Replacing sailboat parts is expensive. This makes finding used, junked, and salvage boat parts critical for saving money. There are plenty of boat junkyards around, but there are also some that specialize in sailboats. These yards take in junked sailboats and sell the used parts that still function. Below I’ll share my experience with the sailboat salvage yards near me. I’ll also share where to find one near you and how to junk a sailboat if you have one that has reached it’s end of life.

Map of Sailboat Salvage Yards Near Me

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How Sailboat Salvage Yards Operate

Sailboat salvages are similar to a standard boat junkyard, except they specialize in “mostly” sailboats. I say mostly, because places like the Sailboat junkyards near me, also carry other small vessels and watercraft. These businesses are privately owned, operate on a local level, and are most often located near marinas. Some have a yard that you can walk around and pull your own parts, while others pre-pull parts and sell them online only.


These junkyards are part of the vehicle recycling industry and they actually help reduce waste and keep our water supply clean, by ensuring abandon boats have a place to go.

How Do Salvage Yards Get Junked Sailboats

Sailboat salvages source their inventory from a few different channels. They may purchase a junked vessel from a private owner, a salvage auction, an insurance company, a liquidated business, or a marina.


When a boat comes from an insurance company it is the result of being deemed “totaled” in an accident. The insurance company will sell the junked vessel to a junkyard to offset the payout of a claim. When a boat comes from a private owner it is often the case that it has reached it’s end of life. Typically in all cases the costs of repairs are more then the value of the sailboat.


Depending on the condition of the boat, they may choose to sell it with a salvage title, auction it, or sell off the functioning parts.

Finding Salvage Sailboat Boat Parts

My best advise is to call these places before visiting. Many, but not all, will have a database of inventory they can query. Some well managed salvos will even have their updated inventory online. I always like to call these places because in my experience there are always things not listed online. You can ask about specific manufacturers of even just inquire about types such as Cutters, Catboats, Dinghys, Katchs, Schooners, Sloops, and Yawls.


Your standard boat junkyard, may also have some of these vessels, but a sailboat salvage will be easier to find parts at.

What Kind of Salvage Parts Can You Find

At the sailboat salvage yards near near me you can find all kinds of parts. They will dismantle the boat and strip off all the functioning parts that are salvageable. You can find parts such as hulls, keels, masts, mainsails, headsails, motors, cabin parts, electronics, wiring harnesses, rudders, sterns, cleats, ropes, seats, consoles, flooring, flooring kits, decking, marine plywood etc. You can also find trailers and trailer parts, hitches, anchoring parts, fishing equipment and more.

Sailboat Salvage Yards Near Me

Salvage Yards That Buy Sailboats

If you are selling a junked sailboat, you can contact a junk boat buyer or a marine salvage. Before you start the process though, you should get informed about how to make the most cash from your vessel. You should at least consider how much would it cost to repair the boat. A boat that floats and works is worth more then one that doesn’t. You may end up deciding the repairs are not worth it, but you should do the math. If you can get the boat to a point you can sell it independently, you will make far more money then selling to a junk a boat for cash business.


If you think junking the boat is the best option then do the following:

  • Remove all your personal belongings from the vessel.
  • Cancel the registration and insurance.
  • Locate your title, you will need it to sell the boat.
  • Be ready to negotiate transport, how will the buyer get the boat.
  • Find comparable sailboats online and try to figure out a reasonable asking price.
  • Remove any valuable parts you think you can sell on your own.

Selling a junked sailboat is not like selling a junked car. A sailboat doesn’t have scrap metal like a car and therefore will fetch less on the secondary market. In fact if you have a fiberglass sailboat, there is even less parts for a sailboat salvage to reuse and recycling fiberglass on their end is difficult. Be prepared for low offers on your vessel.


In my experience, offers will often be extremely low for a junked sailboat. Be ready to provide pictures and describe the condition and issues with the boat.

Negotiating Tips for Getting Max Value from Your Vessel

  • Call more than one place to get a quote.
  • Work everything out up front before they come and take your vessel.
  • Don’t sign over the title until you have money in your hand.

The Pros and Cons of Salvage Sailboat Parts

Advantage Buying Salvage Parts

Getting replacement parts at a junkyard is all about saving money. If you go to the manufacturer you will pay an arm and a leg for new parts. On the hand, you can find plenty of used and salvage parts on junked sailboats. In some instances like doing a restoration, junked parts might be your only way of finding replacement parts.


The other great thing about used parts is that you will find OEM pieces. Getting parts that are factory installed and assembled beats out getting after market parts.

Disadvantages of Salvage Parts

When it comes to salvage sailboat parts, quality is the biggest concern. No matter how well you inspect a part, you can’t be sure of it’s quality. Typically with salvage sailboats, you aren’t going to find any service records. Some sailboat junkyards may offer a warranty for a few extra dollars per part. I would encourage you to consider that if you are purchasing anything mechanical.

Sailboat Salvage Yards Near Me

While there are different types of sailboat salvages like self service (you pick parts) and full service (you buy parts online), they all generally work the same. Depending on the yard you may even be able to negotiate the price of the sued parts you need. Many parts like seats, sails, and flooring have standard pricing. It’s best to call around to try and find what you need and get the price that you want. This is what I have learned from the sailboat salvage yards near me.