Truck Salvage Yards Near Me – Find Used Truck Parts

Truck Salvage yards come in all shapes and sizes. Some specialize exclusively in big rigs, while others are for personal trucks, trailers, vans, and SUV’s. These salvage yards are were damaged trucks are taken and then dissected into parts. The parts are then resold to consumers for use in functional trucks, trailers, big rigs, vans, and SUV’s. Sometimes trucks salvage yards are also called truck junk yards, truck scrap yards. A trailer salvage yard often exclusive to big rigs. I will share with you below my experience with the truck salvage yards near me and the one trailer salvage yard near me.

Find Truck Junk Yards Near Me – Use the Salvage Yard Locator Below

If you are searching for “Truck Salvage Yards Near Me”, “Truck Junk Yards Near Me or “Trailer Salvage Yards Near Me”, the map below will show you all of the truck scrap yards in your local area.


As an alternative you may want to search for “used truck parts near me” on Google Maps. If you are looking specifically for big rig junk yards, my suggestion would be to use Google Maps and search for “trailer salvage yards near me” or “heavy duty truck salvage yards near me“. While these are popular there aren’t as many of these around is you will find for common personal vehicle style trucks. Additionally you could try car junk yards near me, which sometimes have truck sections in their yard.

Operations of Truck Junk Yards

Trailer Salvage Yard Near MeBoth truck and trailer junk yards operate locally, meaning they aren’t big box brand salvage yards. The truck salvage yards near me buy wrecked trucks from individuals who have assessed that their vehicle is beyond repair. For some trucks they acquire the damage is bad from an accident, but for others its just a matter of the owner feeling the cost of fixing the repairs plus a tow are too pricey. In certain neighborhoods you are not allowed to leave trucks or cars that aren’t working in the road. Some private communities even dictate you can’t have an un-working vehicle in your driveway.


Truck salvage yards often purchase wrecked trucks or trailers from insurance companies. When an insurance company has to replace a damaged truck or trailer it is responsible for the broken vehicle. At times trucks or trailers involved in an accident may even be sold by the police. This is what creates opportunity for truck salvage yards, they can get damaged trucks and then resell the functioning parts to the public.


Most truck and trailer yards do not stack vehicles like you might see in a car salvage yard. Trailers, vans, SUVs, and trucks, are simply just too big to stack, because of this they are often arranged in tight rows. Often these truck or trailer scrap yards will have an electronic searchable inventory. This allows them to find where a particular truck or trailer is located in the yard. This makes it much more efficient for consumers to find the truck or trailer parts they are looking for. The trailer salvage yard near me is a mess and hard to find what you need.


Truck junkyards often operate in two different ways. Some will remove the functioning truck parts and then store them in a ware house. Others will just put the truck out in the lot and then let the public scavenge the trucks and remove the parts themselves. For truck junk yards that remove the parts and store in a ware house it is much easier to find what you need as a consumer. The truck salvage yards near me do the later, they put the trucks out in the lot and then you have to walk around to find what you need.


You will find some trailers and trucks with engines intact, but often the motor are resold to the manufacturer for a rebuild. When the manufacturer uses the motor in a rebuild the offer a new warranty on it. Other than engines you can find many other used truck parts like wheels, mirrors, seats, exhaust pipes, dashboards, shifters, etc. Whatever is left over from the truck that the salvage yard can’t sell will be sold off to a scrap metal plant.

Selling Your Truck or Trailer to Salvage Yards

Before you sell your truck to a junk yard near you, there are some important considerations you should make First determine if your truck is able to be fixed. Get an estimate on what the repair costs are and then determine the re sale value both with and without the repairs. This will help you assess if its best to fix and keep, fix and sell independently, fix and sell to a truck salvage yard, or don’t fix and sell to a truck salvage yard.


In the event you feel its best to go the truck junk yard route then its important to do the following:

  • Remove all of your personal belongings from the truck
  • Return the license plates yourself to DMV
  • Cancel your registration and insurance
  • If you have a full tank of gas siphon as much as you can out and keep it
  • Find your title because you will need it to sell your truck or trailer
  • Look up the value of your truck or trailer in Kelly Blue Book

When you are dealing with a truck junkyard its important that you are honest about the condition the vehicle is in. It will make the whole process go smoother if you are forth right with them. They may also ask you to provide photographs if you are negotiating a price over the phone.


The best part about selling your truck to a scrap yard is that you get to dump it off and make it their problem, while you earn money for it. The truck salvage yard is a two way business, you can either sell them a truck or you can buy used truck parts from them.

Used Truck Parts in Scrap Yards

Truck Salvage Yards Near MeWhen you buy used truck parts near me you can get some great pieces really cheap. Many parts you will find are still in good condition. Salvage yards are regulated under strict government scrutiny so it benefits the consumer. This should help give you faith as a buyer that the parts you are purchasing are in quality condition.


In addition, you get the advantage of often getting original parts. This is why people who restore trucks or cars go to auto salvage yards; to get parts that have been produced by the manufacturer. These original used truck parts could have more value than a replacement part you would buy at an auto store.

Disadvantages of Buying Spare Truck Parts from the Junkyard

At times you may find used truck parts that don’t last very long. When you purchase used parts you don’t have any ideas how many hours have been logged on that part. You could check the odometer on the truck, to get an idea, but its still hard to know if your used part is at its end of life..


When you purchase used truck parts they do not come with a warranty, they are sold as is. The other thing you can’t guarantee is that you will find what you need even after walking around a salvage yard all day.

Tricks and Scams By Truck Junkyards

Not all truck and trailer salvage yards are honest, many of them are, but not all. Here are some classic issues you may run into when trying to sell your truck or trailer to your local salvage yard.


Payment Delay Tactics: If the truck junk yard near you is offering to tow your truck never let them take the truck without payment. They may try and tell you that they will tow it, inspect it, and then make you an offer. Once the truck is in their possession, they will low ball you on an offer, because you have lost your negotiating leverage. Get your payment while the truck is still in your possession.


Tow Costs: Some scrap yards will try and subtract the cost of the tow from the final negotiated price. They may not tell you that upfront, but will do that when they show up with the tow truck. Don’t let them put your truck on the hook until you have gotten what you negotiated. Its ok if you agreed to pay for the tow, don’t let them scam you into it. You will particularly see this trick if your truck isn’t able to be driven.


Your Truck is Worthless: The truck salvage yard may say that your vehicle is worth nothing. They are trying to smooze you into handing it over for nothing or getting it at the bottom dollar. Remember to a junk yard your track has a lot of value: selling off parts and selling what remains for scrap metal. If they say its worthless, call another scrap yard.


Administration Fees: If you don’t turn in your plates and cancel the registration yourself, some junk yards will do it for you and send you a bill. If you don’t pay the bill they will report you to a credit agency. Handle the cancellation of all your paperwork like reg, license plates, and insurance on your own.


For more tips on what to watch out for when selling your truck or trailer to a  junkyards, click here.

Truck Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

When it comes to selling your vehicle or looking for used truck parts near you there is a lot to consider. Its best to do your research and call around to different truck junkyards to get what you want.


While there are some drawbacks and shady characters in the business, for the most part you will find great people who do fair business. Truck salvage yards are an amazing way to find used truck parts cheap. One mans trash is another mans treasure. That’s my experience from the truck salvage yards near me.