Boat junkyards are a great place to save money on boat parts. However, when you visit one, you find an array of different size and types of watercraft. If you own a pontoon boat specifically there are some salvages that specialize in flat bottom boats. These yards take in junked pontoon boats, dismantle them, and sell of the used functioning parts. Below I’ll share my experience with the pontoon boat parts salvage near me. I’ll also share where to find one near you and how to junk a pontoon boat for cash if you have one to sell.

Map of Pontoon Boat Parts Salvage Near Me

Map of “Pontoon Boat Parts Salvage Yard Near Me”, see the map below…


How Pontoon Boat Salvage Yards Near Me Operate

Pontoon boat salvages are a bit more specialized then a general boat junkyard. Still though they operate at a local level and are privately owned businesses. While some Pontoon part salvages you can walk yard, most in my experience pre-pull parts and sell them. That is what is referred to as a full service junkyard. These yards are subject to some state laws regarding environmental handling of hazardous materials, recycling, and of course paying sales tax.

Where Do They Get Salvage Flat Bottom Boat Parts From

Pontoon boat part salvages get their inventory from a few primary sources. Typically private owners, insurance companies, and auctions. They will purchase junked watercraft and either dismantle it and sell it for parts or fix a watercraft and sell it with a salvage title or re-auction it. When pontoon boats come from the public they are often not running and are beyond repair. Boats coming from insurance companies have been in a wreck and deemed a total loss. Boats from auctions could be from repo, police, government seizure, or any type of vehicle auction.

Finding Salvage Yards with Pontoon Boats

The best way to find salvage pontoon boat parts is actually to call these places. Most have a searchable inventory and will be very knowledgeable about what they have. Some places also maintain their inventory online, which you can search. The advantage though of calling is that they may not have all parts available listed. You can ask about specific manufacturers of even just inquire about types such as party barges, fishing pontoons, watersport vessels, etc…You can find catamarans with two hulls, or a trimaran with three hulls.


In my experience yards that specialize in pontoon boats, stick to just flat bottom boats. A boat junkyard may have some pontoon boat parts, but a majority of their inventory is a mix of cruisers, sailboats, yachts, etc. with a few luxury pontoon boats mixed in.

What Kind of Salvage Parts Can You Find

At the pontoon boat part salvage yards near near me you can find it all. They dismantle the vessel and then sell of the functioning parts in a warehouse. You can find all different parts from all different manufacturers spanning an array of years. This makes a pontoon junkyard an ideal place for a restoration. Often on a restoration project these salvos are your only choice.


You can find parts such as: trailers and trailer parts, seats, consoles, captains chairs, flooring, flooring kits, decking, marine plywood, Bimimi tops, ladders, audio, lighting, etc…Then you can find all the accessory add-ons for fishing, anchoring, canopies and even whole stand-up bars, and sun pads.

Pontoon Boat Salvage Yards Near Me

Salvage Yards That Buy Boats and Yachts

If you have a pontoon boat to junk you can contact any place that buys junk boats. Before you start calling around though, you should think through the process to make sure you get the most money for it. What would it cost to repair it? Could you get it running? The reason you should think through that is that a boat that runs and floats is worth much more then one that doesn’t. Also that may give you a chance to sell it independently which will fetch far more money for you then a junk boat buyer.


If you think junking the boat is the best option then do the following:

  • remove personal belongings from the cabin and compartments,
  • Cancel the insurance and the registration
  • Find the title as you will need to sign it over to the junk boat buyer.
  • Figure out if you can get the boat to them or if you will need a transport.
  • Find comparable boats online and try to figure out a reasonable price.
  • Remove any valuable parts you think you can sell on your own.

When selling your watercraft you will need to be honest in describing the vessel and the condition that it is in. You will likely be asked to provide pictures of it and any service records you have for it as well.

Negotiating Tips for Getting Max Value from Your Vessel

  • Call more than one place to get a quote on your watercraft
  • Work everything out up front before they come and tow your boat. Don’t let the trailer driver renegotiate the price with you.
  • Don’t sign over the title until you have everything you agreed to in hand including your money!

The Pros and Cons of Pontoon Boat Part Salvages

Advantage Buying Salvage Parts

Clearly the main benefit to purchasing pontoon boat parts at junkyards is saving money. You can get significant discounts versus purchasing parts from the manufacturer. Another advantage is the sheer amount of parts you can find from various years. Often these salvages are your only option when doing a restoration. The other thing that is great is you will get OEM parts in most instances. These parts aren’t just OEM, but were the parts that were installed and assembled by the manufacturer.

Disadvantages of Salvage Parts

Quality is always the big question mark. Not matter how well you inspect a part, it may not last. Not all salvage parts have service records and the junkyard can’t vouch for the quality of the piece. These are instances where you want to see if you can purchase a warranty. Not all salvage parts will come with a warranty, those that do, will often add another $8-$12 per part on the sale.

Pontoon Boat Parts Salvage Near Me

Every salvage operates a little different. In my experience most pontoon part salvages are full service warehouses, but there are pontoon boats you can find at pick and pulls. If you are looking for salvage parts you may have some room to negotiate on certain pieces. Common pieces like seats, tops, and flooring have standard pricing. If you have a pontoon boat to junk, think through it before you just call one place and settle. You want to try and get the most value out of your boat. Remember they will resell the parts, don’t let them tell you it is worth nothing…to them it has value. This is what I have learned from the pontoon boat part salvage yards near me.