden your search for heavy duty equipment and industrial salvages. These junkyards also will have excavators and a large inventory of other construction and farming vehicles. If you are looking for a particular model of excavator you should  call ahead and ask if they have the parts you need.

How the Excavator Junkyards Near Me Operate

Excavator salvos run like any local business. They have some state and federal regulations they have to adhere to as most junkyards do because of handling hazardous materials and recycling.


These yards display construction equipment in a lot for the public to pull parts from. Many of them also offer used excavator parts online and pull them for you and ship them. The excavator salvage yards near me, actually dismantle the machinery and puts the parts in a warehouse for sale.


If they get a piece of equipment that is still running, they will sell it as is, like a used vehicle. This is usually done in an auction style salvage sale.


There are generally four sources that these junkyards get their excavators from. Private owners, commercial construction business, rental companies, and auctions. Sometimes this equipment gets junked for reasons like interoperability, outdated technology or models, the cost of repair. Sometimes it’s just the attachments for the machinery that gets salvaged, like the bucket.

How Excavator Salvage Yards Are Arranged

All these construction style yards don’t really follow a standard. Its not to bad if they are laid out by size.


These are the typical ways they are organized if by size:

  • Standard excavators weighing between 22,046 and 200,000-plus pounds.
  • Midi excavators weighing between 13,227 and 22,046 pounds.
  • Mini excavators weighing less than 13,227 pounds.

Some have sections where there are rows and rows of one size and then sections for miscellaneous parts. Others are all mixed up where you get a little bobcat sitting next to an enormous excavator. Generally the manufacturers are mixed together. You are not really going to find a Caterpillar, Volvo, Hyundai, or Case section. The more organized the yard is, the better it for you as it’s easier to find the parts you need.


The better companies will have online inventory. You can search your make and model and then look for the part listings you need.


You may also find parts sections. Where you can find tracks, wheels, buckets, booms, hydraulic systems, fuel tanks, sticks, the house including the cab, and separated engine parts. You can also find attachments like breakers, augers, grapples, and hydraulic hammers.

How Does a Excavator Junkyard Manage Their Inventory

When an excavator arrives at the yard it must be processed before it can be sold or pulled apart. This is mainly due to environmental regulations that dictate how the diesel and other hazardous fluids need to be handled. Some older model excavators may contain mercury or other dangerous chemicals which would be dangerous if they got into the ground water.


The battery will usually get pulled out of a wrecked excavator and resold. Same with the motor. In the case they pull the motor out, they will test it first and then sell it with a 30 day credit or exchange warranty.


Once the machinery is stripped it will enter the yard. A running machine may get sold outright or auctioned online. Its more valuable for a salvage to sell it part by part though. A piece of equipment that is all stripped down, can be sold for scrap steel to a scrap metal buyer.


Some yards though aren’t that sophisticated and the old equipment will just sit and rust in the lot.

Excavator Salvage Yards Near Me

Old excavator machinery behind fence at wrecking yard

Used Excavator Parts at Salvage Yards

Pros of Buying Used Excavator Parts

The primary driver for buying salvage parts of any type is saving money. You will spend significantly less then you would for new parts. Its also likely that the excavator you need parts for is an older model. Sometimes the only way to replace parts on it is through the secondary used parts market.


If you are buying a motor, most places will offer a warranty. If they don’t state it out right then you should ask. A motor is one of the most expensive salvage parts and getting one that doesn’t run can be a headache.


Lastly it’s nice knowing that the parts you are getting are manufacturer factory assembled. Most of what you find are original parts. These aren’t after market parts or fabrications for retro fitting.

Cons of Buying Used Excavator Parts

Part quality is always the big question market. How many hours under duress does this machine or part have on it. Even a good visual inspection can’t always tell you about the quality of the part. Sure a bucket you can look at and examine for rust, but internal mechanical pieces are tougher to judge.

Excavator Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Excavator salvages are great for finding used parts and saving money. They are sometimes your only option when looking for parts for older models. While there aren’t many exclusive excavator junkyards, you can find these pieces of machinery at other industrial vehicle yards. If you are looking for a particular model or part, call ahead first or check online, Supporting you local salvage is also supporting the environment. Buy purchasing used parts and salvaged excavators you are reducing the amount of energy and fuel it takes to create a new one. That’s what i have learned from the excavator salvage yards near me.