Ford Salvage Yards Near Me – Get Used Ford Parts

A Ford salvage yard is the ideal place to get used parts for any style Ford vehicle. Any standard auto salvo will save you money on parts and likely has a large section dedicated to this classic American automobile manufacturer, but a place that specializes in Ford is a gem to find. Not only can you save money on parts, but you may find hard to find parts for your vehicle or restoration. Now in full disclosure, there is not alot of these yards around, so you may need t travel a bit if you find one near you. Below I’ll discuss how the Ford salvage yards near me does business, where to find one on the map, share guidance on trading your Ford for cash, and share some tips about getting used parts.

Find Ford Salvage Yards Near Me – Use the Salvage Yard Locator Below

If you want “Ford Junk Yards Near Me” or “Ford Salvage Yards Near Me”, use the Map for junkyards, salvage yards, scrap yards that specializes in Ford vehicles. Sometimes these lots are referred to as Ford graveyards.


If you are not getting many results for Ford yards, there are probably not any Ford junk yards near you. Your best option is to search for your local auto junkyard. The place closest to you should have plenty of cheap used Ford parts for you. If you have an older Ford that you are restoring you can look at classic car junkyards and muscle car junkyards as well.

How Does a Ford Salvage Yard Operate

Ford scrap yards operate as locally run business, as opposed to state. The Ford salvage yards near me do both selling and buying of cars, trucks and vans. Most of them just sell Ford’s for parts, but some of them sell whole vehicles like a used car lot.

How Do Ford Vehicles Get in the Yard

Used Ford Parts CheapAll junk auto yards vary in business practices, but re-up their inventory the same way. They get their vehicles from both the public and from insurance dealers.


When they get a vehicle from a person, its normally because the owner couldn’t fix it or decided te repair wasn’t worth the cost. When the vehicle comes from an insurance agent, its often that the car was in an automobile accident. This allows the insurance agent to get back some of the money they paid out on an insurance claim.

How Ford Junkyards Process Their Vehicles

Before a Ford is put out to the lot, it generally will go through a standard set of processing.


Fluids like anti-freeze, wiper fluid, gas, and motor oil are all drained. The motor oil is recycled while other fluids are repackaged and resold for cheap to the junk yard customers.


Some yards will extract the engine and the vehicles battery. If the battery is pulled, it will recharged and resold. When the engine is pulled it may get rebuilt, which is sometimes done by an outside vendor and then resold with a warranty.

How a Ford Junk Yard is Arranged

The Ford salvage yards near me are set up in order by by model and year. If your local yard isn’t organized in some fashion it makes finding parts for your style of vehicle very difficult. This can waste a lot of time wandering around the lot.


Most yards put the most popular models stacked towards the front and less popular ones in the back. You can find rare or antique Ford’s in these yards, but likely they have been picked to the frame if they have been there for awhile. Any general auto salvo should have a solid size Ford section. Here is a list of the types of Ford’s you will find at the local scrap yard near you:


  • Ranger
  • Explorer
  • Transit Connect
  • Mustang
  • Escape
  • Fiesta
  • Focus and Focus RS
  • Taurus
  • EcoSport
  • Edge
  • F-150
  • Flex
  • Bronco
  • C-Max
  • Transit
  • Expedition
  • Super Duty
  • Pinto
  • Fusuion
  • Windstar
  • F-250
  • F-350
  • F-450
  • Excursion
  • Crown Victoria
  • Freestar
  • Freestyle
  • Probe
  • Thunderbird

If you are looking for old school vehicles like a classic 60’s Mustang, a 50’s Thunderbird, or something high end like a Ford GT…these will be much harder to find and get parts for.


The good news is you can check most salvage yards online inventory or call ahead to see if they have what you need. Not all junk yards maintain an online inventory, but those that do are bog help to the consumer and the process of finding used parts. Even if there is no online inventory try calling and asking. I find myself doing this and asking questions such as: “Do you have a rear view mirror for 1998 Ford Taurus”? or “Do you have any Ford Rangers out on the lot and what condition are they in”?

