The Jeep Wrangler is one of the best built automobiles on the road. It is the flagship model of the Jeep brand and has received many awards for best resale value. With all of that stress we put of Wrangler’s through, it’s no wonder we need used parts to keep’em performing strong. Below, I will share with you how the Jeep Wrangler salvage yards near me works and provide you some guidance on how to conduct good business with them.

Map of Jeep Wrangler Junkyards Near Me –  Wrangler Salvage Yard Locator

For “Jeep Wrangler Salvage Yards Near Me” or “Jeep Wrangler Junkyards Near Me”, see the map below…


Jeep junkyards are already rare and so Wrangler specific is even tougher, so you may not have one nearby. You can also look for used parts or auto junk yards as some places will have Jeep’s and used Wrangler parts. A Wrangler salvo, will specialize in used parts for Wrangler YJ, TJ, JK, and JL, with all the variations like Unlimited and unlimited sport, Rubicon, and Sahara.

Operations of Jeep Wrangler Salvage Yards

Wrangler junkyards are a diamond in the rough, you won’t find many, but those that do exist are glorious. These are salvos that operate just like any local business. They have some special regulations that they must adhere to regarding safety and recycling of materials. For most purposes though, they are like a local thrift shop for auto parts. Since Wrangler is a very popular Jeep model, you can also find parts at your standard auto junkyard near you or trying a general Jeep salvage lot.


When a Wrangler hits the junkyard it is often the result of an accident and the owner has deemed the repairs too costly to fix. A junked vehicle in your community or on your property and is often an eyesore and if you couldn’t sell it independently you might salvage it.


Typically Wrangler salvages pay a little bit more then scrap metal prices, which is good because a Wrangler is not worth much in scrap metal. While I’ve never scraped a Wrangler, in my research, I found the average offer to be just about $250. The good news though is this vehicle, according to Kelly Blue Book really maintains it’s value. That also means to a salvo, it has good money left in it when sold as individual auto parts. Your offer at the salvo should beat the scrap metal price.

How It Gets Broken Down at The Salvo

Many times when a Wrangler is on a yard it is just the shell or the frame. The tires also have good resale value, so they are often pulled and sold separately. Unlike a car yard, given the shape of a Wrangler, the bodies are not staked. They are often just laid out in the lot for you to pick and pull from. Sometimes a yard will arrange them by type like YJ, TJ, JK, and JL, but then you will see a mix of unlimited and unlimited sport. Other yards might have a Rubicon or a Sahara section. Before you go and visit a yard, my best advise is to call ahead and ask questions. If they have the parts you need you will likely have to visit the Jeep Wrangler junkyard and remove the parts yourself. That is how the Jeep Wrangler salvage yard near me operates anyway.


Some Wrangler’s depending on how much value they have may get stripped down into parts and warehoused. That’s how the inddor Jeeo Warehouse works in Colorado. Other yard though might pull the engines and sell them back to Jeep. Here the manufacturer will restore them and sell it as restored motor and offer a warranty on it. Typically the battery is removed and resold as well. Also the fluids will all be drained out and either be containorized for resale or recycled,

Salvage Yards That Buy Jeep Wranglers

The Wrangler isn’t worth much as scrap metal, so calling a scrap metal place won’t net you much value. Given its classification as an SUV, it’s disappointing, but considering the weight of total weight of reusable metal not surprising. This is why it is better to either sell your Wrangler independently or to a salvage yard. First though, before you sell anything to a junk yard there are certain things to think about. Is your vehicle is repairable and if its worth the cost of fixing it. If it’s not, perhaps a Wrangler scrap yard is an option…


If you decided to junk your Jeep, you will need to prep it for a salvage sale. This includes getting your stuff out, finding the title, wiping any navi data, and pulling any valuable parts you can resell yourself. If there is gas in it and the Wrangler runs, you may want to consider running it out. You will also need to cancel your registration, insurance, and turn in your plates. If you leave those tasks to a junkyard, there is sometimes an admin fee bill sent to you later.


Also you will need to figure out how much your Wrangler is worth, I would advise looking up the KBB value and taking the weight of your model and assessing the scrap metal price. This should give you a range to begin your negotiations.

Jeep Wrangler Salvage Yards Near Me

Used Wrangler Parts at a Junk Yard

Your best bet to find used Wrangler parts near me is at Jeep salvage yards. You may find some of these compact sport vehicles at an auto wrecking yard, but limited selection. Yards that aren’t specialized, can be hard to find what you need in terms of make, model, or year. At a Wrangler salvage yard on the other hand, you can find all types of used part gems specific to the Wrangler. You can get stuff like mirrors, bucket seats, doors, axles, frames, roll cages, clutches, GPS, snorkels, wenches, etc…


If you find the used Wrangler parts you were looking for, you can buy them for big discounts. The condition of parts you find may vary. Typically the most expensive parts are the parts that corrode and rust. If the part has been on the lot for awhile it may have degraded heavily in quality.


Some Jeep salvos offer warranties for exchange or credit. You should consider asking if the part you are getting is expensive. The other thing i like about used Jeep parts…is what you find is often manufacturer assembled, not some after market knock off.


For my best tips on pulling parts at a salvo, read this.

Disadvantages of Buying Used Wrangler Parts from the Junkyard

Depending on what you pull, the part quality may be questionable. You really don’t know how much life is in a part until you bolt it on. The thing about used Wrangler parts specifically is these are abused by the previous owner. I mean, it’s a jeep, it’s not a Mercedes, these used parts may have been under duress and have 1000’s of hours on them.


If no warranty is offered on the parts, you really need to thoroughly inspect the piece before buying it.

Jeep Wrangler Salvage Yards Near Me – Conclusion

Wrangler junk yards are a great place to buy and sell your Jeep. They will often net you a higher price then scrap metal and for jeep enthusiasts they are great for used parts. If you are a Jeep collector or doing a restoration, these places become a mecca for Jeep owners. That’s my experience with the Jeep Wrangler salvage yards near me. There may not be many Wrangler specific scrap yards, so if you have one nearby you are in luck. Even if you don’t have one locally you can check your neighboring states. You may be able to strike a deal to get what you need delivered by. Also finding used jeep parts online is a great option, just not as fun as visiting a junkyard.