If you have a junkyard near you open on a Saturday consider yourself lucky. They are often few and far between and those that are open have condensed hours. In this blog post I will help you find yards open on Saturdays, describe how they operate, and hit the pros and cons of parts picking on weekends. I’ll also share my experience with the junkyards open on Saturday near me.

Map of Junkyards Open on Saturday

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How Do Junk Yards Operate…

Junk yards are often small business run at the local level. There are off course large franchises like Pick-N-Pull, U-Pick, Pick Your part, and U-Pull, but most junkyards are mom and pop style shops. That means they make their own rules and set their own hours they want to operate.


These salvages make their money by buying junked automobiles and then selling the functioning parts. They buy salvage vehicles from various sources like insurance companies, salvage auctions, tow truck companies, and private owners. Their goal is to get the vehicles for cheap and then sell the parts off to make a profit. You can often find used parts for 60 to 70% below the retail price. It isa great way to source replacemnent parts and OEM parts cheap.


Well managed junkyards will have a searchable online inventory. You can look online and find out if a specific vehicle is on the lot. This makes finding used parts much easier. There are yards that actually will take your order online and pull the part for you and then ship it. Those are full survice junkyards. In my experience most yards with any weekend hours are self service yards. That means you bring your own tools and pull your parts yourself.


For the most part it’s common for a salvage yard to maintain hours from Monday to Friday between 8AM and 5PM. That general schedule is pretty common across the country give or take 30 min. There are salvages though that have Saturday hours. Some do Satrdays year round, while some do it seasonally. Those that do have Saturday hours often open a bit later and close a bit earlier, so you have a smaller window to go.


Why Aren’t Most Junkyards Open on Saturday?

Since these are often small business and not franchises, they get to craft their own schedules. The folks who own these businesses have families also and want to enjoy their weekend. Many don’t have a lot of staff and therefore by the time Saturday comes they have already done their 40 hours.


Another big reason for closing on Saturday or limited Saturday hours is there is less customers. Since the junkyard is less busy, they make less money, and therefore it doesn’t make sense to pay the operational overhead to be open.


When you do find a Junkyard with Saturday hours though it is typically located in a metropolitan area. Rural areas are really where you see the least amount of salvos offering weekend hours.

Junkyards Open on Saturday

The Benefits of Junkyards Open on Saturday…

If you are lucky enough to have an auto salvge open Saturdays there is one great benefit: Less people. You will likely have much of the yard to yourself. That means no one trying to ask you for help, no one pulling in the car next to you, and no one pulling from the same car. There is a good chance there will be no lines and you can get yourself in and out quickly.


At the junkyard open on Saturday near me, I can go there at 9AM and sometimes not see another human until I check out. It’s actually very enjoyable.

The Downside of Saturday Parts Salvaging…

The downside to going on a Saturday is that staff is limited. That means if you need help, you may not be able to get it or find it. If there is a person at the counter asking a ton of questions or trying to haggle you may get stuck waiting.


You may also encouter someone who works the weekend who doesn’t have the authority to do exchanges, junk car buys, or even negotiate price. I have seen it a ton, someone brings a junk car in on Saturday only to be told come back on Monday.


Then there is finding parts problem. Many yards get their inventory on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Getting there when inventory comes in means you can have a better opportunity to get the parts you need before anyone else pulls the parts. By Saturday you will find the most coveted parts are picked already. Even if you are a pro picker and get email alerts for new inventory, it’s first come first serve. Saturday junkayrders are late to the pary.

Alternatives for Finding Salvage Parts on a Saturday?

Most people who need salvage car parst on a Saturday are trying to do their repair on the same weekend. There really are no other good options to find used parts on a weekend. The best advise I have is to plan ahead. If you work during the week and you can’t get to the junkyard during open hours, you have to order parts online. That is the only way to ensure you will have the parts on the weekend to do your repair work.


Other then a junkyard your alternatives for salvage car parts are sites like Ebay, Craigslist, Facebook Market Place, and online junkyards that ship parts.

Junkyards Open on Saturday – Conclusion

Junkyards open on a Saturday are tough to come by although more common then those with Sunday hours.You may be wondering if people work how do they go to the junk yard during the week. The junkyard thrives off the auto maintenance shops and therefore is busy sourcing arts for them all week. Then when it comes to the weekend, these business owners want to enjoy their personal lives also. Thats one of the perks of running your own business, making your own hours. This is what I have learned from the few junkyards that are open on Saturday near me.