Replacement parts on a Lincoln can be very expensive. One of the best ways to save money on auto parts to find them used at a junkyard. While there aren’t many exclusive Lincoln salvage yards, you can find junked Lincoln’s at a general salvo. Below I will share how the Lincoln junkyards near me work, help you find where to get salvage Lincoln parts, and share some tips to make your trip worthwhile.

Map of Lincoln Junkyards Near Me

For “Lincoln junkyards Near Me” or “Lincoln Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…

Lincoln is the luxury division of the Ford Motor Company. Their most famous Lincoln of course is the old-school Continental, but in more modern years the Navigator. If you are looking for junked Lincolns and not finding much, alternatively you can check a Ford junkyard. Depending on what you need there are swappable parts between some Ford’s and Lincolns.

How Do the Lincoln Junkyards Near Me Operate

A Lincoln junkyard operates just like any other local business. Junkyards are like large mom and pop thrift shops except on huge pieces of land and they deal in vehicles. Auto junkyards purchase wrecked vehicles and then sell off the parts that still work. Some yards are self-service where you pick and pull parts yourself, while other yards pull the parts for you. It all serves as part of the vehicle recycling industry which benefits the environment and us, the secondary market consumers.

How They Get Vehicles in Their Inventory

Lincolns make their way to an auto salvage in a variety of ways. Some reached their end of life, others in accidents, and some via auctions. These businesses have relationships with insurance companies and will purchase a wrecked vehicle after a total loss claim. In this scenario the junkyard gets a vehicle with many parts still intact and the insurance company can offset some of the claim payout.

How Lincoln Salvage Yards Process Their Vehicles

Vehicles must first undergo some basic processing when they arrive at a junkyard. While each yard may do some slightly different steps, generally they all do the same basic steps.

To abide by environmental regulations first, they must rid the vehicle of dangerous materials and chemicals. This includes draining fluids like gas, oil, Freon, and anti-freeze. Some old vehicles may even have Mercury in them. Certain liquids like gas and oil are recycled, while anti-freeze and wiper fluids are re-bottled and resold.

Next comes the pre-stripping of parts that corrode the fastest. These are parts like alternators, starters, and batteries. Parts like these are easy to strip and sell from a warehouse or online. Depending on the condition they may even strip the transmission and the engine. Those pieces may get rebuilt and sold with a warranty. Doing pre-stripping allows the junkyard to reach profit faster and helps ensure they preserve the best functioning pieces.

How the Lincoln Junkyards Near Me are Organized

I have never once found an exclusive Lincoln salvage yard near me. Certainly have seen plenty of Lincoln’s for pick and pull, but never an exclusive yard. From what I have found these vehicles tend to be spread out and mixed among other vehicles. You may find some in a Ford section or near other American-manufactured automobiles.

Yards tend to be arranged in rows with wide aisles. This is so they can move vehicles in and out. Then in the rows, each vehicle is set next to each other with enough room to open a door.

Finding the Lincoln parts you need, really depends on the yard. Here is what I typically find.

  • Late 50’s Continentals
  • 60’s Mark III
  • 70’s Versailles, Mark IV and Mark V
  • 80’s Mark VI and Mark VII
  • 90’s Mark VIII and Navigators
  • 2000’s LS, Navigator, Aviator, MKZ, MKS, Town Car Signature Series
  • 2010+ MKX, MKT, Continental, and Navigators

If you have hopes of finding an old 1930’s Lincoln-Zephyr 4-door sedan or a Model K, good luck my friend. That is like finding a unicorn. a majority or the most salvageable parts will be from the 2000’s and on.

How I Save Time Finding Used Lincoln Parts Near Me

A lot of salvage yards maintain an online database that you can search. It’s much easier to see if your local Lincoln junkyard has the vehicle you need before you make the trip.

If your local yard doesn’t have a searchable database, then just call ahead. I like to call and get specific like ” Do you have a pick up bed for a 2002 Lincoln Blackwood and if not do you have a bed for a 2002 Ford F150 Supercrew?” See the trick here is knowing what parts you can interchange. Since the Blackwood was only produced one year parts are hard to find, but the vehicle was derived from the F150 Supercrew.

