Auto Parts Salvage Yards Near Me – Find Used Auto Parts

Auto parts salvage yards are the best place to get heavily discounted used parts for your vehicle. There are many types of these yards which are often referred to as junkyards, salvage yards, salvos, and scrap yards. These places allow you to bring a set of tools and pull parts from used and/or wrecked vehicles on their lot. You only pay for the auto parts that you need. In this article I will share my experience with the used auto parts salvage yards near me, where to find one, the pros and cons of used parts, and information on how these yards operate.

Find Auto Parts Salvage Yards Near Me – Use the Junkyard Yard Locator

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Types of Salvage Yards That Sell Parts

There are many used auto parts salvages in every section of the country. Some are mixed salvage yards, where you can find various vehicle types, while others are specialized to specific vehicle types or even brands. Some of the popular vehicle types that have dedicated used part salvos are car junkyards, truck junkyards, motorcycle junkyards, boat junkyards, and RV junkyards. There are even salvos for heavy duty trucks and construction vehicles.


At a more granular level there are some yards that deal exclusively in used parts for one brand. Some of the most popular brand exclusive junkyards in my experience are Jeep, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, BMW, and Volkswagen. These yards only carry those brands of vehicles on their lot and are the ideal place to visit of you are doing a restoration.

Used Auto Parts Junk Yards – How They Operate

Auto Parts Junkyard Near MeA used auto parts junkyard operates like any local business. They way it works is they works is that they buy inoperable or wrecked vehicles and then sell them for used parts. They allow you to walk around their yard with your tools and pick and pull any parts that are attached to any vehicle. You can then purchase the parts for heavily discounted prices. Some yards even pre-pull parts off the vehicles and then sell the used auto parts online and/or out of a warehouse.


Most yards get their inventory of vehicles through three different sources: private owners, insurance companies, or the police. In the case of private owners the vehicle gets junked for cash often because the cost of repair is more than the value of the vehicle. Insurance companies junk vehicles to offset paying out of insurance claims after an accident where the vehicle is totaled. Police junk vehicles often when a vehicle is in an accident, it is not claimed by an insurance company, and its to damaged to sell at auction.


Vehicles generally go through some level of basic processing before they hit the lot. First they have major fluids drained for resale and in certain situations even the engine or the battery will get pulled out. The salvage yards near me that sell parts, even pull the tires off beforehand to sell individually. After all that, the vehicle hits the lot to be picked apart by the public. Once its had all its value stripped the salvo will either leave it to rust or sell what remains for scrap metal.

Buying Used Auto Parts

used auto parts salvage yards near me

Buying used parts for any vehicle type such as a car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle, etc has its pros and cons. Its important to weigh the risk vs the rewards before deciding if used parts are right for you.


used auto parts cheapSaving money is clearly the biggest advantage of buying parts used. You can save hundreds of dollars vs going to an auto parts store. Some common price points you will see are batteries for $12, alternators for $18, and a driver side door for $60. At some yards you can get a warranty on what you buy. For an additional $10 to $15 you can get some assurance that the part is still good. If you take it home and it doesn’t work you have 30 days to exchange for credit.


Another benefit is the types of manufacturer assembled parts available. You will original parts at junkyards and are critical if you are doing a restoration project. I have pulled various parts over the years including panels, rims, carbs, manifolds, radiators, wiring harnesses, dashboards, mirrors, and more. If the part is attached to a vehicle you can find it.


Part quality is always the biggest concern. No matter how well you visually inspect it, you don’t know how much life is left in the piece. You also don;t know how hard the previous owner may have beat on it. This is why I advise getting a warranty on any part you fell is kind of expensive.


The other biggest determent might be the layout of your local parts yard. Salvage yards that sell parts that don;t have some semblance of organization are hard to find what you need. Many yards have rusted out cars and no logical order. A good yard at least has cars grouped together, trucks group together, and SUVs grouped together. A really good yard even has them grouped by brand. To save yourself time walking around the yard looking for parts, call ahead or ask the attendant when you get there if they have the year, make, and model of vehicle that you need.


Tips for Pulling Used Auto Parts – Save Time and Money

These are some of personal habits for pulling used parts. Follow these and you will make your salvo experience efficient and get the most value for your dollar.

  1. Prior to your auto parts salvage yard visit, inspect your vehicle and pull all the parts you want to replace. Doing this beforehand has two benefits. First you will know the appropriate tools to use and set aside for your salvo visit. Second you will have first hand experience already pulling these specific parts. Make sure you store all the nuts and bolts safely (i recommend bagging and labeling them).
  2. Do research on the parts you need and from which year, make, and models share the exact same parts. Remember, just because the body of the car changes, different models developed in different years can share several exact parts. Knowing the models with similar parts will save time and potentially grabbing higher quality parts. Another big time save is calling the lot first to see if they know off hand if they have what you need.
  3. Thoroughly examine the parts before you pull them of the vehicles in the lot. look for rust and corrosion.¬† Doing an inspection an, before removal is critical to being time efficient. If you have the ability¬† test the parts are functional before removing. The last thing you want to do is carry around and pay for parts that don’t work.
  4. Remove the inspected and functional parts. If you followed step one, this should be quick because you have prior experience removing these parts. If the bolts and screws are damaged from rust or perhaps an accident, you can cut out part with a sawsall and then work on removing it properly at home.
  5. For any part you feel is expensive ask about a warranty. Getting a warranty on any pricey part will buy you some level of protection in the event the part you purchased doesn’t work correctly. Not all yards offer these, but you should at least ask.

Auto Parts Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Used auto parts salvage yards are the best place to save money. Whether you are doing a repair or a restoration you will find deals that you can’t get at the auto parts store, or even Ebay or Craigslist. While the quality of the parts you might find, is potentially low, you may also find 100% brand new parts. The more time you are willing to scavenge the yard, the more treasures you will find. That’s what I have learned from the used auto parts salvage yards near me.