Honda salvage yards are the best place to look for used parts for your Honda car or truck. Most auto salvage yards will have a section for Honda’s, but if you happen to have a Honda junk yard near you that’s even better. Below I will help you with finding the closest Honda junk yard near you, explain a bit how the Honda salvage yards near me work, address some of the ins and outs of buying used Honda parts, and share some tips on how to sell your Honda to a junk yard.

Map of Find Honda Salvage Yards Near Me

Forr “Honda Junk Yards Near Me” or “Honda Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…


If there aren’t many results displayed above, it’s because Honda junk yards are pretty sparse. For Honda motorcycles, you can also check here. Almost any auto salvage worth their weight will have a large section dedicated to Honda cars and trucks. You can also look for yards that deal in only imported cars and trucks.

How Does a Honda Salvage Yard Operate

Honda junkyards are locally run. The Honda salvage yards near me do both buying and selling of used Honda’s. Additionally you can pick and pull used parts off of the vehicles located out in the lot.

How They Get Honda Vehicles in the Yard Inventory

All auto junkyards and salvages have slightly different business practices, but for the most part they all either get their vehicles from either people junking their Honda’s or from insurance companies.


People will scrap their car for many different reasons for some they need cash and don’t want the hassle of finding a buyer, for others the car may need repairs and its not worth the cost. When junkyards get autos from insurance companies its because the vehicle was involved in a wreck. By selling the wrecked car or truck to an auto salvage, the insurance company can recoup some of the money they paid out on a claim. The auto salvage then sells used parts of the wrecked automobile.


Honda Salvge Yards Near Me

Old Honda N600

How Honda Junkyards Process Their Vehicles

When a Honda salvage yard takes in your vehicle, they don’t just put it straight out to pasture. It needs some basic stripping done first.


Usually the first thing that happens is they drain major fluids. This includes oil, gas, anti-freeze, and windshield wiper fluid. The oil goes into a large canister and gets sent for recycling. The gas gets siphoned into a special container and resold. Other fluids like wiper fluid and anti-freeze, get drained into small plastic containers and then resold at the auto salvage for super cheap prices.


There are some Honda scrap yards that will also pull out the motor and the battery. If they remove the motor, it will go to a 3rd party vendor who will rebuild it and then resell it with a warranty. The batteries that get pulled will be tested and if needed, recharged, to be sold to the public for heavy discounts.

How a Honda Junk Yard is Arranged

The Honda salvage yards near me have the inventory grouped by year and model. The way a junk yard is organized makes a huge difference in finding what you need quickly. Not all Honda yards are arranged or managed well.


If you are looking for an obscure Honda model, you may not find what you need. They will for the most part have sections dedicated to the most popular models. You will normally see the following sections at a Honda auto salvage:

  • Civic
  • CR-V
  • Accord
  • HR-V
  • Fit
  • Civic Type R
  • Odyssey
  • Pilot
  • Ridgeline

The Honda salvage yards near me maintain a digital database that captures all of the vehicles on the lot. When someone is looking for a particular Honda model or part, they can reference the electronic inventory to see if they have it. I often find it best to call ahead and ask questions such as “Do you have a ny 2009 Civic’s in the yard”? or “Do you have a muffler for a 2011 Accord”?


In certain instances you can also check junked Acura’s nearby which are a Honda brand and have some interchangeable parts.

What Kind of Used Honda Parts Can You Find at a Junk Yard?

For used Honda parts the junk yard is like a goldmine. You can find all types of used parts such as: mirrors, doors, manifolds, intakes, seats, panels, dashboards, water pumps, gaskets, and more. You may even find some brand new parts on the vehicles. Sometimes before people decide to junk the auto for cash, they try and fix it, by throwing parts at it. Sometimes they leave the brand new parts on the car and you can get brand new pieces.


Honda Salvage Yards Near Me

What Happens After A Honda Gets Stripped at the Junkyard?

When vehicle is pretty much down to it’s frame, a good junk yard will crush the frame and sell it for scrap metal. When this happens it allows them to make room for new inventory on the lot and squeeze the last bit of money they can get out of the vehicle. A good auto salvage will turnover the inventory for scrap about every six months.


Not all auto salvages are managed that well unfortunately. Yards not properly managed will often have completely depleted autos in the lot and many of them will be rusted out and good for nothing.

Buying Used Honda Parts at a Salvage Yard

Pros of Buying Used Honda Parts at a Salvage Yard

Buying used Honda parts from a junkyard can save you a ton of money. In my experience I’ve seen batteries as cheap as $10 and an entire door for about $55. You aren’t gonna find prices like this on an online auction site. In fact, if you are smart you can buy used Honda parts at the auto salvage and sell them online yourself for a nice profit. This is something I have done many times.


When you decide to get used Honda parts from a junk yard you should consider a warranty for anything that’s a little expensive. Most warranties at salvage yards cost between $6 and $12. This can provide you some piece of mind, so that if you get home and the part doesn’t work on your Honda you can take it back for an exchange. You should know though that most car junk yards don’t offer cash back, but they will give you credit or exchange


Another thing I like about getting used Honda parts at a junk yard is that you can often find pieces that were factory assembled. Probably not everything you find, but there will be a lot and it’s better to have that then some hack mechanic who installed the part on the car or truck.

Cons of Buying Used Honda Parts Cheap

Of course for every pro there is a con. Some of the used parts you find will not be quality or perhaps are towards the end of their life span. If the vehicle still has it’s odometer in it, you could check and see the mileage. No guarantee that someone hasn’t tinkered with the odometer though. You also have no idea how much the previous owner beat up the vehicle or if they drove it really hard. This is why a warranty is recommended for any expensive used parts you purchase.


Lastly a disadvantage is that you could wander the Honda scrap yard all day and never find the parts you need. Sometimes you will, but if you are dealing with a poorly managed Honda junk yard, then you can look around forever and not even find the model of car you want. This why you should call ahead and ask, so you know before you go.

Tips For Selling Your Honda to a Salvage Yard

If you need to junk your Honda for cash, you should perform the following tasks prior to negotiating with an auto salvage.


  • Siphon all the gasoline out and save it to reuse
  • Take out all your personal belongings. Check glove box, trunk center console, and flaps on back rests
  • Cancel your insurance, registration, and plates  (don’t have the auto salvage do it – they will charge you)
  • Know the value of your Honda before you negotiate a selling price

For help estimating your vehicles value, go here.


When you sell your Honda to a junk yard, its beneficial to understand a bit about the auto salvage business first. Some junk yards follow a few shady tactics that will cost you money if you don’t know what to look out for. To read more about some of the tricks they may try, check out this article here.

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Honda Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Junkyards are awesome establishments for collectors, enthusiasts, and mechanics. The biggest issue is finding a Honda salvage yard that deals in the manufacturer exclusively. The good news though is Honda is obviously an extremely popular brand and any normal auto scrap yard will have a section for Honda pick and pull. No matter what type of auto salvage you go to, you will certainly get used Honda parts cheap and likely find some rare gems.


Of course you must look out for the occasional junk yard scam, but for the most part many junk yards are fair and use good businesses practices. They are certainly a good way to get cash for your Honda car or truck. This is what I have observed from the Honda salvage yards near me. Happy used car part hunting.