What Kind of Used Parts Can You Find?

You can find an array of salvage parts, it’s just a matter of what condition they will be in. The most common basic parts are doors, motors, mirrors, fenders, transmissions, headlamps, hoods, seats, exhausts, and intakes. You may even find brand-new parts. Sometimes the previous title holder will try and fix a junk car, throw parts at it, fail, and then junk the vehicle without removing the replacement parts.

Lincoln Junkyards Near Me

1974 Lincoln Continental Mark VI – Photo by Murilee Martin

What Happens After a Lincoln Gets Stripped?

When a vehicle has all its functioning parts left, the next steps depend on how the salvo is managed. Some salvos will just let the vehicles rust in the lot. Others will crush the frame and sell the vehicle to a scrap metal plant. This serves two purposes. First, it clears the lot for more junk vehicles. Second, it helps the junkyard get the last bit of money out of their investment by selling the car for scrap.

Buying Used Lincoln Parts at a Junkyard

When searching for quality recycled auto parts for used cars or trucks in Lincoln, NE, buying from a junkyard can be a wise choice. These establishments often carry a diverse stock of reliable components, including Lincoln parts, ensuring customers have access to the specific items they need. With a focus on quality auto parts, junkyards source from various vehicles, providing a range of options for those seeking Lincoln parts.

Many of these establishments are family-owned, fostering a commitment to customer satisfaction. One of the advantages of purchasing from a junkyard is the opportunity to find great prices on the needed components, making it an affordable alternative to buying new or aftermarket parts. Additionally, quick delivery services are often available, ensuring a timely turnaround for customers. Whether in need of tires or other truck parts, buying used Lincoln parts from a reputable junkyard can be a cost-effective and convenient solution for automobile enthusiasts.

Pros of Buying Used Lincoln Parts at a Junk Yard

The best pro is saving money. You can get parts for 60% to 75% less than buying new. For an LS you can find an alternator for $25, a battery for $15, and a door for $45. If you are looking for older parts for a restoration project the salvage yard might be your only option for parts.

Another thing that makes a lot of salvos great is the ability to purchase a warranty. Not all salvos offer this, but some let you pay a few extra bucks for a 30-day exchange or credit. If you are buying a part like a motor or transmission, you should ask about a warranty.

The other big perk is that you will find OEM Lincoln parts. 99% of what you will find is original manufacturer pieces. This beats getting after market parts and dealing with fit and quality issues.

Cons of Buying Used Lincoln Parts

Now, of course, buying salvage parts isn’t always reliable. These after all are used parts and may have reached their end of life or have damage from an accident. Before you remove a used part you need to inspect it thoroughly. Then inspect it again after you remove it. Only buy parts you feel like you can trust…any doubts put it back or ask about a warranty.

Tips For Selling a Lincoln to Junkyards

If you are planning on junking your Lincoln, consider the following:

  • Siphon the gas to use for yourself if the gas is still good
  • Remove all your personal stuff
  • If the car or truck was made post-2007, clear all PII.
  • Cancel your registration, insurance and turn in your license plates (salvos charge you an admin fee if you don’t)
  • Know the value of your Lincoln, You won’t get KBB value for it, but know the number
  • Estimate the scrap price of your automobile

For a more detailed discussion, read: How to Junk a Car.

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Lincoln Junkyards Near Me Conclusion

Whether you have a Lincoln Continental restoration project or need parts for a new Navigator, the salvo is where you should look first. There is tons of money to save and tons of high-quality used parts available on the secondary market. It not only benefits you by saving money, but it also benefits the environment because less new parts need to be made. While you probably aren’t going to find a Lincoln junkyard, you can find plenty of them at a standard auto salvo. Alternatively, check a Ford junkyard that is great for Lincoln and find vehicles with comparable parts to exchange with. That is what I have learned from the Lincoln junkyards near me.


James is an avid junkyarder and mechanic. He has visited Junkyards in every US state and has restored over 30 makes and models of vehicles. He has several automotive and recycling related blogs that generate over 150K views a month.