If you are looking for parts exclusively for a Toyota you might want to see if there is a Toyota junkyard near you. While you can find used Toyota parts at your local car salvage yard, a Toyota salvage yard will carry only Toyota car and truck parts. In this post I will help you find the closest Toyota yard near you, tell you how the Toyota salvage yards near me work, learn a few things about buying used auto parts from scrap yards, and share some tips for selling your Toyota to a junk yard,

Map of Toyota Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Toyota Junk Yards Near Me” or “Toyota Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…


If your results above are limited it is simply because there are not a lot of these business types around. For more results you can check our car junk yard locator here which will show you all the surrounding auto salvage yards near you…most of them will have a Toyota section. You can also try import salvos nearby.

How Does a Toyota Salvage Yard Operate

Toyota junkyards operate on a local level. The Toyota salvage yards near me do both buying selling of Toyota’s. You can pick and pull used parts from the yard, you can purchase an entire vehicle, or if you have something to sell they can buy it.

How They Get Toyota’s in Their Inventory

Every business operates a little different, but for the most part they obtain used and wrecked Toyotas’ from either the general public or from insurance companies. When they come from the public the owner may deem the vehicle inoperable or not worth the cost of repair so they decide to junk the car for money. When salvage yards get vehicles from insurance companies they normally have been in an accident. When an insurance company sells a wrecked vehicle to an auto junk yard they can recoup some of the cost they paid out in the claim to their client.

How Toyota Junkyards Process Their Vehicles

When you sell your vehicle to a junk yard they can’t just go put it out in the lot, it needs to have some basic stripping done first.


Normally they will siphon the gas, drain the wiper fluid, oil, and anti-freeze. The gas gets resold and the oil gets recycled at a facility. Other liquids like anti-freeze are stored in recycled containers and resold to the public for hefty discounts.


Certain Toyota scrap yards will also strip out specific parts like the battery and/or the motor. The battery can be tested and restored for resale and the motor can be sent to a 3rd party vendor to be rebuilt and resold with a warranty. Other specific parts might also be removed and sold from a warehouse or in online auction house like eBay.

Toyota Salvage Yards Near Me

How a Toyota Junk Yard is Arranged

Most Toyota yards arrange their cars in well organized row. Some well managed yards even have the cars by year and model type which makes navigating the yard much easier for consumers.


They may not have a section for every model or year of Toyota, but they should have a section for the most popular models such as:

  • Corolla
  • Camry
  • Tacoma
  • Land Crusier
  • Highlander
  • Tundra
  • 4Runner
  • Rav4
  • Avalon
  • Prius
  • Celica
  • Supra

The Toyota salvage yards near me keep a database of all the cars in the lot. When a consumer is looking for a specific model, year, or part they can quickly tell you if they have it in stock and where to find the car in the lot. You can often call and ask very specific questions like “Do you have an intake for a 2007 Corolla”? or “Do you have any 2004 Rav4’s in your lot and how intact are they with parts”?


If you can’t find what you are looking for you could also consider checking a Lexus salvo for compatible parts..

What Kind of Cheap Used Toyota Parts Can You Find?

When it comes to Toyota parts at a specialized salvage yard you can find almost anything imaginable: doors, mirrors, seats, manifolds, catalytic converters, etc. Sometimes you can even get lucky and find brand new parts. Often before someone scraps their car or truck they buy parts and try and do the work themselves. When they can’t get the vehicle to operate correctly they scrap it including all of the brand new parts they just purchased for it….lucky us!

What Happens After A Toyota Gets Stripped?


Toyota Salvage Yards Near Me


After a car or truck has set in the yard for an extended period of time its usually been picked of all its parts and value. When that occurs the junk yard will crush it down and sell whatever is left of it for scrap metal recycling. This routine of selling the leftovers for scrap makes room for purchasing more wrecked cars and trucks as well as squeeze the last bit of value out of the junked vehicle.


Some Toyota junkyards are pretty well managed and their turn over their inventory every 6 months or so, selling the stripped cars for scrap metal. Others just let the cars sit in the lot and rust forever.

Buying Used Toyota Parts at a Salvage Yard

Pros of Buying Used Toyota Parts at a Salvage Yard

When you buy used Toyota parts from the auto salvage you can save hundreds of dollars. Even simple parts like a battery you can get for $12 or even a full door for around $60. Parts at any car junkyard will always be cheaper then you can even find on the internet. In fact if you are savvy you can go to your local Toyota salvage yard and buy used parts and then sell them on eBay and Craigslist for a profit. I have done this many times before and have made a nice amount of money on the side.


When you buy used parts from a junk yard you can purchase a warranty. Most offer a warranty for between $6 and $10. If what you purchased doesn’t work you can always bring it back and exchange for a new part. Some places don’t do cash back, but give you credit.


Additionally many of the parts you strip off the vehicles were assembled by the Toyota manufacturer. Maybe not all the parts, but you find that most parts are. This generally gives you a bit more confidence in the quality of the part you are buying used.

Cons of Buying Used Toyota Parts

Not everything that glitters is gold. When you buy used parts you might find out they were near the end of their life span. A quick check of the odometer, if its still in the car, could indicate to you how much wear and tear is on a specific part. There is no way to be completely certain of how much the previous owner pounded on the car or truck. If you opt not to buy a warranty and the part is no good, you are out of luck.


Another disadvantage is that if you need something specific you may wander around a Toyota scrap yard all day and not find what you need. Sometimes they just won’t have the used part you are looking for while other times they may, but the yard is so disorganized you will never find it. That’s why you should call ahead and do some reconnaissance first,

Tips For Selling Your Toyota to a Salvage Yard

If you are looking to junk a Toyota and make a few bucks off of it, you may want to do the following to maximize your value:


  • Drain all of the gas out and save it to re-use yourself
  • Take all of your personal belongings out of the vehicle (check glove box, center console, and flaps on back rests)
  • Cancel your insurance, registration, and plates yourself (don’t have the junk yard do it – they will charge you)
  • Know the value of your Toyota before you negotiate a selling price


Selling your Toyota to a junk yard requires a little bit of understanding of the auto salvage business. There are a few shady business practices that you should be aware of. You can read this article here to learn how to avoid common junk yard scams.

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Toyota Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Toyota junkyards are awesome if you are a Toyota enthusiast, collector, mechanic, or performing a restoration. Unfortunately there are just not a lot of them around. Despite that you can still often find huge sections dedicated to Toyota cars and trucks at your local auto salvage.  These businesses offer such a great opportunity for saving huge amounts of money on used Toyota parts. Additionally they are good for the environment because they help recycle functional parts back into working vehicles.


Despite a few shady business practices selling your Toyota to a car junk yard is safe and a nice way to earn some extra cash from a car or truck you don’t want to own anymore. That is what I have learned from the Toyota salvage yards near me.