Jaguar Salvage Yards Near Me – Get Used Jag Parts

Jaguar salvage yards are the best place to get used jag parts cheap. Unfortunately there aren’t many physical yards that deal exclusively in salvage jags. For the most part you need to get used parts online. Your standard local auto junkyard though should have some Jaguars on the lot. In this post I’ll discuss the Jaguar salvage yards near me, where to find salvage Jaguar parts, tips on junking a jag, and the pros and cons of salvage parts.

Find Jaguar Salvage Yards Near Me – Use the Salvage Yard Locator

If you want “Jaguar Junkyards Near Me” or “Jaguar Salvage Yards Near Me”, the map displays options for finding used Jag parts locally. You can hone in your results with the map controls…


For other options on used on finding Jaguar salvage yards near me, you can also checkout import salvages and European salvages.

How Does a Jaguar Salvage Yard Operate

A Jaguar junkyard operates like a local business. Here though they follow a thrift shop style business model. They buy junked Jaguars and then sell them off for used parts. In my experience, most of these places have a physical location, but sell the reusable parts online. You can also find Jags also at your local vehicle salvo, where you can walk around and pull the parts yourself.

How Do Jaguar Vehicles End Up in a Junkyard

All junkyards re-up on inventory in a similar fashion. They come in from private owners who sell their junked vehicle, junk vehicle auctions, and from insurance companies. When a private owner junks one, it’s typically because the cost of repair is more then the value of the vehicle. Jags that come from auctions are usually sold in a lot with other wrecked vehicles. Insurance companies will sell one to a salvage if it has been “totaled” in a wreck, which helps offset the price of paying out a claim.

How Salvage Vehicles Get processed

Salvages that sell parts online or put vehicles in a lot, both need to follow some basic practices. This is to get max value from the vehicle and meet some government environmental standards.


First all of the fluids get drained out. This includes gas, oil, anti-freeze, windshield washer fluid, etc. Certain fluids can be resold, while others need to be recycled according to law. Next they will pull out some of the major components that have higher values that are easier to resell. This includes parts like batteries, engines, starters, alternators, differentials, body panels, and transmissions.


Most Jaguar salvage yards are not actually physical yards, but shops that post the parts online. Twp of the popular examples of this are Jag Bitz and Jaguar Heaven. Here you can find OEM parts for Jaguars that they have already pulled apart. The good part about these places is they test parts before shipping and offer a 90 day replacement warranty if the part is no good. The downside of course is you have to wait for the part to ship and pay shipping.


Other yards, like your local auto junkyard, will have Jaguars in the lot that you can do pick and pull on for what you need. You can find a variety models on your average lot including: S-Type, X-Type, XK8, XKR, XJ8, XJR, XJ6, XJS, and even the late models XK, XF, and XJ.

What Kind of Salvage Jaguar Parts Can You Find at a Junk Yard?

You can find any kind of parts available for many models over many years for almost 60% off. Parts include panels, consoles, trim, pistons, intakes, doors, mirrors, gauges, and more. You may even find brand new parts are premium aftermarket parts. When a newer model gets in a wreck and gets totaled, almost new parts become available.

What Happens After a Jaguar Gets Junked?

Once the vehicle has all of the valuable components pulled off, what remains will be sold off as scrap metal and recycled. This completes the vehicle recycling process and allows the salvo to squeeze the last bit of money out of the vehicle.


At a standard automobile salvage, like pick and pull, sometimes the vehicles are left to rust in the yard.

Jaguar Salvage Yards Near Me

Buying Used Jaguar Parts at a Salvage Yard

Pros of Buying Used Jaguar Parts

Saving almost 60% on OEM parts is obviously the big pro here. You can get a front door for about $60, a battery for $12, and an alternator for $18. If you know what the Jaguar community looks for, these also present opportunities for you to buy parts cheap and sell them online yourself for a profit.


Salvos are also the best way to get manufacturer assembled parts, without paying Jag dealer prices. You can get the original OEM’s which is even more clutch if you are doing a restoration project.


Lastly, there is warranties you can get on the used parts. While you are taking a risk, you can offset some of that with a warranty. Some online sellers offer a warranty on anything you purchase. At pick and pull junkyard you will need to purchase a warranty for $6 to $8 on the specific parts you want covered. Either way warranties are nice to have especially on parts that you may feel are expensive.

Cons of Buying Used Jaguar Parts

Quality of the used part is always the con. How long will the part last, how much did the previous owner beat on it, has this part been in an accident. Even a detailed inspection doesn’t always reveal how reliable or durable a part will be for you. Ideally you want to test parts before they leave the yard. This also why a warranty is often a good idea,


For tips on pulling parts, read this.

Tips For Selling Your Jag an Auto Salvage

Time to junk your Jaguar? You can read about how to junk a car here.


A quick guide to junking your Jaguar though…

  • Siphon the gas
  • Empty your glove box, trunk, center console, and anywhere else you may have personal items
  • Cancel the insurance, registration, and plates (Don’t ask the salvo to do it, they will bill you later)
  • Wipe the navigation system and all PII data
  • Know the value of your Jag from KBB
  • Find out the weight of the Vehicle and determine what it’s worth in scrap metal

If you are junking your Jag, you aren’t going to come close to the KBB. You need to re realistic. You should also know the scrap steel value of it, which will likely be your first offer. If your vehicle runs, negotiate up. If it has valuable parts and.or has only recently been taken off the road negotiate up. For more info how to get the most value from a junked vehicle, read this.

Resources for Jag’s

Jaguar Salvage Yards Near Me – Wrap Up

Salvage Jaguar parts are the ideal way to go to save money on repairs and restorations. While you likely won’t find a salvage yard exclusively dedicated to Jag’s, you can find them on any auto salvage lot or junkyard. Most of the places you will find the best parts for these vehicles are the business that specialize in salvage Jaguar parts online.


If you are selling a wrecked Jag, then it’s important to properly assess the value. This will help you determine if you are getting a fair offer. Most places start with the scrap steel price and then it’s up to you to negotiate up. That’s what I’ve learned from the Jaguar salvage yards near me.