What Kind of Used Ford Parts Can You Find at a Junk Yard?

If you want cheap used parts for your Ford, the junk yard is your best bet. You can find mirrors, doors, handles, windshields, panels, axles, exhaust systems, intakes, and more. At times you may even find absolutely brand new auto parts. This happens when an owner tries and fix their vehicle, buys a bunch of new parts, and then still can’t get the vehicle to operate. They just junk the car for cash and never take off all the new parts they bought.


Having an understanding of Ford’s in general will be helpful. If you need an air intake for a 2011 Ford Ranger, you can pull one off a 2007 Ford Ranger. The parts are the same and you can cut down on the time you spend scavenging.


You may even find specialized Ford junkyards dedicated to specific models. For example, there is a Mustang salvage yard near me, that only deals in Stangs. They are highly specialized, are picky about their inventory, and are the go to place for Mustang restorations. So while, they won’t have parts for your F150, they are exclusive to Ford Mustangs and will likely have w

What Happens After a Ford Gets Stripped at the Junkyard?

Ford Salvage Yard Near Me

When a Ford is stripped down to the bare metal frame and all the value has been sucked from it…what remains gets sold to a scrap metal yard. This allows the auto salvo to both make room on the lot for new inventory and squeeze the last bot of value out of the junked vehicle. Typically a well run auto salvo can move through and clear out inventory semi-annually. A poorly run yard leaves the vehicles stripped on the frame in the lot.

Buying Used Ford Parts at a Salvage Yard

Pros of Buying Used Ford Parts at a Salvage Yard

Ford Junk Yard Near MeIf you want to save money, used auto parts is always a good route. There are lots of great deals like side mirrors for $15, a back door for $60, and a fully tested and recharged battery for $13. Some people buy used parts cheap at the auto salvo and then sell them for a profit online.


If you plan on getting an expensive part you can get a warranty on it. The cost may vary depending on the part or the yard, but normally $10 to $15 per parts is standard. The warranty will allow you to return a used part if you take it home and it doesn’t work. Most yards don’t offer cash back and there is normally a 30 day return policy.


Sometimes you may get lucky and find parts assembled by Ford. So in other words original parts. This is advantageous if you are doing a restoration. Also it adds a level of trust to the quality of part since you know that some dummy didn’t tinker with it.

Cons of Buying Used Ford Parts Cheap

Sometimes when you buy used car parts, you need to throw caution to the wind. You have no insight into how these parts were handled or how much abuse they have undergone. Sure you can take a peak at the odometer, but that may have been ripped out and who knows if it was illegally unhooked anyway. This is why you should consider a warranty on an high priced parts.

Another downside is finding exactly what you need. If you come across a poorly managed auto salvo you can spend hours looking for parts they don’t even have on the lot. This is why you should really call ahead and assess the situation.

Tips For Selling Your Ford to an Auto Salvage

Ready to junk your Ford for cash? Before hocking it to the auto lot, consider the following advice:

  • Siphon the gas and save it for yourself
  • Empty your glove box, side panel compartments, truunk, and pockets on the backs of your seats
  • Cancel the insurance, registration, and plates (The junk yard will charge you to do it)
  • Know the value of your Ford before you sell it.

Before doing business with a junk yard there is some under the table business practices you should be aware of. Read our article on Automobile junkyard scams and tricks.

Resources for Ford Vehicles

Ford Salvage Yards Near Me – Wrap Up

Ford junkyards and salvages are great for anyone looking to save money on used Ford parts. Even if you don’t have a junkyard specializing in Ford near you, any good auto junkyard will save you money on parts. If you consistently use a junk yard for your maintenance and/or restoration of your Ford you will save hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars in the long term.


Before you go junking your Ford or buying parts for it, knowing how these business operate is essential. Most yards do honest business, but be aware of shady practices in the event someone is trying to pull a fast one on you. That’s what I’ve learned from the Ford salvage yards near me.