Need cheap parts for your Hyundai? A Hyundai salvage yards will be the est place to find used parts cheap. These places take in used vehicles and let you pull off functional parts to reuse. The best part is the parts are often super cheap and sometimes you can find practically brand new pieces. In this article I’ll discuss where to find your local salvo, how it works, the pros an cons of used parts, and my experience with the Hyundai salvage yards near me.

Map of Hyundai Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Hyundai Junk Yards Near Me” and “Hyundai Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below..

If your results above seem a bit sparse, it is likely because there aren’t make exclusive Hyundai salvos around. You could additionally try looking for Import salvos or your local automobile junkyard which will likely have Hyundai vehicles on the lot.

How Does a Hyundai Salvage Yard Operate

These specialized scrap yards are run at a local level, like a mom and pop shop. They do have to adhere to some state legislation. Most yards do both the buying of vehicles and selling of parts. You can buy an entire salvaged vehicle from some places, but most sell for parts because it is more profitable.

How Do Hyundai Autos Get in the Inventory

All automobile wrecking yards vary slightly in operations, but they all generally get inventory the same way. The main channels for acquiring new vehicles is private owners and insurance companies.


A private owner might salvage the vehicle if they want to get quick cash, the vehicle is inoperable, or the cost of repair isn’t worth it. An insurance company will junk a vehicle when they want to offset paying out a claim after an accident.

How Hyundai Junkyards Process Their Vehicles

When Hyundai first arrives it can’t just be thrown out in the yard, it must be processed first. This is fairly standard for any type of auto lot.


The basic processing includes steps like draining the major fluids. Fluid like gas and windshield wiper fluid get containorized and resold. Fluids like oil get recycled in accordance with state legislation. Sometimes the tires are stripped of off, thrown into piles, and resold as used.


Not all yards, but the battery out, but the ones that do, recharge it and resell it. In some cases even the engine gets extracted. When this happens its often sent away to be rebuilt and sold with a warranty.

Hyundai Salvage Yards Near Me

2004 Hyundai XG350 found in a Colorado Junkyard

How a Hyundai Junk Yard is Arranged

Some yards stack vehicles while others arrange in rows by model and year. The more organized the arrangement is the better it is for us used part scavengers. Organized yards are signs of well run businesses.


In the Hyundai junkyards near me, the most popular models are arranged in the front near the lot entrance. This makes it easier as well for most consumers so you don’t have to wander the yard. Even at yards that aren’t exclusive to this foreign auto, you should still find Hyundai’s grouped together if the yard s well run. If the yard is not run well, its a mix of vehicles thrown on a lot and you can spend the day just looking. Here are some of the common Hyundai models you will find in any kind of automobile scrap yard.


  • Sonata and Sonata Hybrid
  • Elantra and Elantra GT
  • Santa Fe and Sante Fe Sport and XL
  • Tuscon
  • Kona and Kona EV
  • Accent
  • Veloster
  • NEXO
  • Ionic EV and Ionic Hybrid

The Hyundai salvage yards near me have an online database that lets you search for models and parts. It makes it so much easier to find what you need. You can both order online or if you live close enough you can pick up the part. I’ve even just called ahead and asked if they have what I need. You can ask simple questions like: “Do you have a passenger side door for an 08 Sonata”? or “Do you have a rear quarter panel for a 2011 Elantra”?


What Kind of Used Hyundai Parts Can You Find at a Junk Yard?

You can find a range of Hyundai parts at most junkyards. These used parts include seats, panels, doors, exhausts, manifolds, water pumps, radiators, and more. If there is a part that exists then you can find it…maybe not in the condition you want though. Here is the cool thing though, sometimes you find brand new parts. The previous owner may have tried to fix the vehicle and junked it anyway. This also happens when a brand new vehicle gets in a wreck.


There are two ways of pulling parts, remove them yourself or get the salvo to remove them for you. If you can remove the parts yourself you will need tools and this will be your best value. If you want the salvage yard to pull the parts for you it will cost more money.


To save yourself some time and effort it is helpful if you have some insights on the parts you need to pull and what other Hyundai models or years use the same parts. For example from 1997 to 2006 a timing belt kit and water pump were all the same in Elantra, Spectra, Spectra5, Sportage, Tiburon, and Tucson. If that’s what you need you can pull from any of those models.

What Happens After A Hyundai Gets Stripped Down?

One a vehicle has been drained of it’s parts some yards will clear it out by selling what remains to a scrap metal facility. This allows the yard to make room for more vehicles on the lot and squeeze a few more bucks of profit out of the vehicle. A well maintained yard clears out inventory every four to six months. Poorly managed properties just leave vehicles on the lot and let them rust.


To learn more about how junked vehicles get recycled, check this out!

Buying Used Hyundai Parts at a Salvage Yard

Pros of Buying Used Hyundai Parts at a Salvage Yard

The biggest pro of used parts is the money you can save. Common junkyard deals are items like alternators for $20, doors for $60, and car batteries for $12. Everything has a price and will be far less then you will pay for new parts. If you are a good deal hunter you can get parts cheap and then sell them online to other Hyundai owners for a profit.


Some salvos have the option of purchasing a warranty. If available it will be priced per part, normally in the range of $8 to $12. My best advise is to get a warranty on any part that you feel is expensive.


One of the other great things is that you can get Hyundai assembled parts. You are pulling parts that are likely Hyundai parts and factory installed. This often gives me a bit more confidence in the quality of part.

Cons of Buying Used Hyundai Parts Cheap

On the flip side of saving money, the parts are cheap for a reason…quality. You are buying used and there is no way of knowing how much wear and tear the part really has had on it. It may like shiny and new, but it also could be at its end of life. This is why I advise the warranty on any used part that you deem to be expensive.

Tips For Selling Your Hyundai to a Junk Yard

If you are looking for a salvage yard to junk your vehicle for cash consider the following…


  • Siphon the gas out…why give away gas you paid for
  • Clear out all your personal belongings
  • Clear out the data from your navigation and any OBD devices you may have
  • Cancel insurance, registration, and plates. If you don’t the junkyard will do it for you and send you the bill
  • Check the value of your Hyundai before you call and negotiate

When you negotiate a price with a salvage yard you need to operate in good faith. Be honest about the condition and whether or not it runs. Be prepared to send pictures via email for proof of condition. Also be aware not all junkyards will offer you the same honest respect. There are some shady practices that get done sometimes, follow these tips to avoid scams when selling to a junkyard.

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Hyundai Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

These specialized manufacturer yards, while hard to find, offer a great value. They provide a place for consumers to get used parts cheap and they serve the recycling auto industry. Even if there isn’t an exclusive Hyundai salvo local to you, your local auto scrap yard, should have some on the lot.


If you are selling your vehicle, remember that all junkyards don’t always operate as honest as you’d like. They want to get your used vehicle as cheap as they can. The less they pay for it, the more profit they get when they sell it for parts. Be a good negotiator and know the value of you vehicle and the parts attached to it. This is what I have learned from the Hyundai salvage yards near me.