Own a Lexus or fixing one? Need cheap parts for it? The best lace to find parts cheap is a Lexus junkyard. Your local auto salvo will have some Lexus’ on the lot, but a Lexus auto salvage would be even better. There aren’t many of these exclusive business around, so if you have one nearby you should take advantage of it. In this post I will cover how the Lexus salvage yards near me work and operate and share words of advise for buying and selling to/from a junkyard.

Map of Lexus Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Lexus Junk Yards Near Me” or “Lexus Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…


Not seeing many results? You may not have a Lexus junkyard near you. In this case, you can broaden your search to see if one is close enough to travel to or find your nearest auto junk yard. While it’s not an exclusive Lexus salvo, they may have what you are looking for on the lot. This will be particularly true if you are looking for popular or common Lexus models. You can try an import salvage yard.

Lexus Salvage Yard Operations

A Lexus scrap yard is a privately owned business and as such runs at a local level. The Lexus salvage yards near me do both buying and selling of junked vehicles. Scrap yards may purchase a vehicle and sell it used or put it out in the yard to be picked for spare parts.

How Does a Lexus Get In The Junk Yard

All auto junkyards and salvages get their vehicle inventory in a similar manner. Either a vehicle owner junks it for cash or an insurance company junks it after an accident. When it’s junked by an owner it’s often because the vehicle has issues that can’t be foxed or are to expensive to repair. When an insurance agent junks a vehicle its because it was in an accident and they are selling the wrecked car to offset the payout of an insurance claim.

How Lexus Junkyards Process Their Vehicles

When a Lexus goes out to the scrap lot, it needs a little TLC first. This is done through some standard processes to adhere to state law and get the max value from the vehicle.


Some locations, but not all, will extract the engine and the battery. If the engine is pulled it will be rebuilt and resold with a warranty. If the battery is pulled it will be tested, recharged, and resold.


Most of the vehicle fluids will be drained. Fluids like Anti-freeze and windscreen wiper fluid get repackaged and sold. Gas gets containerized and sold. Oil gets drained and recycled in accordance to the law.

How a Lexus Junk Yard is Laid Out

Model and Year is how the Lexus salvage yards near me are arranged. Any decent auto yard has some kind of organization to. Without some sort of system you could waste a lot of time wandering around.

Popular Lex’s will likely be towards the front and the rest will be pushed towards the back. You may find a few hard to find Lex’s among the bunch, but pickin’s will likely be slim. Any junk yard worth their weight will likely have some Lexus models on the property. Here are some common Lexus models you may come across in your salvo scavenging:

  • IS
  • RX
  • LS
  • ES
  • GS
  • NX
  • LC
  • LX
  • UX
  • RC
  • GX
  • SC

I’ve definitely come across some old 90’s Lexus models, but these are normally pretty stripped. Mostly what I come across are new models that have been totaled in accidents. If you are stuck finding the used Lexus parts you need, you can also consider finding a Toyota junkyard, which has many interchangable parts with Lexus models.


If you are looking for something model and year specific, your best bet is to check to see if the place has an online searchable database. Some junkyards offer the ability to search by model and year and some even have search by part. If there is no online db, try giving them a call. When I call ahead I typically ask questions like: “do you have a spoiler for a 2017 GS F?” or “do you have a driver side step for a 2016 GX Truck?”

What Kind of Used Lexus Parts Can You Find?

You can find all types of great parts for your Lex at a scrap yard. The list is pretty endless but includes: doors, panels, seats, mirrors, brakes, exhaust systems, intakes, speakers, etc. If its in a vehicle, believe me you can find it. Its sometimes possible to even find brand new parts in an old vehicle. This is the result of some owner trying to fix it by throwing parts at it. Then when he junked it, he left all the new parts he bought on it.

What Happens After a Lexus Gets Stripped at the Junkyard?

Lexus Junkyard Near Me
When the salvo has gotten all the value out of the Lex, it will sell whats left over to a scrap metal place. This makes room on the lot for more vehicles and allows the salvo to squeeze the last bit of value from it.

Buying Used Lexus Parts at a Salvage Yard

Pros of Buying Used Lexus Parts at a Salvage Yard

The main pro of buying used parts is saving a lot of money. Some values you may find are used battery’s for $12, side view mirrors for $15, headlights for $10, or doors for $60. Back in the day when I was a young scavenger I use to pick up used parts and then sell them on Craigslist for a profit.


While quality may be an issue when it comes to used, most yards offer a warranty for between $10 and $15. If the part is on the more expensive side, I would advise adding the warranty. If the part doesn’t work you can exchange it for a new one or for credit. Most yards will not give you cash back.


Another thing that’s a benefit is that you can find manufacturer assembled parts. These are authentic parts from Lexus and not custom fit after market pieces.

Here is a list of my best tools for performing pick and pull at the auto salvo.

Cons of Buying Used Lexus Parts Cheap

Quality can be an issue since you can’t be sure how much life is left in the part. Even a strong visual inspection or physically testing the part, it still may crap out on you. This is why is beneficial to get a warranty for anything you deem expensive.


Sometimes the scrap yard itself is an impediment. If it isn’t organized you may waste an entire day walking around and never find what you need. To mitigate this my best advice is to call ahead.

Tips For Selling Your Lexus to an Auto Salvage

If it’s time to junk your Lexus, here is what you should do before calling the junkyard:

  • Siphon your gas out and reuse it
  • Remove all your personal belongings
  • Cancel your insurance policy, state registration, and license plates
  • Know the value of your Lexus before you sell it.

When you call to negotiate the price of your vehicle, you should know some of that tactics they may use. These are slick things they do like delaying payment or telling you your vehicle has no value. Read our article here for a list of shady business practices by auto salvos.

Resources for Lexus Vehicles

Lexus Salvage Yards Near Me – Wrap Up

f you want to same money on repairing your Lex, then a salvage yard should be the first place you look. Even if you don’t have a Lexus Salvage Yard nearby, your local junk yard may have what you need. This will be a great opportunity to save money and possible get new or manufacturer assembled parts.


Its a good idea to understand how junk yards operate and negotiate before you start negotiating. In general, a majority of auto yards do honest and sound business. This is what I have learned from the Lexus salvage yards near me.