Tractor salvage yards are a great place to find used tractor parts and parts for other farming equipment. These junkyards buy used tractors and farming equipment and then sell it off for parts. Most of these specialized yards are in regions of the country where farming is prominent. In this post I will share how the Tractor salvage yards near me operate as well as some general guidance on buying used parts.

Map of Tractor Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Tractor Salvage Yards Near Me” or “Tractor Junk Yards Near Me”, use the map below…

You can also try looking for “used Tractor parts near me” or “farming equipment salvage yards near me” if your results above are sparse. If you are looking for a small engine tractor, you also may want to look for “lawn mower salvage yards near me“, which carry small engine ride on tractors. These types of yards may require you to travel a bit to get to one, being they are not as popular as a common junkyard.

Other types of vehicles you may see at a Tractor junkyard are lawn mowers, farming equipment, lawn and garden vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and some construction vehicles.

Why Tractor Junk Yards?

Tractor junk yards, also known as salvage yards, serve as vital hubs in the agricultural world. They fulfill a crucial role by salvaging, recycling, and repurposing old, damaged, or obsolete tractors and farm machinery. These yards recover usable components, reducing waste and facilitating cost-effective equipment maintenance and restoration. By doing so, tractor junk yards contribute to the sustainability and efficiency of farming operations, playing an essential part in the agricultural industry.

Why Tractor Junk Yards

Operations of Tractor Junk Yards Near Me

Tractor junkyards run like any local business. These places will buy tractors from the public and then resell them on the lot as used parts. People come to the Tractor salvo to pick the parts they need directly off the junked tractors and pay for the parts they take.

Most Tractor salvos get their inventory from local farmers and businesses that deal in agriculture. Some of the vehicles will be sold as is, without being stripped off parts, while other vehicles are there for pick and pull. A few Tractor salvages also take their vehicles and post them to online sites such as eBay and Craigslist to broaden their potential sales audience.

How the Tractor Junkyards Near Me Are Arranged

The Tractor salvage yards near me are laid out into rows by size of vehicle. There isn’t much grouping or organization after that, all the brands and years of tractors are just mixed together. They have a lot of Ford Tractors but with no sense of rhyme or reason. This can sometimes make finding the make and model you need difficult, let alone finding the parts you need. The more organized the yard is, the better for you it is as a consumer.

How the Tractor Junkyards Near Me Are Arranged

I have seen a few tractor and farming equipment salvage yards near me, that strip parts for you at inception. They basically remove all of the good parts and categorize, label, and log them into an inventory warehouse. Places that do this usually have a searchable online database that you can go on and find the exact parts you need for your make and model of tractor. Even if the tractor salvage near you, doesn’t do this, you can call ahead and find out how the yard is structured. Additionally, you can ask if they have the make, model, and year of the tractor you are looking for on the lot.

Take it from someone who has wasted a lot of time at salvage yards, a call ahead will save hours of valuable time. They may be able to tell you straight away they don’t have what you need.

How Tractor Salvage Yards Manage Inventory

When a damaged or old tractor arrives at the scrap yard, it will likely go through some basic prep work. This includes siphoning gas and draining the oil. I have seen some yards pull out the engine and send it away to be rebuilt and resold with a warranty. Some yards may pull high-value or high-demand parts and sell them online or from their warehouse.

After basic prep work, the tractor goes out to the lot. Once it gets stripped for parts it will either be left to sit and rust or it will be sold for scrap metal. A well run Tractor junkyard will sell it off for scrap metal to get the most value out of the vehicle and make room for new inventory. There aren’t very many well-maintained tractor yards though.

Tractor Junkyards Near Me

Used Tractor Parts Pros and Cons

The Benefits Used Tractor Parts

The most obvious benefit is saving money on used tractor parts and farming equipment. There are a wide variety of parts you will find available at heavily discounted prices. Depending on the junkyard, you may be able to acquire a warranty on the parts as well. A warranty might cost between $10 to $15 per part. This will provide you with 30 days to exchange for a new part or credit. If what you are purchasing is pricey, I would advise getting a warranty.

Another thing I like about Tractors and farm equipment junkyards is getting factory-assembled and installed pieces. Don’t get me wrong, you will find after market parts and fabricated pieces, but a majority will be original from the manufacturer. This is a key benefit if you are restoring an antique tractor and are looking for authenticity.

For a list of tools you should bring, click here.

The Drawbacks of Cheap Tractor Parts

With the pros, there are of course cons with the primary drawback being part quality. No matter how good a part may look, you don’t know how much life span is left in it. Remember these are heavy duty tractors that put in work, it’s likely that many of these parts have had heavy stress and have pulled high capacity loads. To mitigate the risk of getting a low quality part I recommend inquiring about a warranty. Not all tractor and farm equipment salvage yards offer this, but you should at least ask.

Another disadvantage is the scrap yard itself. The tractor salvage yards near me are not very organized and can take your entire day of searching around. I once spent 12 hours looking for a John Deer clutch at a John Deere junkyard and never found the model I needed. To mitigate this check to see if they have a website and searchable inventory online, if not call them.

Never Seen a Real Tractor Salvage Yard? Check This Out…

If you’ve never been to a tractor salvo you may not know what to expect. The video below is of Welters Farm Supply in Verona Missouri where you can tour over 500 tractors in their lot. They even had a few rare machines like a UDLX and the only Spirit of Minneapolis ever made.

Tractor Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

If you want cheap parts for your tractor or farming equipment, try looking for your local tractor salvage yard. There aren’t many of these in certain areas, but this will save you lots of money and give you heavy discounts on used parts. Likely you will find parts much cheaper than you will get online. This is what I have learned from the tractor salvage yards near me.

FAQs About Tractor Salvage Yards Near Me

What can I find at a tractor salvage yard?

Tractor salvage yards typically offer a variety of products and services, including parts for both old and new tractors, used equipment, and sometimes even entire tractors for sale. You can find replacement parts, components, and accessories for various tractor models.

Do tractor salvage yards sell new tractors?

Tractor salvage yards primarily deal with used and salvaged equipment. They may have some new or aftermarket parts available, but new tractors are usually purchased through dealerships or manufacturers.

Can I buy used equipment at a tractor salvage yard?

Yes, many tractor salvage yards offer used equipment for sale. This can include not only tractors but also various farm machinery and implements. It’s a cost-effective option for farmers looking to upgrade or expand their equipment inventory.

Are there any sales or discounts at tractor salvage yards?

Some tractor salvage yards may offer sales, discounts, or special promotions, especially during certain times of the year or for specific items. It’s a good idea to inquire with your local salvage yard or check their website for any ongoing deals.

Do Tractor Salvage Yards Typically Offer Both Used and New Tractor Parts?

Yes, many tractor salvage yards provide a comprehensive selection of tractor parts, including both used and new components. Some salvage yards carry renowned brands like Worthington Ag Parts, known for their quality and reliability. Whether you’re seeking cost-effective used parts or brand-new replacements, these salvage yards often have a variety of options to meet your tractor repair and maintenance needs. To find out if Worthington Ag Parts or specific new components are available at salvage yards near you, it’s recommended to contact them directly for inventory details and availability.


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