Everybody wants a new crate engine to swap out your old one. Getting a used engine hower can save you thousands of dollars vs getting a new one. It is especially gonna save you going for used parts if you also need parts like front accessories and the carburetor or injection. You can pull an entire motor from a junkyard for about $250 including all the parts brom the top down including the flywheel or flexplate. In this article I will talk about where to find used motors, how the yards work, and what kind of engines you can find. I will also share my experience with the engine junkyards near me.

Map of Engine Junkyards Near Me

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There are junkyards and then there are engine junkyards…both have used motors and transmssions. A standard auto junkyard is a place that you can go and pull an engine or tranny yourself out of the vehcile. An engine junkyard, the motors and trannies are prepulled and warehoused. Both operate similar, but there is a few differences we will discuss.

How Do the Engine Junkyards Near Me Work

Junkyards are privately run businesses. Some are small mom and pop style shops, while others are big box franchises. These buiness operate by purchasing junked vehciles and selling the working parts. The vehciles come from varying places like insurance companies, tow companines, auctions, and private owners.


Wrecked ehciles come to the yard and they are drained of hazardous material and prepped for parts stripping. There are a few different styles of yards like self service, full service, and parts warehouse yards.


Some yards will stick a vehcile straight out in the lot for the public to pull parts from with their own labor and tools. That is called a self service salvage yard. These yards tend to have lower prices, but older vehciles and lower quality inventory. For warranties you will need to ask if they offer any and there will be an additonal cost. Many of these places also charge a small fee to walk the lot.


Coversely some will put vehciles in the yard and then when a person finds what they need a yard attendant helps or does the parts pull. These yards charge a bit more for the labor, but tend to have higher quality inventory and newer vehciles. You have to ask if there are any warranties that you could purchase on the parts. Some places may charge a small entrance fee to walk the yard.


Lastly there are parts warehouses in which the yard pulls the parts straight away when the vehcile arrives. These yards charged the most for used parts, but the parts are pulled already and in some cases rebuilt and sold with a warranty tacked on. There are no entrance fees at a parts warehouse and you may even be able to order the used parts online and have them shipped.

Does Junkyards Provide Any Equipment for Pulling Engines

It really depends on the yard. Many yards do not lend out tools or have tools to lend you. There are yards like Pick N Pull that have A-Frame engine hoists and wheel barrells that you can borrow. Not all yards offer that, so you should call ahead o come prepared if you know you are pulling a motor out.

What Kind of Motors Can You Find

You can find a variety of engines at these yards. First let’s talk aout how the kinds of yard you visit will dictate the size of engines you will find. or example if you go to a general self service auto yard, you will find motors for cars, trucks, and SUV’s only. You can find large engines and diesel engines at heavy duty truck yards and heavy equipement yards. There are also small engine to be found at salvage yards for tractors and lawn mowers and may even suite nees for dirt bike or go kart repair.


You can find a variety of motors with varying layouts like straight, inline, V, and flat. The varying cylinders from 2 to 8 with 4 and 6 being the most common. You can also find all the related pices like intakes, exhausts, fleewheels, flexplates, carburators, injections, etc. Even better when you pull the motor you can snatch up all the parts with it.


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Engine Junkyards Near Me

Benefits of Used Engines

Whether you are at a small engine salvage yard or pulling an engine from a semi truck, the benefits are there…


There are many reasons to pull an engine or rebuild an engine over buying a new one. A used motor can be just as reliable and perform just as well as a new one. If you are visitng a parts warehouse yard, you are looking at used engines that have been more carfully selected and then tested.


Then of course there is the saving money benefit. A new crate motor is goning to cost about $2000. Since a total overhaul of the engine is one of the most expensive repairs in the automotive indistry finding was to save without sacrifing dependability and performance is key. If you are replacing a motor for a vehcile that has been totaled or your’re doing an auto restoration in which you need a complete swap out, going used makes the most sense. If you find an engine that just needs some TLC from an asthetic perspective, you can always repaint it or get it detailed.


There is also the OEM aspect. If you shop around you may even be able to find the exact OEM engine you are swapping out. For common vehcile makes and models getting the exact match engine is a high probability.


Then of course there is the environmental component. When you buy a used engines you are reducing waste and energy. It means that another new engine does not need to be manufactured.

Do Junkyards Buy Used Engines and Transmissions

Some junkyards will buy your used engine or buy your used transmission, but not all will. It will depend on the type of yard and their customers.


For example if you went to a Pick-N-Pull salvage yard, they will not buy any used car parts individually. However if you had a Vtec Honda Civic engine and went to a Honda Junkyard there is a good chance, they may be interested in buying it. Taking your used engine or transmission to the salvage that most likely has the customers is your best bet.

The Risks of Used Engines

The risks associated with used motors is in a poor quality risk and a investment of labor risk.


If you do not carefully inspect an engine you could purchase a siezed engine or one with other major issues. If your intent is to rebuild it it may not matter much anyway. To mitigate these risks you should ask about purchasing a warranty,


The other risk is your time and labor. Pulling a junkyard motor or transmission takes a lot of time and energy. If you are at a self service yard, sure you can get an egine for $200, but how much time are you willing to spend to save that much money.

Engine Junkyards Near Me Conclusion

Pulling a motor or transmission at a junkyard is not for the faint of heart, You need the tools, expertise, and time in order to do it. If you have all of those things then there is huge amounts of money to be saved. For these kinds of pulls it is highly advised that you bring a friend to help. This is what I have learned from the engine junkyards near me.