In the US an estimated 20 million mattresses and box springs get thrown out each year and most go to landfills or incinerators. Recycling mattresses is important because they have reusable material and with how big they are they waste tons of space in landfills. In the post, I will address common questions about recycling mattresses such as where to do it, how it works, and how to sell a used one. I will also share my experience with the place that does mattress recycling near me.

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How Does Mattress Recycling Near Me Work?

Mattresses are something we probably don’t assume can be recycled, but are actually an important part of the recycling process. If you’re looking to recycle some of the things in your home, an old mattress should be one of them.

The first part of mattress recycling is collection. They come into the recycling process through various channels like waste management, junk removal companies, direct recycling center drop-offs, etc…

During the process of recycling mattresses, the mattress is placed onto a conveyor belt. Saws cut through the material in order to separate the padding, foam, and cotton from the metallic framework. The springs and foam are recycled. Any cotton material or fabric is recycled with textiles. Then any wood from the box spring is turned into wood chips.

More than 80% of mattresses can be recycled and unfortunately, most people don’t do it. Instead, they end up in landfills where they take years to decompose. 

What Parts of a Mattress Can Be Recycled?

The foam and the steel springs in the mattress can be recycled, The wood can be reused as wood chips and any cottons or fabrics can be recycled with textiles. Some newer mattresses with gel tops have parts that are more difficult to dispose of because of their chemical compositions. For the most, they are pretty much wholly recyclable and this makes them the perfect household item to recycle.

Can I Put a Mattress On The Curb for Trash Pickup?

You should not be looking to put bulky items such as mattresses on the street for trash collection. If you have a skip and you want to throw your mattress in there, then that is fine, but otherwise, this is something that you should avoid.

It puts a strain on resources, as well as posing a potential health and safety risk. Something you could try is leaving it out with a note for someone to take if they want to. You can also post it on community websites to let people know it is there and free.

Putting it out for trash collection is something that you should try to avoid. Most trash collection won’t pick up bulky items and they will just leave them there anyway. After it sits in the elements for a few days it can become unusable. It makes more sense to simply recycle, it and arrange for it to be collected. Some counties will have scheduled days for bulk pick-up. You can possibly request a bulk pick-up with your county as well.

Mattress Recycling Near Me

Best Options for Recycling a Mattress Near Me?

To recycle a mattress near me, there are a few options to consider.

Free Options for Recycling

  • If you’ve bought a new mattress you may be able to arrange with the delivery company free removal of your old mattress.
  • Arranging for bulk trash pick up with your county.
  • Calling your local recycling center and asking if they take mattresses (you will have to drop it off)
  • Posting it on sites like FreeCycle.Org and trying to find a neighbor who may want it.
  • Donating a mattress and arranging a free pick up. (In most cases it has to be in great condition for even a charity to accept it).

Paying for Recycling

  • Some mattress retailers will collect and recycle your mattress for you for a small fee.
  • Calling a junk removal company. You will be charged based on the space it takes up in the truck.
  • Come counties in some states charge a fee to pick up the mattress with bulk collection.

There are some occasions on which you may have to pay to recycle a mattress. This is largely dependent upon where you live. Of course, there are different costs per state, so you will need to make sure you research how much it will cost in your particular state.  For instance, in Connecticut, it costs $11.75, and in California, it is $10.50 to have your mattress collected and recycled.

The cost will vary, but it will be a nominal fee and one that is worthwhile in the grand scheme of things. Paying a little extra to look after the environment is definitely something that most people should be okay with.

Can I Sell a Used Mattress Near Me?

The answer is that yes, you can sell a used mattress, but you should use your common sense. If you have a mattress that you know is in poor condition or that has some sort of infestation then it’s not the kind of item you should sell.

When selling a used mattress you need to set the right price and terms. Being able to sell a mattress can be tricky if it is very old and of poor quality. But, if you can make a sale and ensure it is going to a good home, that’s a great way of recycling in the form of reuse.

Can I Donate a Used Mattress Near Me?

Donating a used mattress is also definitely an option. There are 160 local Goodwills spread across the US and Canada, and they have their own policies on securing these mattresses. Some of them will offer a collection and at-home pick-ups, others don’t. Some will accept mattresses in decent condition, whilst others will not. Get in touch with your local Goodwill to see about a donation, and do what you can to work with them and make your donation.

Do Landfills Accept Mattresses?

Landfills most definitely accept mattresses, but that’s the last place you should send one. In fact, this has actually led to a mini-crisis of sorts, where more mattresses wind up in landfills than recycling centers, something that needs to change.

Every year, Americans are believed to dispose of more than 20 million mattresses, with the vast majority winding up in landfills. This comes to an estimate of around 55,000 per day, and they contribute to 450 million pounds of waste every year.  So, whilst your local or state landfill site will accept mattresses, you should be looking to pile another one on.

Mattress Recycling Near Me – Conclusion

Being that almost 80% of a mattress’s material is recyclable, it’s crazy how many go to the landfill. With several options for recycling them including selling them, it would be great if more people were informed. When mattresses get recycled we reduce waste, reduce energy consumption, and help global sustainability. This is what I have learned from the places that do mattress recycling near me.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Mattress Recycling Near Me

What is the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC)?

The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to implementing mattress recycling programs across the country. It works to reduce the impact of discarded mattresses on the environment.

How can I find a mattress recycling program near me?

You can locate a mattress recycling program near you by visiting the official website of the Mattress Recycling Council. They provide a directory of recycling facilities participating in their programs.

What is the process of mattress disposal through recycling programs?

Mattress disposal through recycling programs involves dismantling the mattress, separating its components, and recycling materials such as metal springs, foam, and fabric.

Are discarded mattresses a breeding ground for bed bugs?

While bed bugs can infest mattresses, proper recycling processes typically involve thorough cleaning and inspection to mitigate the risk of bed bug transmission.

Can box springs be recyclable?

Many mattress recycling programs accept box springs for recycling. Check with local recycling facilities or the MRC for specific guidelines.

What is the environmental impact of the mattress industry?

The mattress industry’s environmental impact is significant due to the disposal of old mattresses. Recycling programs aim to minimize this impact by promoting responsible mattress disposal.

Do mattress manufacturers participate in recycling programs?

Some mattress manufacturers actively participate in recycling programs to ensure responsible disposal of their products. Check with the manufacturer or MRC for details.

Can I donate my old mattress instead of recycling it?

Yes, many organizations accept mattress donations. Check with local charities, shelters, or mattress recycling programs that may facilitate mattress donations.

How does mattress recycling contribute to reducing solid waste?

Mattress recycling helps reduce the amount of solid waste in landfills by diverting materials such as metal, foam, and fabric from traditional disposal methods.

What is the average lifespan of a mattress?

The average mattress lifespan is around 7-10 years. Recycling programs encourage the proper disposal of mattresses at the end of their life cycle.


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