Getting salvage Acura parts is the best way to save money on repairs. There aren’t many exclusive Acura salvage yards, but you can find them at a standard auto salvo or at Honda yards. Below I will discuss how the Acura junkyards near me work, share some tips for salvaging parts, and help you find one near you.

Map of Acura Junkyards Near Me

For “Acura junkyards Near Me” or “Acura Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…

Acura is the luxury division of the Japanese automaker Honda. They are known for some classics like the NSX and the Integra. If you are having trouble finding Acura junkyards in your area, you can also try to call or visit a Honda salvage yard.

How Do the Acura Junkyards Near Me Operate

Acura junkyards operate locally and are not state-run. These places buy and sell junked vehicles for the purpose of making money off used parts. When a car is junked many parts may still work and can be used on functioning vehicles. This process serves the vehicle recycling industry which reduces the use of natural resources and benefits consumers by offering second-hand parts for cheap.

How Junkyards Get Acura’s in Their Inventory

Acura’s may come to a salvo for a variety of reasons. Some will come from an owner who has decided the cost of repairs is worth more than the vehicle. Insurance companies are another source as they will sell a vehicle to a junkyard after they pay a total loss claim. Other vehicles will come from junk car buyers or auctions.

How the Acura Junkyards Near Me Process Vehicles

When a junk vehicle enters the salvage it doesn’t go straight out to the yard. There is processing that needs to be completed to meet state environmental laws. Additionally, there are parts pre-pulled to help the junkyard maximize its profit.

One of the first things a junkyard will do is drain the fluids. This includes oil, gas, coolant, Freon, wiper fluid, and other chemicals. Certain fluids like coolant will get re-bottled and resold.

Next, the salvo will pre-pull parts. They want to pull parts that tend to corrode fast when left outside and exposed. This includes pulling the battery, starter, and alternator. It may even include extracting the transmission and motor. These are good parts to sell online or in a warehouse. If the auto parts can be salvaged, they may get rebuilt and resold with a warranty. The Acura junkyards near me, pull specific parts and post them on eBay.

How Acura Salvage Yards are Arranged

In my experience, I have never been to an Acura salvage yard. However, I have seen large Honda and Acura sections on a lot before. Most junkyards will put their vehicles in rows with aisles so customers can walk down them. Typically the aisles are wide so they can drag or lift vehicles in and out.

Finding what you need really depends on the salvo you are at. What you can expect to find though in terms of Acura’s is a good mix of the following.

  • 2000–2003: TL, CL, RSX, MDX
  • 2004–2006: RL, TSX, RDX
  • 2007–2020: ILX, TLX, RLX, RDX, MDX, ZDX
  • 80’s and 90’s Legend
  • 90’s Integra
  • 90’s NSX would be a rare find
  • 2nd Gen NSX can be found, but rare

Many junkyards keep a digital inventory. For that reason, it’s good to check on their website or call ahead before you visit. If you are calling an Acura yard or a Honda yard, you will likely get better service on the brand. When I call the Acura salvage yards near me I get really specific with my questions. For example, I might ask, “Do you have a six-speed manual transmission, mated to a Type II engine for 93 Legend”? or “Do you have any Jewel Eye LED headlights for a 2010 ILX, TLX, ZDX, or RLX”?

What Kind of Used Acura Parts Can You Find?

When it comes to parts you can literally find every major car part at one of these places. You can find doors, transmissions, engines, clutches, exhausts, seats, mirrors, fenders, trim, spoilers, hoods, etc. You may even find almost brand-new parts. Recently I pulled a nine-speed dual-clutch transmission of a 2018 NSX and sold it online. The odometer had less than 10,000 miles on it and the vehicle was pretty totaled, but the clutch was intact!

One of these keys to being successful at the junkyard is knowing what parts are compatible across years, and models. You can even look at some Honda’s especially when it comes to the 90’s VTEC engine on the Integra.

Acura Salvage Yards Near Me

After Junkyards Strip an Acura…What Happens?

After a vehicle gets stripped of all valuable parts, most yards will crush what’s left. This makes it easier to transport to sell off to a scrap metal facility. This is how the junkyard squeezes the last bit of value from the vehicle. Of course, not all yards do this, some let the automobiles rust on the lot forever.

Yards that crush vehicles and sell them for scrap metal are usually much better run yards. This process makes more room for more junk autos on the lot. Also, it is a sign that this a healthy running junkyard that can move parts quickly.

Buying Used Acura Parts at a Junkyard

Pros of Buying Used Acura Parts at a Junkyard

Buying salvage Acura parts will save you a ton of money. Typically parts are 60% to 75% below the cost of retail. Even used auto parts like batteries are less than $15. You can find an old VTEC motor from the 90’s for under $300. With prices being that cheap, it’s good to pull parts and sell them online yourself.

One of the other great aspects of salvage parts is the ability to still get a warranty. For a few extra bucks, most junkyards will let you buy a warranty for a 30-day exchange or credit. I don’t do this for all parts, but certainly something I do when buying a motor or transmission.

The other great perk is that you are getting OEM factory-installed pieces 99% of the time. This beats getting after market parts and dealing with the fitment and quality fiasco.

Cons of Buying Used Acura Parts at a Salvage Yard

Quality is the factor you can’t ignore for used parts. No matter how good a part looks, you can’t be 100% sure of how good it still is or how the previous owner treated the vehicle. With that being said, it is imperative to inspect parts, before you pull them and again after it’s out. The other safety net you have is buying a warranty.

The other problem with salvage parts at a junkyard is simply finding what you need. Many of these junkyards are not very organized and you can spend all day looking for parts. To save yourself time, you should call ahead and know what years, makes, and models, you can swap Acura parts with.

Tips For Selling Your Acura to a Junkyard

If you have an Acura you are ready to junk, follow these basic steps:

  • Remove all personal items (check glove box, center console, and flaps on backrests)
  • If the vehicle was manufactured after 2007, clear any PII.
  • Cancel your registration, and insurance and turn in your plates. The junkyard will charge you if you don’t.
  • Know the value of your Acura, You won’t get KBB, but you should look it up
  • Estimate the scrap price of your vehicle.

For more details, read: How to Junk a Car.

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Acura Junkyards Near Me – Conclusion

Whether you have a new RDX or a 1992 Acura Legend resto project, salvage yards are the ideal spot to save money on parts. For many situations like a restoration project, the junkyard may be your only option for finding used parts. While you likely won’t find an exclusive Acura salvage yard, you can find these on standard auto-wrecking yards and even more likely on a Honda lot.  That is what I have learned from the Acura junkyards near me.


James is an avid junkyarder and mechanic. He has visited Junkyards in every US state and has restored over 30 makes and models of vehicles. He has several automotive and recycling related blogs that generate over 150K views a month.